Celestial Fulcrum CID Week 4 Reactions

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It's been a topsy turvy ride for the Celestial Fulcrum's CID. First, we were all excited to be playing with a dynamic, powerful model that we had previously not had access to. 

Then, we were extremely divided as a community when the Fulcrum lost Fury Vault and got a point cheaper, with many of us (myself included) finding the nerf nearly a deal breaker.

And this week (and hopefully forever), the PP gods have heard our cries and responded with the best of all worlds. 

We got Fury Vault back, got a point more expensive, stayed at 28 boxes, and also increased the leaching range of Power of the Stones by five inches. 

For those of you that would like the full "card", here it is:

I think this is basically perfect. It's expensive, but it packs a punch. It's more durable than any non-wold heavy, and has more ranged output than anything except a Woldwyrd with Purgation and a damage buff.

Power of the Stones now enables this guy to stay back from the fight and still pull from melee beasts such as the Woldwrath, Megalith, etc.This is extremely important, as the previous incarnation tied it completely to ranged beasts (Woldwyrds anyone?)

Fury Bank is such a great rule for this Engine. Allowing your Warlock to do something useful with Fury they would otherwise drop is awesome, and it also allows you to hedge your bets somewhat. Say you send Megalith (Warden, Guardian, whatever) in and think they might die next turn - you can then send fury to the Vault with your Warlock and then either Reeve or Leach the next turn normally, all while still fueling the Fulcrum.

This also enables it to get use out of Warlocks and lists that might not otherwise take Wolds but still want some ranged punch.

Also it looks super cool!

Burn baby burn!

Wait...that's not the Fulcrum...hold on what's going on here...

Where will you play the Fulcrum?

This is a very flexible piece, and I fully expect it to show up in lots of unexpected places.

That being said it is definitely going to get played with both of our damage buff casters (Wurmwood and Mohsar), both Baldur's for either that sweet sweet Roots of the Earth survivability buff or a nice denial feat.

I can also see it seeing play with Grayle since he can give it Stealth on Feat turn, with Una 2 (Hand of Fate on that many damage rolls has got to be good right?), and I can also see it working well with Tanith.

Krueger 2 loves having another high damage output gunboat, and even more he loves being effectively RAT 7 and Magic Ability 8.

In particular, I think the 1-2 punch of the Fulcrum blasting a heavy with maybe a Wyrd adding some damage in followed by Loki hooking the poor model and finishing it off is going to be very strong.

Into an ARM 20 heavy, the Fulcrum will do (on average) 5.5 damage with the fireball, 4.5 damage with the lightning bolt, and 2.5 damage with the spray (and maybe stationary it too!) for a total of 11.5 damage. If there are any ARM debuffs involved, that number jumps to 17.5 damage, which is about half the health of an average heavy.

Follow that up with Loki and nearly any enemy heavy is going down.

Another point - you can teleport the Fulcrum with Shifting Stones. Combine this with Krueger 2 TK shenanigans, and you can have that Fulcrum sitting 7 deploy + 10 run + 8 port + 2 TK, landing on the 27 inch mark on the top of 1. You can also sit the Fulcrum in some Stones, aim, shoot, and then port it back to safety.


I'm just super stoked about this model now, I think it's one of the best things that Circle has gotten access to in years, and if it stays like this I can see it being played in a multitude of lists and at many different point values.

What do you think? Too good? Not enough? Just right? How are you planning on using our Fulcrum? Who else can't wait for the Battle Engine errata...

Thanks for reading!