Warmachine Hordes Grymkin Battle Report: King of Nothing Vs Hexy2

There is no glory in practice, but without practice there is no glory.

Well I managed to sneak a 75 point game on Recon II vs Parker's Hexy 2 at Total Escape Games. I'm still using my King of Nothing light spam list, and Parker is one of the people I dojo with the most often. So it should be a good match. Lets get into the lists, and I'll explain my opening thoughts. Now is as good of a time as any to declare I am running 2 proxies. My Rattlers are home on the paint table, so the Cryx bonejacks are filling in. 


Skorne Army - 75 / 75 points

[Theme] Winds of Death

(Hexeris 2) Lord Arbiter Hexeris [+27]

- Agonizer [6]

- Aradus Sentinel [16]

- Aradus Sentinel [16]

- Razor Worm [7]

- Titan Gladiator [15]

- Aptimus Marketh [0(5)]

Extoller Soulward [3]

Venator Dakar [4]

Paingiver Beast Handlers (min) [5]

Venator Slingers (max) [13]

Siege Animantarax [17]

Grymkin - king of stuff

Theme: Dark Menagerie

The King of Nothing - WB: +28

-    Cage Rager - PC: 14 (14)

-    Crabbit - PC: 7 X2  (14)

-    Crabbit (Dark Menagerie) - PC: 0 X4 (0)

-    Gorehound - PC: 6 X4 (24)

-    Rattler - PC: 8 X2 (16)

Lady Karianna Rose - PC: 4

Gremlin Swarm - PC: 3 X4 (12)

Glimmer Imp - PC: 4

Dread Rots - Leader & 5 Grunts: 7 X2 (14)

Pregame Thoughts

First, I'm not playing ADR. I'm trying to get used to models, and will be playing in subpar matchups to do so. That being said I feel pretty good into this matchup. I need to respect the Hexy2 spell assassination on the King, I have one Arcane Vortex out of the box but taking Ruin feels like a given. For my second Arcana I end up taking Sacrifice. I have a lot of boxes on the table, and against gun lines the odds of him spreading the damage is higher. He wins the roll and choses to go first. I take the side with the trench and the building. I plan on starting with the King in the trench and the gorehounds will use the building to hide behind before the Ghostly, run in.


He doesn't have many models but does put the DinoRider out "west" on a flank. Everything else is pretty centered and he has a lot of AD. I'm going to push hard for the "east" flank and hope he commits deep enough with DinoRider that I can dog pile it down and kill it. I'm going to smoke between the forest and the building and try to apply scenario pressure from my flag side. I deploy pretty evenly, main difference being the west Gorehounds are pretty center while the east ones are really wide. He has Magic Weapon and I have Pathfinder for our objectives respectively. 

Deployment. His theme wall is "in the smoke"
Deployment. His theme wall is "in the smoke"

Skorne Turn 1

He runs almost everything up. The Beast Handlers put some swings onto the DinoRider for tokens. Cloak of Ash goes on the slingers and Banishing Ward goes on the East Bug. Razor worm is safely in the middle of the board I need to respect it's arc.

Grymkin Turn 1

Stick to the plan. The center rattler casts still as death and charges, this is to make it a little harder to get to the King for and Arc run. The Rager runs as fast as he can into the trench. The King follows and smokes out gap between the forrest and the house. One more smoke goes west. I run everything thing else, the one Rattler is just on the other side of the smoke hoping to live the dream into those Slingers. That being said Cloak of Ash is a PITA. The glimmer imp is trying to stay close enough to be relevant, but I dont want him to die to an early AOE. I try to make sure things have shield guards, and I want some Crabbits up to jam. I know one of the bugs will get eyeless, but I think I'll be ok.

End of Round 1
End of Round 1

Skorne Turn 2

He gives magic weapon to the West Side Bug. He hits the Dreadrot (who toughs) and he fails to kill the swarm (even with the boost and poison). He does leave a scather. The DinoRider gets Magic Weapon from the Extoller and comes into the swarms. He kills one, rolls 4 shots and misses them all. Ends up killing the other swarm and the dreadrot. He repos back slightly but is still clearly in the zone. The slingers press forward. One runs and engages my CounterCharge Rattler, another runs into the smoke. The rest stay back a ways ready for next turn. The East Bug shoots the Slinger in the smoke. He strikes resoundingly on my Rattler and Crabbit and forces a Dreadrot to tough. The Rattler is in 5 of the King so he's not really happy.

The Razor Worm runs into the forrest and Hexy activates Ashes to Ashes onto the Cage Rager. This is a weird spot for me. I poorly positioned myself, and the King is the second closest model to the Rager. I'm empty, and I could die to 3 boosted pow 10's. I go ahead and Arcane Vortex the spell, I see two living enemies close to the Rager I think he can get his corpse back. He does it again, I Ruin it (more on this later). He feats, and Ashes the knocked down dreadrot, he hits the Rattle and a Crabbit killing the Rot. He Ashes the Rattler boosts damage leaving the Rattler on 2, and kills the Crabbit. I go into the tank a bit, and end up Sands of Fating to the West Side. 

