Battle Report 109 - Mox Cubed Team Event Round 1: Baldur 2 vs. Haley 2


I had the opportunity to captain another iteration of Team Mom this last weekend to the first ever Mox Cubed team event. My teammates and I were playing, in no particular order:

Adam - Harkevich with a billion heavies in Jaws of the Wolf and Butcher 3 in Winterguard Command. 

Kenny - Vindictus in Exemplar Interdiction with double Vengers and Knights Exemplar paired with Reznik 2. 

Myself - Baldur 2 double Wrath in Bones of Orboros and Wurmwood with my own special brand of silliness. 

The format was simple - each team puts a person down secretly at either table 1 or table 3, and then pick a match for that and the remaining person on each team plays on table two. Our strategy? Drop the Harkevich spam on our table and try and get good matchups for everyone else. 

Round one, we got paired into Tim B.'s team of Stormcast fame, and all three players were playing Cygnar. 

I ended up playing Tim himself, and he had Haley 2 and Nemo 1. Nemo 1 had zero game into either of my lists, and I didn't feel like trying to play into Haley 2 with Wurmwood for round 1, so Baldur 2 it was!


Baldur 2 (Bones of Orboros)
- Wrath (Tiny)
- Wrath (Smalls)
- Megalith

Stoneshaper x2 (free)
Wayfarer (free)

Shifting Stones x2
Sentry Stone


Haley 2 (Storm Division)
- Squire
- Stormwall
- Thorn

- Firefly

Lances (max)
Lances (min)

I lost the roll off and chose the side of the table I liked best. My guns were useless, but he was going to have a hard time killing off my Woldwrath's. Keeping Baldur safe was the name of the game. 

Cygnar turn 1:

The Lances move up hard. With little to no ranged threats, they can get as close as they want. Arcane Shield goes on the big unit (man I missed my Wyrds) and the Jr. and Firefly get up at me. 

Haley casts her single upkeep spell (Magnetic Field?) and Temporal Acceleration on the Stormwall. 

Both 'jacks run up the table. 

Circle turn 1:

I can't avoid getting charged, and so I just get in his face. 

The Mannikins spray and deal some damage to the Firefly. Both Wraths run up. Megalith tramples forward and puts Roots of the Earth on Tiny (Wrath on the right). 

I measure out a Rock Wall to make sure the Stormwall can't charge my left hand Wrath, and then Baldur puts it out and Roots of the Earth on himself. 

Cygnar turn 2:

Turns out, Stormlance guns can get to POW 14 with Laddermore and a Firefly around. 

Haley Feats and puts Temporal Acceleration on the Wall.

Tiny takes a serious beating from charges and guns (more from the guns actually, dice were weird) and the Wall puts three boosted big guns into him as well. 

He still has about 35 boxes left at the end of that though, so I'm feeling pretty good about things. 

Circle turn 2:

Tiny heals a point from the Theme. 

He gets to work and kills off a few Lances. 

Megalith kills two more (!!!) with a Crevasse.

I put all of the unbroken Shifting Stone unit between the Stormwall and things, figuring that it would take more attacks than he realistically had (two Lances on their feet and Haley more or less) to get rid of them. 

Smalls scoots up and engages Thorn. Baldur casts Rock Wall, moves back to toeing the killbox and Feats. 

Cygnar turn 3:

I've almost made a terrible mistake here, and I am only saved by my opponents inability to get to the Shifting Stone next to the Rock Wall. 

What I had NOT seen was a Stormwall charge on the objective followed by making multiple attacks into Baldur. 

Fortunately, he can't kill the stone, so he just puts all his attacks and three more big guns into the hurt Woldwrath. 

Thorn gets TKed and Reaction Drived away from the Wrath and then charges Baldur, doing next to nothing. 

Circle turn 3:

I make a couple more mistakes here unfortunately. 

Baldur and Stones pull fury, and Baldur beats on Thorn to make him DEF 10 and then decides to camp 4 rather than cast Roots of the Earth on himself. 

Megalith then moves around and kills Thorn with a few initials and puts Roots on Baldur. 

Definitely, definitely should have put in on the Wrath. 

Tiny moves up a bit and kills more Lances. 

Smalls takes the flag for me. I'd really like to be able to shoot his objective, but Storm Division gives all of his models immunity: electricity...sighhh. 

What I should have (probably) done, is run the second, unhurt Wrath to engage the Stormwall so that my opponent couldn't apply all of his damage to one model. 

I score a point.

Score: 1-0
Advantage Circle

Cygnar turn 4:

Everything that can goes into the damage Wrath, and he dies. Electro leaps kill off the Stoneshapers, and the Jr. scores the flag and puts Arcane Shield on the Wall.

A pod contests my flag.

Score: 1-1

Circle turn 4:

Time to start attacking I suppose? 

Stones contest the right hand flag, Baldur moves up and Crevasses the pod to death, and the Wrath charges the Stormwall. 

Arcane Shield keeps the damage to about 20 boxes. 

Megalith moves up and puts Roots of the Earth on the Woldwrath.

Score: 1-1


Cygnar turn 5:

The remaining models that can go into my Wrath but fail to kill it. A pod goes down on my flag. 

My Shifting Stones refuse to die on the right, so one stays to contest. 

Score: 1-1

Circle turn 5:

Turn 5...ughhh

I pull all the Fury from the Wrath, who leaves the Stormwall on about 15 boxes. 

Megalith charges in and leaves him on one box in his right arm, and does NOT buy the final attack to kill so that Baldur can transfer. 

Baldur casts Roots of the Earth on the Wrath, charges the Pod, kills it, and I score again.

Score: 2-1
Advantage Circle

Cygnar turn 6:

Time to try and kill me. 

Laddermore takes a free strike, and I miss. She blasts Baldur for a few damage, as does the Stormlance. 

Haley charges Megalith, and then TKs herself, putting three Arcane Bolts into Baldur, who does not go down. 

I score again, and the Wrath is contesting so he does not score. 

Score: 3-1
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 6:

I could try and assassinate Haley, or I could just win on Scenario. 

The Wrath moves around the Stormwall and kills it and the Jr, securing that flag.

Megalith goes in and kills both remaining Cavalry (mostly for kill points), and I score two more for the win!

Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

I've gotta stop forgetting to put Roots of the Earth on my Woldwraths >< They're not as durable as I think they are without it and they tend to die when I don't put it out. 

Other than that, I think this game was played really well on both sides. Dice were pretty garbage for both of us all game, and I just kept grinding and grinding and grinding until there wasn't anything left to grind. 

Menoth beat N3mo, and Harkevich got slammed into a Tempest blazer by Caine 1's Hurricane, so my team went 2-1 and won the round.