Warmachine Hordes Grymkin: Random Rules

A young man knows the rules, an old man knows the exceptions.

Hey guys going to be a short update for the early week post. A lot of local Grymkin players have gotten these wrong or been confused by these, so I thought I'd list a few common "advanced" rulings with Grymkin;

When do I pick Arcana in an event?

During an event the following is the order at the start of each game!
1. List Selection
2. Vanguard/Specialists
3. Arcana
4. Pick Upkeeps for Deployment (within Theme Force)
5. Roll to go first.

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It's worth noting that this isn't done on our clock, and we get to see the Specialists before we make up our mind. 

What is a Character Unit?

Lord Longfellow has Fortune Hunter: Longfellow gains an additional die on its ranged attack and damage rolls vs character models.

So what is a character model? 

Well according to Dark Legacy it's only models with a number after their name. So Croe's Cutthroats, Haley3's Past and Future models, and the Spears of Scryah are not Characters with this ruling.

However Sam McHorn, and Rhoven are considered characters. 

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So choose your shots wisely! Ask to see cards or check in Warroom when you aren't sure.

Does the Hollowmen Blood-Bound RFP non living models?

There was rampart speculation that it would. I'm not an expert on the English language but a lot of people who are way better at grammar than I am were saying due to the sentence structure that it did. That being said I think Privateer Press is closer to my grammar level than they'd like to admit. Ruling was that it only RFP's living enemy models.

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We don't have a ghost fleet easy button! But we have a lot of options. Both our heavies RFP on melee, and so do the dread rots. 

What Can I Ruin!?!

This is literally not a euphemism. Ruin cancels a spell that targets a model in the Warcaster's control. Self spells were ruled as targeting the model casting it, so can be Ruin'd. Other spells like Mage Sight can't be Ruin'd since they don't have a targeting aspect to them, but could be dropped with the second effect of Ruin, which drops upkeeps in casters Control Range.

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Kings of Nothing, Taste of Ashes

There were a few points of confusion on this trump. First the model that triggers the Arcana is also hit by it. So if model A disables my crabbit I can pop Taste of Ashes. Model A then takes d3 points of damage and the nearest enemy models take d3 as well.

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On this note they are in fact separate d3 rolls. So this trump can eat clock between determining who's closest, and rolling all the damage.

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So hopefully this helps clear up some confusion! What have you guys been playing lately? I've been grinding with the Heretic and have been impressed, stayed tuned for updates about him. I'm also dabbling with the Dreamer. And yes I haven't quite been able to quit the King of Nothing. Playing him in Bump with 2 units of Neigh Slayers is a lot of fun! What have you guys been doing?