Warmachine Hordes Tournament Recap: Total Escape Games 5Nov17

I hate to play a tournament in which I'm not contending. It's just not any fun for me. Phil Mickelson

Total Escape Games was hosting a 75 point ADR SR2017 and I could actually make it! While not as prestigious as the Warmachine Weekend Invitation, I was still excited to play. I couldn't decide on a pair. I was still waffling between the Dreamer or the Heretic even as I drove to the event. The KoN was a surefire bet. I ended up going with the Dreamer for a few reasons.  I enjoy playing her more, if the Denny1 nerf in CID happens I don't think I need the Heretic for the Ghost Fleet matchup. This report is a bit more rambly than my usual, so bear with me. This was mainly written for my friends in Denver, especially those going to Colorado Store Wars. Here we go 75 points of Grymkin to try and win it all! 


Grymkin - King of Neigh

Theme: Bump in the Night

3 / 3 Free Cards     75 / 75 Army     40 / 40 Specialist

The King of Nothing - WB: +28

-    Crabbit - PC: 7 (Battlegroup Points Used: 7)

-    Gorehound -X2

-    Rattler - X2

Lord Longfellow - PC: 0

Glimmer Imp - PC: 0

Eilish Garrity, the Occultist - PC: 0

Dread Rots - Leader & 9 Grunts: 12

Hollowmen - Leader & 9 Grunts: 13

-    Lantern Man - PC: 3

Murder Crows - Leader & 5 Grunts: 9

Neigh Slayers - X2

Twilight Sisters - Heidrun & Agrona: 7


Crabbit - 2 Crabbits: 7

Cage Rager - PC: 14

Trapperkin - PC: 3

Cask Imp - 2 Cask Imps: 1

Glimmer Imp - PC: 4

Dread Rots - Leader & 5 Grunts: 7

Mad Caps - Boss & 2 Grunts: 4

THEME: Bump in the Night

Grymkin - little Nemo

Theme: Dark Menagerie

5 / 5 Free Cards     75 / 75 Army     38 / 40 Specialist

The Dreamer - WB: +28

-    Phantasm

-    Skin & Moans - X2

-    Rattler - PC: 8

-    Cage Rager - X2

-    Frightmare - PC: 9

-    Crabbit (Dark Menagerie) - X2

Death Knell - PC: 13

Gremlin Swarm - X4

Eilish Garrity, the Occultist - PC: 5

Dread Rots - Leader & 5 Grunts: 7


Crabbit - 2 Crabbits: 7

-    Crabbit

Frightmare - PC: 9

Rattler - PC: 8

Gorehound - PC: 6

Lady Karianna Rose - PC: 4

Glimmer Imp - PC: 4

THEME: Dark Menagerie

Pre Event Thoughts

I've been crutching too much on ADR. Next event I need to start not using it, even if it's an option. Arcana combined with ADR is HUGE. That being said I felt pretty confident with both my lists. There are 16 people today, and some solid players from the Denver meta for sure. I plan on playing the King of Nothing into basically everything, with the Dreamer coming out vs some legion matchups and Cryx. Basically anytime I really have to worry about the King dying. 

Atomic Games Best Pony Puff Sodomy, Atomic Mutant Supermen Team Try Hard
Atomic Games Best Pony Puff Sodomy, Atomic Mutant Supermen Team Try Hard

Round1 Parker's Skorne on Spread the Net

I get paired with a friend, and maybe the person I play the most Parker. He's got Naaresh in Disciples and Morg3 in Masters of War. I honestly feel pretty good with the King of Nothing into either of these. He picks Naaresh and gets to go first. For Arcana I have Ruin and Labyrinth. 

He feats turn 2 and I basically can't kill anything then. His Bloodrunners come into my "baited" hollowmen, I'm able to clean them up with some cask imps and the rest of the hollowmen. He kills a lot more Neigh slayers than I think, but I stay the course. I ruin the Archidons sprint to try to get up on attrition again. I'll have to be more aware of Naaresh's spell move plus charge range, but I think I can do that. I'm able to kill the archidon and a Spitter on my turn. I prioritize killing his solos and get up slightly with early scenario. I keep the King pretty far back, and am always dropping clouds just in front of the King himself. I'm able to get up and never look back. He has a lows odds assassination run, but opts to try to kill everything with a crazy battle boar. The Battle boar kills 10 ish models, but it's not enough and I take it down. 1-0 Grymkin.

