Welcome to Line of Sight!


Hey everybody!

Holy smokes, it's a new podcast/blog! What is this insanity?

Long story short, both Druid's Dice and Truth and Consequence will be continuing to create and market fantastic Warmachine and Hordes content, but with a shiny new label and website - Line of Sight on loswarmachine.com. 

All of the content from both Druid's Dice and Truth and Consequence has been moved to this new website - there are already close to 200 posts for your viewing pleasure on a variety of topics.

In addition, Chandler, Jaden, and Bret (of the Leyline fame) are collaborating to create a new, topic driven, general Warmachine and Hordes podcast with an emphasis on positive, critical thinking about the game. 

This information will all be covered in Episode Zero of Line of Sight: The Podcast, but a quick overview of what we are about here on Line of Sight. 

We are committed to creating high quality Warmachine and Hordes content on a (week) daily basis. All of this content, including the podcast and any video content that we will (hopefully!) be producing is 100% free, and will never be hidden behind a payment shield. 

That being said, if you feel as if the content here on Line of Sight is worth supporting, check out our patreon page at www.patreon.com/loswarmachine - check out the podcast for more details about how this works and the reward structure for the patreon backers. 

You can always get ahold of either Chandler or Jaden in a variety of ways. Both have Twitter handles (LoS_Chandler and LoS_Jaden specifically), an email account that you can send us more substantial feedback, comments, or requests to which is loswarmahordes@gmail.com and finally we have a Facebook page that you can post on or mention (Search for LOSWarmachine) or privately messaging either of us on Facebook. 

So look around, click on links, read stuff, listen to Episode Zero of Line of Sight: the Podcast, and keep your eyes here for high quality Warmachine and Hordes content.