Warmachine: Starting a New Faction

It's me, not you...

I really just need to work on myself...

You DESERVE someone better than me...

If you love something let it go, and if it returns it was meant to be!

Sometimes it's just time for a change...

It's not that I don't love my Cryx, I just don't feel that spark anymore. When I picked up Cryx again around January they were "trash", "garbage", "nigh unplayable"! Now I'm not saying I need to be a snowflake, but I've long been on record saying chasing the bane players out is what made America Great Again. I enjoyed beating people who assumed that since I was playing Cryx they were favored. Over the past 9 months Cryx has come a long way in the meta, and most recently banes have surged back onto the scene. So while I hold you no angst Bane Players, I'm going to step away from Toruk for the rest of this year. This was a hard decision, and the main reason I haven't been posting/inspired to write many blogs recently. We had a great run, 6/6 in local steam rollers and I shit the bed at the ATC with the Dragon Father. So whats next you ask? What else, the King of Nothing!

Why Grymkin?

They are exploding! We have 100 ish active players in the Denver area and I can think of 10 (including myself) who are playing them. So why leave the green pastures of Cryx for the over crowded Grymkin? First I think it's awesome stepping into an unknown faction. No one REALLY knows whats going to be good, or even if they'll be good at all. While I'm not saying I need to be a snowflake, I'm excited to get out there and help forge this faction's meta, at least in a local sense. 


Grymkin also pose a new set of challenges. I haven't competitively played a hordes faction in, well ever. I like the flexibility of the Arcana system, and the seemingly higher number of active decisions a Grymkin player gets to make. I also fell in love with the idea, and later the rules on the King of Nothing. I mean he's a KING! Of Nothing! And dammit he wants to expand his kingdom. A small victim stats caster with no weapons at all, okay I'm intrigued. While the Grymkin aesthetic as a whole I don't love, there are enough models that piqued my interest that when the All in One box was announce I grabbed one. I figured I could always resell it easily enough, but instead I fell in love with the perceived jank this faction brought to the game and their comical appearance. 

Starting a New Faction

Whenever a new player shows up they ask the same slew of questions. 

Which faction is the strongest? Does faction $variable$ play like $faction I've never heard of from a game I've only seen on youtube$? Whats the current faction spread look like?

Here are a few tips from me, for anyone starting a new faction:

  • Play something you like the look of.
  • That being said, Do a little bit of research on them before you buy.
  • Don't be chased off by players telling you a model is bad. You're playing the game to have fun, you can win locally with sub optimal lists and tech.
  • Maintenance of Aim! Don't make knee jerk reactions after a loss, or win. Commit to playing a list/unit/model more than a few times before passing judgement. 
  • LISTEN if you ask someone for advice.
  • Ask the right people.
  • Have Fun. Don't worry about winning. The game of WarMachine is GIGANTIC. COLOSSAL you might say. There is a learning curve, even if you're an experienced player just jumping ship.

So I've started Grymkin! I'm a whopping 5 games in with the King of Nothing thus far and having a blast. I'm not sure how I'll be documenting this journey. Do you want to hear about this madness? If so let me know, you guys will ultimately decide this blogs fate!