Warmachine Hordes Grymkin: King of Neigh

We are nothing; less than nothing, and dreams. We are only what might have been…

I can't believe it! I never posted about the most recent list I've been running with the King of Nothing. As many of you know I started Grymkin with him and I've come a long way from what I thought would work, to what I enjoy playing. He's still easily my favorite caster. His toolbox, and abundance of decisions makes for really dynamic game play. That being said I've been working on getting a solid tournament pair. As many of you know I was keeping him in Dark Menagerie with light beast spam. While this was a great list, I was really having issues with high def armies. In addition I decided that my best bet into Ghost Fleet would likely be a caster in Dark Menagerie. So to keep my pair diverse I went back into the tank, and started playing double Neigh Slayers with the King of Nothing. After a few games and some iterating here's what I recently played at a local steamroller event with:

Grymkin - King of Neigh


Theme: Bump in the Night

3 / 3 Free Cards     75 / 75 Army     40 / 40 Specialist

The King of Nothing - WB: +28

-    Crabbit - PC: 7

To keep the KoN alive of course!

-    Gorehound - PC: 6 X2

Wide Flankers normally. If terrain allows I'll send them up the middle hidden behind obstructions, which they can walk through with ghostly when they need to engage.

-    Rattler - PC: 8 X2

Clears infantry, or with the buff stack we can do some work on heavies. Counter charge to threaten anything that walks into the cloud wall

Lord Longfellow - PC: 0

He's a beast, and Eilish giving him a reroll to maximize odds of spikes is never wrong.

Glimmer Imp - PC: 0

He helps ensure we hit. Normally hanging around the rattlers to start their train off right.

Eilish Garrity, the Occultist - PC: 0

Puppetmaster and Dispel what more could you ask for?

Dread Rots - Leader & 9 Grunts: 12

Hard hitting, tough, RFP

Hollowmen - Leader & 9 Grunts: 13

-    Lantern Man - PC: 3

Usually I use the Hollowmen to support the Dreads and visca versa. Don't sleep on the ps 11 brutal charge.

Murder Crows - Leader & 5 Grunts: 9

Ambush, pathfinder, prey, magic weapons. Pit II they can ambush charge the objective. Spread the Net they can charge whatever is on the flag.

Neigh Slayers - Leader & 4 Grunts: 12 X2

Twilight Sisters - Heidrun & Agrona: 7

More on these blokes below.


Well I was trying to be in bump, and deal with high def. One of those was easy! The Neigh Slayers are in fact Cavalry, which means 3 dice to hit on charge attacks. So that combined with Mat 6 helps with the higher def armies for sure. We pair that with the Glimmer imp and we can reliably hit basically anything in the game. Nothing is preventing us from stacking that with Scything Touch, or Master of Ruin. So with the Neigh Slayers we have 10 models, that get 3 dice to hit, and hit pretty damn hard with Armor piercing ps 7. Okay, well what about the rest of the list?

The Plan

The list is built around double Neigh Slayers. We'll be using the Kings Cloud wall to deliver them, combined with his Armor debuffs they should be able to hit, and wreck basically anything. Really though what lives through Mat 6, 3 dice to hit, PS 7 armor piercing dark shroud?

So what can we support them with? We already have the Glimmer Imp to help ensure we hit. The Twilight Sisters also support them pretty nicely also. The Neigh Slayers come in at 2.2 points per model, so each one we can bring back is huge. In addition it's rare we ever need the full unit on a model to drop it. This means that we can keep 1 or even 2 models back, and ensure the unit is alive and able to be targeted by "Grim Returns". Against heavy RFP armies I tend to ADR out the Sisters first, more on that another time though. I feel like Grymkin ADR tech could be a lot of articles. 

The Neigh Slayers work really well in two units. I keep one unit up to force the issue. 11inch effective threat, plus cloud cover will do that just fine. The opponent is going to have to throw something into them. I'm going to have 3 models in that first unit forward, the other 2 models back to ensure we can grim returns them so they can hit again next turn. The second unit is poised 6-8 inches back ensuring they can clear whatever killed or engaged the first unit. 

Purple unit threatening the alpha behind the clouds, assembled unit ready to cleanup whatever engagues or kills the front line of the purple unit.
Purple unit threatening the alpha behind the clouds, assembled unit ready to cleanup whatever engagues or kills the front line of the purple unit.

The Twilight Sisters are even further back still. They have a really good range on Grim Returns so no need to put them in harm's way. The other thing I like about the double Neigh Slayer, Twilight Sister package is the sisters can tap scenario. This allows me to not have to worry about keeping the Neigh Slayers in a zone. So far for me it's worked really well!

Things to Watch Out For

Lance rule and Scything Touch. Be sure the Neigh Slayer with Scything Touch is the LAST model to make his charge attack. Also be sure he repos into 1/2 inch if you want other models to benefit from it.

Neigh Slayers don't have pathfinder except on the charge, so that 3 inch repo is affected by difficult terrain.

Hollowmen do good work on the charge, don't slot them as just a ranged unit.

DON'T FORGET TO AMBUSH. I know this seems simple but a ton of people do it. I like to place the unit leader next to the clock on my side. Ensures when time is tapped to me I remember him.


This is an incredibly enjoyable list to play with a ton of options. We have answers for just about everything. I do miss Rose allowing a Rattler to get to PS effective 19, however she lives in my ADR. I also have experimented with dropping the Rattlers for Frightmares, but want more games before I make up my mind on that. So what are you guys playing with the King? Am I missing anything I should be playing?