Warmachine Hordes: King of Nothing Light Spam

Nothing will come from nothing. Speak again.

So I have a theory. It's more than a theory though. It's a nagging itch. I really think the King of Nothing would thrive with light warbeast spam! As I said previously I'm only playing whats out. With the recent release of the Gorehound and the Rattler I ditched my infantry spam list. I then jumped right into testing my theory, because I'll never know if I don't try it!

The List

I am not a good painter, but I try!
I am not a good painter, but I try!

With the normal release of the Gorehound and the Rattler I thought I'd test out how the King ran them both as primary pieces. I'd be using the Rattlers as my main hitters, they'd wheel around the centered Cage Rager. The Gorehounds would flank wide in pairs. Skirmishing with infantry and doing scenario things. Either of the light beasts could dogpile down armor with the help of Scything Touch and Master of Ruin. I can use the Rattlers to run through infantry, or a few Ashes to Ashes combined with Taste of Ash to thin down swarms. I'll be clouding up for protection vs guns and some control in who gets the alpha. Here's the list!

Grymkin - king of stuff

Theme: Dark Menagerie

4 / 4 Free Cards     75 / 75 Army

The King of Nothing - WB: +28

-    Cage Rager - PC: 14 (Battlegroup Points Used: 14)

He's proven to be a really solid piece. He's the only beast that benefits from the starting corpse. But an Arc Node out of the box, or an Arcane Vortex is nothing to sneeze at. In addition he can swing down anything he can hit.

-    Crabbit - PC: 7 (Battlegroup Points Used: 7)

-    Crabbit (Dark Menagerie) - PC: 0 X4 (0)

Def14 Arm14 14 Boxes, I wanted shield-guards. In addition they work well with his trump if used for a screen.

-    Gorehound - PC: 6 X4 (24)

You guys know from my Cryx articles I'm a sucker for innate "pathfinder". This beast seems to have it all, Ghostly, Extended Control Range, Sprint (animus) and 2 inch melee. His biggest issue is Mat 6.

-    Rattler - PC: 8 X3 (24)

Two attacks, Berzerk, and Overtake. He's also Mat 6 so we're really banking on him hitting to live the dream through infantry. 

Lady Karianna Rose - PC: 4

Fury Management, Enrage and Ancillary. She also gives my army +1 to hit and dmg the turn after she's killed. The enrage is key for my dogpile of lights plan. Though Sorrowful Rampage is also very nice give the amount of attacks this list can pump out.

Gremlin Swarm - PC: 3 X4 (12)

I loved them in minions, I still love them here. Ridiculous into Warmachine, and with the surging popularity of BattleEngines they don't lose much into Hordes. Invaluable pieces for scenario too. 5 boxes, stealth, incorporeal. Did I mention they help with Fury management? And for the record Serenity happens before Apparition.

Glimmer Imp - PC: 4

I don't know if he belongs here, but being MAT6 almost across the board concerns me. 

Dread Rots - Leader & 5 Grunts: 7 X2 (14)

I went with the extra points for 2 min units to make sure I have options for Sands of Fate. The two units should allow me to quickly switch sides of the board, and keep weird assassination options open. In addition I like having two units for SR2017. Occasionally they'll get corpses for my Rager, but I don't count on it.

Things We Love

I'm only a few games in but I love the flexibility the list brings. It's very easy to quickly switch flanks or move assets. If I decide to run hot there is a BONKERS number of attacks I can throw out there. While my general P+S is underwhelming, the surprise of Enrage, Scything Touch, and Master of Ruin can quickly drop unsuspecting heavies. In addition the dread rots with a 4 armor swing are spiketastic! Hard to count on them, but they can really surprise you, and your opponent. 

Taste of Ash: Is really solid in this list. Often I'll be crashing 4-5 lights and some crabbits into an opponents line and the treat of it alone gives people pause. While it's hard to count on, it can really mess up with plans and occasionally blast out misplaced support pieces.

Pandemonium: I don't think any of the Arcana should be an auto include. If you consider them that then I really think you're using them wrong. Into some matchups though Pandemonium on a 16 inch control is priceless. Combined with the cloud wall you have a very strong say in where and how engagement starts.

Ruin: I have wraith bane, but being able to drop all enemy upkeeps in my control can be game changing. Combined with the fact that Beasts can only be forced to cast their Animus once it's a really solid tool. Ruin plus the Cage Rage have saved the King from a few assassination runs thus far.

Things I want to test

High Armor Box Spam. I really don't think this list can drop into Harc or other Khador spam. While I can swing them down, I think I lose too much on the counter punch.

High Def Spam. I don't think it can handle Fyanna2 either. Normally not being able to handle Harc and Fyanna would be a death kiss for a "tournament" caster but I still think the KoN has a place. I do plan on testing this more but Mat6 only gets you so far.

Sacrifice. The list actually has a lot of boxes. I've been meaning to mess around with this Arcana more and see if there is value to it here.

Fortune's Path. It's another Army wide Mat and Dmg buff when hitting things in the KoN's control area. With the Gorehounds and the Gremlin swarms enough misses happen I should be able to trigger it when I want. 


So far I'm really enjoying Grymkin and the King himself. I'm only a handful of games into the light spam and will be sure to write up a recap when I feel I have a large enough sampling. That being said I can definitively say the afore mentioned list is a blast to play! What are you guys running with the King now a days? What release are you still pining for? Also how do you guys like the shorter more often post format?