Dojo Time: Mox Cubed Team Tournament Lists


Hitting the "submit" button for tournament lists is always an exciting and slightly nerve-wracking experience for me. The knowledge that I've nothing left to do should I change my mind about them is both a comfort and a constant nagging doubt riding on me.

Such is the case for the Mox Team Tournament I will be attending in Seattle in a couple of weeks.

My teammates are playing a fairly typically Harkevich (Jaws of the Wolf)/Butcher 3 (Winterguard) and Vindictus (Exemplar Interdiction)/Rez 2 set of pairings, and with that in mind, I went into the dojo, both in my head and with Bret F.

The ultimate conclusion is that my teammates both have really solid list pairings, and so my two should be interested in forcing out matchups so that we can get them favorable games.

With that in mind....

Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees....

List 1: Wurmwood and the Lazer Shrimp

I've been a big advocate of a close variation on this list for months now:


- Cassius

- Pureblood

- Feral

- Argus

- Woldwyrd

- Woldwyrd

- Woldwyrd

Gobber Chef

Sentry Stone x2

Shifting Stone x2

Gatorman Bokur and Shamblers

Min Bone Grinders

Fuel Cache

It's got a lot of different angles, but mostly it tries to either assassinate or attrition unfairly thanks to





The core of the list has always been 3 Wyrds and the Units, and the heavies have gone through a few iterations. I started out with Brennos and Megalith as a "screw you colossal" core, eventually moving to a Pureblood over Brennos so I could put


 on everything, and then Megalith got swapped out for Loki when he came out.

A few months later, and I've decided I'd like a little bit more backline punch, so I've put in a Feral in his place. I've found that I tend to just sort of keep my heavies way back anyway, and without


 in the list, the Warpwolves don't hit very hard. Points are tight, and so the Feral gets the nod since I can't fit a Gorax in the list.

Couple points of interest:

3 Wyrds against an ARM 20 heavy without an enemy upkeep and with

Curse of Shadows

 on it do approx 30-33 damage on average dice, and adding the Pureblood spray in gives you another 6-7 damage.

Take those three Wyrds against an ARM 20 heavy with an upkeep on it, and all of a sudden WITHOUT

Curse of Shadows,

they're doing 15 damage each, or 45 damage total. With Curse, that goes up by 18, for a total of 63 damage. Basically if you put out upkeeps against this list you're asking to die.

The Gatorman Bokur can kill a heavy on his own if necessary, and is also one of the best tools available for an infantry slug fest.

I can make a 16 inch forest wall every turn if I really need to.

I'm going to need to play this list a lot in the next couple of weeks, as the muscle memory is fading from March, but I think it's still a very scary, potent list.

I think I can drop this into some Cygnar, Legion, other Circle builds (?), Menoth, Khador, Minions, some Mercs, some Skorne, Cryx, and possibly Trolls.

Which brings us to...our second list....


List 2: Baldur's Boulders

So I've got a list that's pretty good into most things, and I'm going to pair that with something skewy as all get out to force matchups.

Who better than Baldur 2? I mean, I own two Woldwraths, I should use them both probably.

Baldur 2 (Bones of Orboros)

- Woldwrath (Tiny)

- Woldwrath (Smalls)

- Megalith

Stoneshaper (free)

Stoneshaper (free)

Stoneshaper (free)

Sentry Stone

Shifting Stones

Shifting Stones


This list is designed to march up the middle of the table on Scenarios like Recon, Extraction, The Pit, and Take and Hold, and sort of just...not die. It might take a while to kill all of your models, but it'll probably happen.

Rock Wall

 and potential 3d3+3d6+1 healing every turn means that taking down a Woldwrath is hard, and if you don't do it in one turn you probably won't ever.

Druid's Wrath

 can really help out against infantry swarms since


 from Megalith and Baldur and Stone Spray from the Stoneshapers (I know sprays only get the additional dice against their primary target, but still) can do some serious work, and the single Sentry Stone (say that five times fast) unit chip in as well.

When the Fulcrum CID becomes live, I'll probably replace one Woldwrath with two Fulcrums and perhaps replace the other with Wyrds and a Guardian, but for now, this is what it is.

There's not a lot to say about this list tricks wise. Something most people don't realize is that the Knockdown effect on the Woldwrath's fists don't rely on hitting an enemy model. Got a Warpwolf in your face? Smack a friendly Shifting Stone next to it first and THEN go to town.

I think I can drop this into Cygnar, Ret, Non-Fyanna (hah!) Legion, Skorne, Mercs, some other Circle builds, Trolls (potentially), Khador (bring on the Marauders baby) and Minions.


Gonna be lots of Circle battle reports coming down the pipe (man I even have these lists painted already, sweet!), culminating with a Team Tournament in two weeks time. Hopefully at least one of these will be another Video Report, and I have a few new toys to review for both Broken Egg Games and Wyrmwood, so keep an eye out for those.

Gonna be fun! Thanks for reading :)