Warmachine Hordes Grymkin: King of Nothing, what I've learned, part duex

Recap of the King of Nothing games thus far, again

Well this past Wednesday the Frightmare and Murder Crows came out, and it's time to move on from my current list. As I said previously I'll only be playing whats out with Grymkin as I try to navigate the waters of Grymkin list creation. I've been playing my King of Nothing light spam list, and it's about time to change. What did I learn? Well before we get too far here is the list I've been playing. It's worth noting that for about half the games I had 8 crabbits and only 2 rattlers also. 


Grymkin - King of Lights

Theme: Dark Menagerie

4 / 4 Free Cards     75 / 75 Army

The King of Nothing - WB: +28

-    Cage Rager - PC: 14 (Battlegroup Points Used: 14)

-    Crabbit - PC: 7 (Battlegroup Points Used: 7)

-    Crabbit (Dark Menagerie) - PC: 0 X4 (0)

-    Gorehound - PC: 6 X4 (24)

-    Rattler - PC: 8 X3 (24)

Lady Karianna Rose - PC: 4

Gremlin Swarm - PC: 3 X4 (12)

Glimmer Imp - PC: 4

Dread Rots - Leader & 5 Grunts: 7 X2 (14)

The Plan Going In

The basic plan of clouds and shield guard to deliver light jacks is pretty intuitive. When the crabbits weren't needed to eat bullets they were run/leapt into the front lines to tie things up, trigger arcana, and just be annoying. I'd use Rose on turn one with the Swarms to allow everything to run and not Frenzy on two. From there I'm going to apply lights with several stacked buffs (Scything Touch, Master of Ruin, Enrage and maybe an arcana) to swing down any higher armor. With the buff stacks a few of either of the lights should be able to swing down whatever I need. I was going to rely on the Rattlers Berserk and Overtake abilities to keep the infantry herds thin. I'd also be able to "hit and run" with gorehounds hopefully as well.

In addition I wanted to test this list out vs High Armor Box Spam and High Def Spam. I also wanted to test the Arcanas, Sacrifice, and Fortune's Path.

Things We Fell In Love With

Let's go in reverse order;

Sacrifice was a game changer. If their list consists of medium to high volume of moderate to low POW attacks you'd be doing yourself a disservice not to consider it. I was running with over 250 boxes on the table, and the impact/threat of Sacrifice were solid. 

Fortune's Path. It's one of the few caster agnostic Mat buff's. Rattlers going into troops at Mat7 is often the difference between "living the dream" (killing an entire unit+) or fizzling out half way through. In addition with the number of attacks this list can throw out it makes a huge differences. Similar to Sacrifice, evaluate the number of attacks you're going to be making when weighing this Arcana's value.

Glimmer Imp. He runs 12, and he defbuffs thing that see him by -2 def. I've yet to hit anything with him, but I do LOVE the the ability to debuff enemies DEF. All my lights are Mat 6, and he really helps ensure they are accurate and can focus on buying attacks instead of boosting to hit. He does die to anything that hits him though, be sure to keep him safe, but relevant. He does you no good too far back to debuff anything. 

Heavy Armor Spam: I dealt with it better than I thought. The lights can really get up there, gang up and dogpile a few down a turn. The rebuttal can be mitigated with Sprint, or well placed Gremlin Swarms. Box spam however is a different story. 

Rattler: Two initial attacks at PS 13 are solid. Damn solid. He can swing 5 times and with all the armor debuffs the KoN can bring to bear they can tear things up. In addition the threat, and execution of Berserk and Overtake after a cloud wall delivery scares a lot of infantry.

Gremlin Swarms: Some of you know I played minions for a while. They are just as good as I remember. Stealth and Incorporeal is a gnarly combination. Locally I'm seeing a lot of Battle Engines and they often can be a real "annoyance" to them! (dad jokes!)

Anti Shooting Tech: Turns out 4 or maybe 5 smoke rings and a ton of shield guards do wonders vs shooting lists. Even into legion shooting I had a decent game, their fewer number of ranged attacks made the Crabbits into stars.

Things to watch out for

CLOCK: As I said previously the King of Nothing and Grymkin in general can really go in the think thank. With Taste of Ash being a separate dmg roll against each model it's a great way to destroy your clock. Play with a plan, and execute quickly!

Box Spam: Vs Tharn in Devourers Host and Posse in theme I had issues. Hitting is close to a coin flip, and then I need to roll above average to force the tough check. 

Tough: Rattlers hate it cause it stops the Berserk Train. Gorehounds hate it because it denies Sprint being triggered. The Dreadrots are solid at dealing with it, they are just so much slower than the rest of my army!

0 Ranged attacks: I've done this a lot coming from Cryx, but the Frightmare will be welcomed with open arms. It just opens up a lot in order of activations.

Command Range Arcana: I think by now the number of people mis-reading Arcana should be reduced. However i"ll say it again; The Shadow and Shroud are REALLY hard to trigger when using the King.

Magic Impact Attacks: Make sure that the War Wagon or Gun Carriage or any other battle engine can't impact multiple gremlin swarms a turn. Keep in mind where your opponent can get magical weapon from, and where their battle engines are.

The King's Board position: He wants to be up the field. He wants to have relevant smoke, and you want your opponent to be thinking about Kingdom of Silence. Play him up further than you're comfortable with. Try to get him close to the 18-20 inch line from your own board edge, to maximize the number of things he impacts.


Well I'm just over 25 games total with the King of Nothing and I've gotten 17 games with the afore mentioned list. Not shocking the King is super solid into shooting, even into Legion thus far. He's done better than expected into heavy armor spam too. If I can get Master of Ruin onto multiple models and stay safe it tends to be a cake walk. That being said Box spam can be problematic, and honestly Tough Troops as well. I really struggle with higher def armies, and am considering bringing another Glimmer Imp to the party in the future. I'm excited to start playing ADR too, I think the sideboard combined with Grymkin Arcana System will allow for some pretty dramatic play swings. All in all I love the King. I'm not sure where his "ceiling is" but he's super fun to play. I've always enjoyed "high skill cap" casters and think he fits the bill. How are you guys enjoying him?

What's Next

Well I'm at a bit of a crossroads (no not the Wanderer). Basically I want to play with murder crows, which would mean going back to Bump in the Night. I also want to use the Frightmare with the King. That being said I've missed the last few local events because I don't have a pair (I know i don't have to have a pair{page 5 reference there for you OG's}). I've settled on a trifecta of things for the coming months. I'll be testing the King in Bump in the Night, this allows me to play Murder Crows, keeping grinding the King and try out Mad Caps this MONTH! I'll be testing the Dreamer in Dark Menagerie, and the Heretic to try to find a running mate. So we'll continue the plow to 100 games with the King, but it's going to be a bit slower going. I'm going to be slowing my updates on the King of Nothing, but starting my updates on the Dreamer and the Heretic. So as I'm about to start some two new casters any advice? Did you enjoy the shorter more frequent updates about the King? Any requests?