Battle Report 97: Vindictus (Exemplar Interdiction) vs. Rhyas

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Back-to-back Scrutatorial games! Oh yes. 

Same list as last time, still working on the battlegroup and what to do with those Vassels. Current thought is drop a Seneschal and a Vassal and turn it into Gravus and a couple more Wracks.

- Indictor
- Indictor

Exemplar Seneschal x2 (proxied by Errants until mine get here)
Vassal x2

Knights Exemplar and CA x2
Min Choir

This time I was playing a 2016 Scenario (the Pit) against a Legion pairing of Rhyas and Absylonia 2

He dropped Rhyas into me, and off we went. I won the roll off again and slammed going first.

- Scythean
- Angelius
- Protector
- Seraph
- Neraph

Deathstalker x2

Swordsmen and CA

Seriously guys, this is the most appropriate sound track for this army I can think of. Just let it run while you read. 

Menoth turn 1:

No serious shooting combined with no less than 3 pieces of Cover on my half of the table means no turn one Feat.

Vindictus casts True Path, moves over to the right, casts Defenders Ward on the Vengers, and camps 1.

Everything else just runs like crazy, staying just out of charge ranges. At the end of this turn, I'm already threatening his deployment zone.

Legion turn 1:

Some unlucky dice means that the only Knight that dies is the one I left out to trigger battle driven. This also triggers Righteous Fury on the Seneschals.

The Angelius gets slipstreamed up, charges the closest Venger, but thanks to Defenders Ward misses its charge and the next two bought attacks.

Beasts run, Swordsmen spread out.

Menoth turn 2:

I upkeep Defenders Ward. Vindictus scoots out of the killbox and casts True Path before Feating.

The right hand Seneschal goes man mode and two shots the Neraph. Oof.

Vengers charge the Angelius, kill it, and Reposition out. I send in one Knight Exemplar to try and kill two Swordsmen with Cleave and Overtake, and he nails both sevens to hit. I didn't miss much this game.

Vengers on the left charge in, and with Impact Attacks and charge attacks clear off several more Swordsmen and the Deathstalkers before (mostly) repositioning into the Feat.

The middle unit of Knights runs up, and the Indictors screen Vindictus.

Legion turn 2:

His Protector frenzies, knocking down the Seneschal.

We now come to the part of the game where we spend like...ten solid minutes trying to figure out how to actually remove that model from the table.

Grievous wounds prevents it from healing, but it still doesn't kill it from my reading of the rules. If you hit it multiple multiple times, it just keeps getting knocked down and stays disabled, and the second you kill a faction model in its command it instantly heals one again.

I couldn't find a quick rules reference at the time, so we played it like that.

**********************Intermission whilst the rules forum is perused**********************

Yup. Wow, that's impressive. So for those interested, you can send all the attacks into the Knight Exemplar Seneschal you want, but it won't die unless you can remove it from play before the boxed step. At that point, if you kill anything within 9 inches of it, it heals a point and doesn't die at all.

Also, he can contest and control zones and/or flags (2016 rules) while disabled, which is not how my opponent and I played that game.

What a crazy model.

Okay anyway, Scythean cast it's animus, whacked the Seneschal, killed the Venger, and sat there.

Swordsmen walked up and killed two (!!) Vengers on the left flank, and the Seraph moved up and shot at the three Vengers it could shoot at.

14/21 is a statline though, and despite some good dice, none of them die.

We played it as though my Seneschal did not contest, although this is apparently wrong, so my opponent erroneously scored a point.

Menoth turn 3:

It's time to clean up. Charging Vengers kill the Seraph and nearly kill the Protector.

Vindictus casts True Path and sits back. Knights Exemplar charge in and cleave through most of the Swordsmen, and the Vengers finish clearing out the zone.

At the end of the turn, my opponent has a Protector on one box, a Scythean and Rhyas, and he concedes.

Victory for the Menite Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

After this game, I'm starting to wonder if this list needs some very specific builds to answer it. Control feats ala Haley 2 and other denial effects like Cloud Walls might be the only thing that can really handle it.

It's so fast, and it delivers itself incredibly well. I look at most Cygnar gunlines and just think "turn 1 feat, turn 2 charge you".

Definitely going to be interesting going forward. Both of these games saw me take over massive portions of the table with fairly little loss. I believe this game I lost 3 large based models (90 push ups or sit ups), two small based models (ten push ups or sit ups) and that's it. The game before I lost two large based (60 sit ups or push ups) and 2-3 small based models (ten to fifteen push ups or sit ups) simply because the list was able to come in with an extremely hard alpha and fear little retaliation thanks to the feat.

I'm excited to keep playing this list - now I just need something to pair it with.

Thanks for reading!