Warmachine Hordes: Grymkin, Lets make a pair!

When strength is yoked with justice, where is a mightier pair than they?

I'm over 20 games in with the King of Nothing! I've really been enjoying my Light Spam list, but it does have a glaring weakness. Armor/Box Spam. I've won into these matchups, but it was all out playing or heavily leveraging scenario. I HATE when people worry about the "Meta" that isn't relevant. That being said the local "Meta" has a lot of Khador, and I have to be able to deal with Armor/Box Spam reliably. So lets make a pair!

What's the Issue?

Armor and Box Spam. KoN has a strong damage swing, but it's pretty focused. Scything touch and Master of Ruin are pretty local debuffs. So how can we deal with a large number of boxes with decent armor? In particular the super "dynamic" lists of Hach with all the jacks, or Karchev with just as many jacks.


Things We Love

Dreadrots? They are ps 10 weapon masters, so on average arm 20 vs the charge it's 4 boxes. But the main reason you take weapon masters are to be spikey. Threat range 9 is concerning though, and only 1inch reach makes piling enough in rough.

Neigh Slayers? PS 7 armor piercing. Average of 7.5 dmg on the charge, 4 Neigh Slayers to drop a heavy. How do we deliver them though? 

Cage Rager? PS 17 and he can get wraith bane. Fury 4, 2 initials, he'll hurt one, but one drop one himself. He also has a  "Khador" like 8 inch threat. We can pile on Enrage too, I wont mention this again for future beasts. Can we trade our high teens bests with low teen jacks though?

Skin and Moans? Sure if we can get corpses, no one sneezes at PS 19. However we do have to power them up, which is dependent on your opponent helping.

Gremlin Swarm? Unhealable d3+3 points of damage is solid. Not to mention they are hard to remove, and mischief can be super annoying to play against. 

How our Casters can help

The Child: She brings Abuse (+2 str) and can Wrath for extra fury/attack. In addition Tantrum is a solid threat extender. Field Marshal pain response is a nice boost too granting us that free charge.

The Dreamer: Threat extension with Mirage, and Manifest Destiny to help with hitting and damage. Not quite a +2 boost but it's solid and effect the entire battle group. Bulldoze on the big Plushie can also help with threat ranges.

The Heretic: Fury to hit things harder, we can roll it so we have it on 2 model/units a turn if we do it right. Hexblast eliminates our wraith bane addition. Gallows can extend threat. And a well played Reckoning can be a HUGE damage swing.

Old Witch3?  She has Curse of Shadows, but it feels like the KoN where it's pretty centralized. 


So I'm thinking of trying another caster/list in ten or so more games. The problem I'm trying to solve with them is Box Spam or Armor Spam. I'm leaning towards Dark Menagerie with 4 heavies and the swarms of gremlins. I do think the Heretic if played right could be the answer though, I just don't get excited about him. What are you guys playing to drop heavy armor? Anyone else have a solid pairing for the king? Has anyone fallen in love or have any secret Neigh Slayer tech? I'd love some feedback, and I'll post whatever list I decide to test up here in the next week or so!