Best Slope West Slope Order of the Crit, Subject to Change Crit Castle Syndicate
Best Slope West Slope Order of the Crit, Subject to Change Crit Castle Syndicate

Round 2 Rob's Trolls on Recon II

Rob's a great player he was able to make it Lock and Load this year and made top 8. We talked before the event started and he asked to see the King if we got paired so he could see how he works. I'm a man of my word so that's what I drop. Even if I had the choice I think that's who I take. Eborka is really strong vs a beast or jack brick with that feat. Moot point though. He picks Borka on a Bear and we get to it. I take Labyrinth and Ruin. Labyrinth because his beast heavy list isn't all that fast to begin with. Ruin because I thought I could stop a key animus at some point. I ADR out the sisters for a trapperkin and a unit of Madcaps. I know the theme RFP's everything, so the Sisters have diminished value. I do like the Madcaps against any army with limited guns. He wins the roll off and elects to go second.

I set up pretty standardly. Neigh Slayers on one side, the rest of the infantry brick on the other. There is a house slightly on my side so instead of flanking both gorehounds setup to run to it. Murder Crows are in ambush, and prey Rok. 

I run, he runs. The Earthborn is a bit forward and I can get to him with a good bit of stuff. He's also out of the Stones aura (rolled a 1, a 2 or 3 and he's in) so I take the risk. Scything Touch a Hound who gets into melee (stops counter chargers and applies the debuff). Hollowmen and Murder crows charge leaving it on 5. Longfellow cleans up the mess. On the other flank I kill the 3 "bait" fenblades, I repo back with the Neigh's and cloud up a little to protect them. I run a Gorehound over that way to make him deal with it, or take free strikes into the Neighs.

Next turn hurts as expected. I lose around 6 Neigh slayers and both GoreHounds. I do trump to kill a few Fenn Blades.  He feats and passes it over. I'm able to clear the unit of Fennblades on my turn. I also drop the Axer and kill his Fell Caller. I'm up on scenario. 

Rob decides he needs to take a risk to get back into it. Borka gets as close to the king as he can and ends up camping 3 in front of him. He clears a good amount with Rok butchering stationary models. I think I can kill borka and go for it. In the end the -4 armor swing, gives a Rattler, 1 Neigh Slayer enough to get it done. I had Longfellow waiting in the wings to clean up any left over boxes. 2-0 Grymkin.

Round 3 Phil's Skorne on Stand Off

Apparently I'm bad at taking pictures. At events I'm notoriously bad for forgetting pictures during matches so I didn't even try. However it also appears I forget to take pictures of lists as well? He ends up picking double Cats Mak2, with Tiberion and the full support boat. I drop the King, he wins and takes first turn. I ADR out the Sisters and bring in the trapperkin and MadCaps. I take Fortune's Path and Desolation for my arcana. I'm hoping I can light some cats on fire, or corrode them!

He runs, damn cats are stupid fast. I shuffle up trying to limit places he can jump into my line. I start making cask imps ASAP. Trapperkin moves up toward the middle of the board and goes underground. He doesn't come in that hard at all, was surprised. He plays a position game putting 2 cats far forward, and Makeda behind a large forest. The trapper is able to pop out close enough to walk into Mak's rear. I go to work on the cats I can get to, in the end I kill 3 cats, and damage a bunch more. The Murder Crows are able to kill 2 of the Legends and a will breaker. The Trapperkin walks into Maks' rear and does 13 points which he transfers to a Krea. I feel pretty good at this point.

We grind it out but at this stage he just doesn't have enough attacks. I end up on attrition and eventually get a caster kill because of it. I think I took the wrong Arcana. Fortune's Path is great, but I never used Desolation. While the cats are silly fast, I think Labyrinth would have been the better choice. Once everything is stuck in limiting their movement goes a long way to me feeling safe about putting the King places. Grymkin are up 3-0.