End of Skorn Turn 2. I dont know what he's doing with his arms he looks like a Dementor 
End of Skorn Turn 2. I dont know what he's doing with his arms he looks like a Dementor 

Grmykin Turn 2

I end up with a Crabbit outisde of my control, who frenzies. However I do have to cut to get to 8. The late Sands of Fate has granted me a chance to kill the DinoRider (Animantarax but I'll be damned if I'm typing that 8 times today). The rings on the table are scathers, so lets walk through the plan for the turn. The Animantharax has to die. I'm going to get within Master of Ruin, and Scything touch the close Gorehound. Okay King will have some focus left maybe I can cloud up for safety, or shoot for the moon and try to ashes some Slingers. I like the moon.

The objective gives Pathfinder to the Rager. The Rager charges the worm, disables him and takes his corpse. King of Nothing moves up, casts Scything Touch on the Gorehound and arc's and Ashes to Ashes onto slinger and boosts to hit. I roll 3 additional Ashes bounces and 4 slingers die. Some Crabbits move, Rose enrages the Gorehound with Scything Touch. That Gorehound walks in and is dice -2 for 4 swings on the Dinorider. Two Dreadrots charge the Dinorider at effective 4 dice at dice minus 6. The Finorider has 2 boxes left which the last Gorehound charges in and finishes it off. The Gorehound then casts spring and moves into melee of the Bug to jam. A Swarm joins him (the swarm was out of range of the DinoRider).

On the East side the two Gorehounds run to engage the Bug and some Slings. The really badly hurt rattle shuffles back (I have sacrifice after all). Everything else just edges up. The rattler can hide behind the forrest and be in "ghostly" walk range of the opponents objective. The Gremlin Swarm taps my flag I go up 1-0. 

End of Grymkin Turn 2, Advantage Grymkin 1-0
End of Grymkin Turn 2, Advantage Grymkin 1-0

Skorne Turn 3

He has a plan to kill my Rager, and a few hounds. Marketh comes up and Hellfires the Rager, spikes the damage and gets 9 on him. He repulses the one Gorehound out of melee with the Agonizer. The slingers were going to bait out shield guards on the Rager, but at PS 10 I'm not going to shield guard him so he flares and does 15 to the green Gorehound instead. Extoller shoots the Rager and I shield guard it. He spikes the damage and kills a crabbit and I pop Sacrifice.

He forgot I took Sacrifice and it swung the turn. The main reason I got the Grymkin full art deck is so I can put the Arcana I have on the table as a reminder. That being said the rager full heals and the Gorehound too. I end up casting Ashes to Ashes off this too, onto the objective. I do 4 to the objective (spike) kill the extoller and a slinger (Some times Ashes to Ashes giveth, sometimes it taketh away.) He ends up killing the Gorehound in melee with the East Bug and pops swarm. The West bug moves over and misses the Rager scattering and forcing a tough and damaging a Crabbit. The Gladiator got magic weapon from the objective early and he uses it to kill the swarm, but flubs and leaves the Gorehound on 2 boxes. He ends the turn I go to 2-0.

End of Skorn Turn 3, Advantage Grymkin 2-0
End of Skorn Turn 3, Advantage Grymkin 2-0

Grymkin Turn 3 2-0

I'm feel like I'm up and in control at this stage. I could easily just attrition and win on turn 6-7. That being said I think I can go ahead and score 3 right here. I do some premeasuring and I think I've got a plan. I run super hot so I have to make some hard decisions. I need the Rager to go in clean, and I want the far East Gorehound to be there as a backup. So I have a Crabbit, and 2 Gorehounds with Fury left on them, they all Frenzy. 

This turn right here embodies what I love about the king. East Rots activate first and really only one needs to run so he can be my Sands of Fate target. He's within 5 of the objective and the Bug. King activates Sands or Fate to that Rot, Arcs a Scything Touch onto the Cage Rager, then casts Host of Shadows.

I clear stuff out of the way and the glimmer imp runs up to lower the Bugs def with Paralyzing Gaze. This brings the bug back down to def 11, so the Rager charges in. Effective PS 21 he's able to kill the bug. Rose enrages the Rattler who walks with Ghostly from Host of Shadows into the objective range. He swings at effective PS 17 and kills it. I end the turn and go to 5-0. 

Victory at end of Turn 3, Grymkin 5-0
Victory at end of Turn 3, Grymkin 5-0


LONG LIVE THE KING. God I love playing him. So many choices and this game exemplified the cool stuff he can do. Teleport across the battle field, swing armor by 4 and drop a huge base. Teleport up and across the field lowering armor to allow for a zone to be cleared, and the objective to die for a game win. I do feel like I'm running WAY too many shieldguards, but with ADR I'll have the flexibility there. I'm super excited for the frightmares, and recently have been talking to Jaden about playing the King with double Neigh Slayers too. This is game 25 with the King, and I'm really enjoying learning this caster. 

Parker and I talked after the game about his baiting our Ruin on that turn. I think forcing the Grymkin player to use an Arcana is great, but ideally you want to do it on a turn I don't want to. The turn he forces out ruin I was never really considering using another Arcana, except maybe sacrifice to heal up my dinged Rattler. I was also surprised he gave me the Dinorider kill that early. He knows about the King's armor swing, I doubt he'll give it to me that early/easily again. 

So how are you King of Nothing games going? I need to start playing another caster to get ready for events! What did you think of the battle report? Always open to any tips, criticism, or comments. Also if you're ever in the Denver area hit me up for a game!