CID Update: Vessel of Judgement, Week 3

Quick and dirty post, we've got the most recent changes in Community Integrated Development to the Vessel of Judgement.

"-Add Scrutator to this model’s sub name.

- Gains Reload [1]
Reload [1] - This model can suffer d3 damage points to make up to one additional ranged attacks with this weapon during its Combat Action.

- Reduce RNG of Divine Wrath to 12.

- Replace Cleansing Aura with Bonds of Faith
Bonds of Faith - This model can use this miracle once per turn at any time during its activation. Remove d3 damage points from other friendly Faction models in this model’s command range. Additionally, when this miracle is used, enemy upkeep spells and animi on models/units in this model’s command range immediately expire. A spellcaster can keep any of its upkeep spells in play by suffering d3 damage points per spell."

The only changes we see here are:

The inclusion of the Scrutator sub-name, which makes the Vessel an option in the Exemplar Interdiction theme force.

The reduction to RNG 12 on the gun.

What does this mean for our Battle Engine?

The Vessel of Judgement, CID Week 3

To start with, the Vessel lost a bit of range. Honestly, I think this is fairly warranted, and is entirely something I expected. In fact, it was a suggestion I had made on CID a couple of times, so it's hard to feel too bad about it. I like the idea of Protectorate having some seriously hard hitting, scary guns, but by our nature we aren't snipers. Protectorate feels like a very 'shotgun' faction to me as far as its ranged potential; utterly devastating, but not all that far reaching necessarily. Overall I think this just forces it to be in *slightly* more danger and not threat quite as far, but without really compromising its power in a major way.

The big one (one that would be very confusing even a couple days before this post,) is the inclusion of the Scrutator sub name. What this does is allow the Vessel to be taken in the Exemplar Interdiction theme force. We only had this theme spoiled quite recently, and one of the biggest points of contention was the lack of Vessel of Judgement allowable, since Exemplar weapon masters are easily among the best Doors of Judgement targets (Ignited/Hand of Fated Knights Exemplar with Battle Driven smacking you on your own turn is bad times). 

This has some ups and downs to it, however; the points the Battle Engine costs do not work towards your free Exemplar solos/CAs, and this is pretty significant. There's a tradeoff there, but I think it's a good choice to have to make and you can still fit a lot of Exemplar in there if you wish. Overall, we need to see what is in the fabled Exemplar Theme Book to know the full extent of how powerful this may or may not be, but for now... it's some decent options and opens up some list building in awesome ways. I'm already hyped to try some Harbinger/Vessel builds in theme with some angry weapon masters.

The other changes listed were, of course, prior changes. Overall, the Vessel is shaping up to be an awesome piece. Privateer Press has listened, and Menites... ask and ye shall receive, it seems! Who knows, maybe there will be some sweet Scrutator solo that buffs Scrutators in interesting ways.