Battle Report 108: Harbinger (Exemplar Interdiction) vs. Severius 1


I mostly got into Protectorate to play with Vindictus, and I've been searching around for a suitable pairing since I settled on my double Cavalry build. 

With the advent of the Vessel CID changes, I thought it would be a great time to try out a Harbinger list that's....well it's a little derpy. 

- Templar
- Devout

Vessel of Judgment
Vessel of Judgment

Vassal Mechanik x3
Exemplar Bastion Seneschal (Free!)

Exemplar Bastions
Exemplar Bastions
Choir of Menoth (min)

And my opponent had just gotten a pile of heavies so he was playing:

Severius 1
- Heirophant
- Vanquisher x2
- Templar x2
- Blessing of Vengeance

Vassal Mechanik
Punch Monk x2

Choir of Menoth


We rolled up Extraction and I lost the roll off. My opponent chose to go first (speed four EVERYWHERE) and off we went!


That plus 2 inches of deployment really makes a difference when your entire army bar your caster, a support unit, and a light jack is speed 4. 


Severius turn 1:

All the Warjacks powered up and ran. Sevy got Harmonious Exaltation from the Heirophant and put Defenders Ward and Vision up.

Harbinger turn 1:

Time to move up I guess? His army has a static threat range of 9 inches for charges and 14 for guns. I'm not too worried about guns, since he only has two and I can Martyrdom anything that dies for at least a couple of turns. 

Bastion unit 1 runs, as does Bastion unit 2. 

Harbinger casts Crusaders Call and advances. Both Vessels charge, because it gets them an extra inch of movement. The Devout runs base to base with Harbinger, and the Templar sort of hangs out. 

Yes that is Sevy 1 singing on the battle engine. R.I.P. old man

Yes that is Sevy 1 singing on the battle engine. R.I.P. old man

Severius turn 2:

Remember that shooting I wasn't worried about? Yeah....about that. 

The right hand Vanquisher forces me to Martyrdom three times with some pretty hot dice. 

Everything else basically runs up to me. 

Harbinger turn 2:

And....I roll out no fire rolls, and Harbinger gets to Martyrdom twice more. Ouch.

No focus allocation happens, and the right hand Vessel starts things off. It aims and then uses Eruption of Faith to kill the Punch Monk. It then puts two boosted shots into the Vanquisher, and uses Cleansing Aura to heal up Harbinger and the Exemplars. 

The other Vessel puts two boosted shots into the Vanquisher as well, leaving it on six. It also uses Cleansing Aura to heal up everyone.

The middle Bastion unit all run up to the flag to take it, and the left hand ones screen the Vessel. 

Harbinger moves up, casts Purification to get rid of both upkeeps and also the fires raging on her troops and prepares to Martyrdom a bunch. The Seneschal moves around, just in range for Guided Hand next turn in case he needs to go kill a Punch Monk. I get one point. 

Score: 1-0
Advantage Harbinger

Severius turn 2:

Sevy loads up the beat up Vanquisher and the central Templar. 

They go in and beat on some guys, the Templar trying to beat back into the Vessel but failing. 

The Vigilant chucks a Bastion into another Bastion, and then Blessing runs up. 

Sevy arcs two Ashes to Ashes into the objective, but without the ability to boost, Harbinger lives through it. 

The Punch Monk charges (!!!!) and kills a Bastion. I trigger Doors with the left Vessel and try and kill him back, but fail. 

Score: 1-0
Advantage Harbinger

Harbinger turn 3:

I start things off easy with the Bastion Seneschal charging the Punch Monk and killing it. 

The right hand Bastions go into and kill the Vanquisher and ding up the Templar a bit. 

The Vessel moves up to the flag and does Eruption of Faith, shoving the Templar out of contesting range. Two boosted shots into the objective brings it down to six boxes. It then heals up everything. 

The other Vessel moves up and also does Eruption of Faith, but I screw up and place it too close to Blessing. Turns out, Battle Engines don't all have Gun Platform, so I put two boosted shots into Blessing and heal things. I then realize that I didn't heal it up beforehand with the Mechaniks and now they're too far away. Yayyyy.

The remaining Bastions charge in and do some work. 

I position my Templar behind the cloud so that it can charge his Templar when it inevitably comes in. Harbinger heals herself up and moves behind the forest with the Devout, and I score two more points. 

In hindsight, I could have just shot the Templar next to Sevy with both battle engines and reasonably likely killed him...*pulls out oddsmachine*

Oh, 96.35% chance of assassination here? Yeah I should have given that a little more thought. Oh well....

Score: 3-0
Advantage Harbinger



Severius turn 3:

It's a simple matter for him to get two heavies into my Battle Engines and they die. Eye of Menoth makes the Templars PS 20, and that's more than enough to put down two half dead Vessels. 

I forgot to take a picture of this turn sadly...

Score: 3-0
Advantage Harbinger


Harbinger turn 3:

I load up my Templar and sing Battle on him and the Devout. He goes in and cripples the enemy Templar shield, so Bastions finish him and Blessing off. 

I run a Mechanik up to the flag. I run two Mechaniks over to the other side of the table, one contesting and the other ready to contest the next turn. Harninger Feats, and I score another point.

Score: 4-0
Advantage Harbinger

Severius turn 4:

He sends in his jacks, getting his Vigilant into contesting range. I martyrdom 3 times and take 9 damage. 

He shoots the guy in the way of the Templar with Sevy and I martyr for another 3 damage, leaving me on two. He has to send in the Templar against infantry, and they die.

Score: 4-0
Advantage Harbinger

Harbinger turn 4:

I check, and the Templar isn't contesting the flag Sevy is sitting on. I charge the Mechanik at the old man and hit! And then roll triple ones for damage. 

My Templar murders the Vigilant, and I charge the objective with my Bastion to try and get a 7th point but fail to kill it by a box. 

I score 2 points and win the game. 

Victory for the Harbinger!

Post-Game Thoughts:

What a grind! I think this is a pretty interesting matchup and I'd love to try it again. I really miss the Heirophant in this list, and I think dropping out of Exemplar Theme for him is probably the right call as the Bastion Seneschal is not really that great. 

Also, Bastions are squishy as all get out. I almost think that they would be better as Cinerators in this list since Martyrdom is basically all I get to do against most attacks anyway.