Round 4 Final Table vs Rory's Merc Jank on Outlast

Kenny is Team Leader Karl's 2 Eletric Boogaloo, BFG TEG Omega
Kenny is Team Leader Karl's 2 Eletric Boogaloo, BFG TEG Omega

Rory is a great player, and the jank runs deep. He's playing double Hammerstrike lists and I'm stoked he's making them work. Gorten was my first battlebox, and he's always had a special place in my heart. He tells me he's dropping Gorten, which I wish he wouldn't have done. I end up dropping the Dreamer. I ADR out the dreadrots and Eilish, to make room for another Rattler and Rose. I need enrage to swing down those 40 hit box monsters. I want two rattlers so I can send on into each unit of hammers. I take Accursed, and Desolation for my arcana. Hammerstrike currently has no way to give pathfinder outside of Ossrum's feat. I plan to use Artifice of Deviation and Desolation to make enough rough terrain to be annoying. He's also lacking on magic weapons, so the gremlins should be solid pieces to contest with, and stay put even when he feats. Having 20 Forgeguard with recursion, tough, and solid grounds forces me to take Accursed. I hope I can trigger it and let a Rattler live the dream. He wins the roll and I put him on the side with more rough terrain.

He deploys in a big ole brick of dwarves. Unit of ForgeGuard on either side, jacks and engines in the middle. Gorten puts up solid ground and charges my Corpse Cart. He moves forward as far as he can with everything else.

I decide to try to force a refused flank. I go hard on my left, and just move my guys onto the hill on my right. I put mirage on a Cage Rager, and drop the Artifice between the water and the house as far forward as I can. Dreamer is way to the left, I shoot a rattle up far to hopefully get into the dwarves with accursed. If Rory's army were any faster this wouldn't work as he'd be able to quickly overwhelm the right flank, but their dwarves so I think I should be fine. 

TEG Alpha Naughty Photo Inc, Team Try-Not-So-Hard Team Schwifty
TEG Alpha Naughty Photo Inc, Team Try-Not-So-Hard Team Schwifty

Rory positions defensively and misses a bunch of shots. I actually want him to hit so I can eat a unit of hammers and start collapsing this flank, he takes a mortar shot and damages a Skin and Moans on a scatter. I pop the arcana and he basically passes the turn. Dreamer wraith walkers, manifest destiny and charges a dwarf to get up the field. The rattler proceeds to eat an entire unit of Forgeguard, and an Artillery piece. It ends up behind the Siege Crawler just out of the zone. My Cage Rager kills his basher also. On the other flank I shuffle around to stay in control, the fright mare kills 2 fore guard and corrodes 4 more thanks to ancillary. 

Rory decides to feat. He gets everything but the dream out of the left zone, and kills my Corpse Cart with the Siege Crawlers. A few hammer dorfs charge my frightmare, who lives but isn't happy about life.

Not much I can do on this turn. I'm able to clear the center flag on my side with the Skin and Moans that didn't get caught in the feat. I enfeeble the crawler in the middle of the table. I've killed a unit of forgeguard, a basher, driller, and a mortar team at this stage. He's hurt things but only killed the Corpse Cart. I feel pretty good, provided the dreamer can live. I move the dreamer back into shield guard range, and I jump a crabbit in front of her...

Rory asks if he crit smites the crabbit does it hit the dreamer. Sure does. So he goes for it. Doesn't crit just obliterates it instead. Dreamer takes it and is sitting on 2 with a crabbit. He shoots me with everything he can. But the enfeebled crawler can't hit, and he only tags me with 2 ranged shots. Cleaning up Gorten is pretty easy at that point. I managed to forget to spawn ANY PHANTASMS this game, clearly I was on top of it. I guess I was just nervous and spaced it. They would have certainly helped!


Well other than the last game I played pretty well. Which makes sense. I only have maybe a dozen games with the dreamer, and need to grind more reps. I always tell new players to just grind reps, and I need to take my own advice. I love the King of Nothing, but realize by the time I make it to some events come January ADR is going to rotate! I'm excited to start using OWiii, but hopeful the King of Nothing stays on ADR. I'm going to try to mek 4-6 national level events this year. Which ones are you guys eyeballing?