Warmachine Hordes: King of Nothing Spell List Review

It's still MAGIC, even if you know how it's done. terry pratchett

I thought for this update I'd take 5 minutes and run down the King of Nothing's spell list, which was the real reason I fell in love with him. Do you remember when casters used to have spells equal to their focus number? Well he doesn't have 8, but he does have 6 solid spells. Not a dud in them if you ask me. Also if you haven't read my other posts on Grymkin I do think it's worth explaining his ability Kingdom of Silence. "Kingdom of Silence: Once per turn, when a warbeast in this model's battlegroup is destroyed by an enemy attack, immediately after the attack is resolved this model can cast a spell without spending fury." This ability is key to really understanding the flexibility his spell list brings to the table.  

Spell Review



Ashes to Ashes: Cost 3 Range 8 Pow 10.

If it hits, d3 nearest enemy models within 4" suffer a pow 10 fire damage roll. These damage rolls are not considered caused by at attack.

     A great spell for clearing infantry. You can also "bounce" it off of jacks or beasts to snipe out the support that ended a little too close. 

Death to Dust: Cost 2 Range 8 Pow 12.

A model boxed by this attack is removed from play.

     Never going to sneeze at RFP on a stick. It's worth noting that both of his nukes are range 8. 


Burning Ash: Cost 2 Range CTRL 3inch AOE

Place a 3inch AOE cloud effect anywhere completely within his control. Living enemy models within Immunity Fire suffer -2 to attack rolls while in the AOE. Lasts for one round. 

It's a smoke wall, and a little more. Being Fury 8 he can toss 4 of them (5 with Kingdom). Against some armies this will allow you to dictate the engagement. Even if the cloud doesn't block LOS remember the -2 attack swing, combined with other Grymkin tricks can be nasty. Annoyance from Gremlin Swarms, -1 to attack and damage from Ill Omens to name a few. Keep in mind that you can drop an unexpected smoke from Kingdom of Silence to block LOS during the middle of your opponents turn, or apply the -2 to attack rolls.

Host of Shadows: Cost 2 Range Self/Ctrl

While within the spellcaster's control range models gain Ghostly. 

Anyone who knows me knows I overvalue pathfinder. While my favorite beast, the Gorehound, has Ghostly innately, the rest of the Grymkin Beast package adores this spell. Ghostly on the Rattler allows him to disregard free strikes when he's living the dream mulching infantry. It allows the Skin and Moans an additional fury when he's charing across difficult terrain. It also really allows you to jam Crabbits into especially annoying locations. 

Sands of Fate: Cost 2 Range Self/Ctrl

Remove a friendly living trooper model in the spellcaster's control range from play and replace it with the caster.

     HOLY MOBILITY! I love this spell! Combined with Kingdom of Silence you have some really weird movement shenanigans. Casting it towards the end of my opponents turn off Kingdom lets me maximize Master of Ruin, and still allow the King to move away. Casting it when your blocking beasts die to get the hell out of dodge lets the King fight another day. Using it to zip around the board to ensure you can score and be safe is certainly viable too. It is worth noting that you can "Sands" multiple times in a turn to really move all over. And never underestimate the Sands, Double Death to Dust at -2 armor to finish off a caster!

Scything Touch: Cost 2 range 6

Target model gain Dark Shroud

Dark Shroud is always welcome. Scything touch in a faction that doesn't natively have Dark Shroud is also a welcome change. Stacking this with Master of Ruin, and Wraithbane for a -4 armor swing that ignores +arm spells is what allows the King to really not care about armor. Always a dark horse spell to cast off Kingdom of Silence, to ensure you can use it on two models by rolling it around. 

Things We Love

I love anyone with that much versatility! You guys know I'm a sucker for stacking arm debuffs, and the King certainly can do so. Range 8 nukes means IMO we never leave home without a Cage Rager. The versatility that Kingdom of Silence grants is amazing, just be sure not to get stuck in the think tank. We can block LOS and debuff hitting. We can sling a free Ashes to Ashes to clear out some infantry. We can Sands the King away to keep him safe, or setup for a massive push the following turn. 


I have been throughly impressed with the King's spell list, and play in general. I've enjoyed every game, and never felt like I was in a game where I didn't have any options. So how are you guys doing with the King? Any crazy spell tech I'm just missing?