Battle Report 110 - Mox Cubed Team Tournament Round 2: Wurmwood vs. Zaal 2


We made it through round 1! 

Round two, we got paired into a team with Rahn/Issyria, Zaal 2/Xerxis 1, and Deneghra 1 (Ghost Fleet) and Skarre 1. 

We got the Cryx matchup we wanted with Reznik 2, and Harkevich got Rahn, which left me with Skorne. 

I couldn't really drop Baldur, because Xerxis 1 absolutely murders him, so Wurmwood it was. My opponent dropped Zaal 2. I won the roll off, and I quickly decided I wanted to go first. 

- Cassius
- Feral
- Pureblood
- Wyrd
- Wyrder
- Wyrdling
- Argus

Gobber Chef

Sentry Stones x2
Shifting Stones x2
Gatormen Bokur
Bone Grinders (min)


Zaal 2
- Raider
- Raider
- Shaman
- Krea

Ancestral Guardian x3
Hakaar the Destroyer

Immortals x2
- CA x2

Circle turn 1:

The usual Wurmwood stuff happens. Bone Grinders murder eachother for the cause, especially since I can't get souls from most of the models that are going to die this game (Thanks Zaal). 

Everything runs. Cassius advances and Wurmwood ports up to him and puts out a Wild Growth. I have a simple plan - kill the immortal CA's, wait out the feat and then do what Circle does the very best - kill dudes. 

My heavies have exactly one job each. The Pureblood needs to kill guys, and the Feral needs to kill Hakaar. 

Skorne turn 1 - wherein I forgot about Mage Sight and get very lucky

I made a fairly major pair of mistakes here - first thing, I didn't check to see how far the Karax could engage from and promptly had my left unit of Mannikins engaged. 

Secondly, I forgot Zaal has Mage Sight, and only the fact that my opponent had a single Raider in range of Cassius saved him. 

Other than that, my opponent did not put up Zaal's upkeep spell, so no easy win, and Zaal popped feat, so his Immortals were basically...well...immortal (hehe). 


Circle turn 2:

Time to be Circle I guess. 

I sacrifice a Wyrd on the right to kill off that Immortal unit's CA. 

I kill off the Grinder and Chef to give Wurmwood a few souls, and then Hellmouth plus sprays kills off a bunch of Karax and the other CA, and with that my feat suddenly exists again. Wurmy and Cassius both get out of the Mage Sight ring and I pass the turn.

Skorne turn 2:

It's Wurmwood's feat turn, and he has no pathfinder, so things shuffle around. 

Mage Sight goes down on top of the left Sentry Stone and it dies. 

Vengeance moves and attacks plus a couple of charges kill off the far right Woldwyrd, but I've mitigated the damage pretty hard and from here on out I just have to not get Wurmwood killed and murder infantry. 

Circle turn 3:

See that clumped up unit of Immortals? One hero Mannikin kills all but two of them in a single spray. 

A good Hellmouth kills off a bunch more immortals on the left, and the left hand Wyrd kills a couple guys as well. 

Shamblers move up to jam, and my beasts shuffle around. I'm getting to the point where I need to think about killing Hakaar and forcing Zaal to commit. 

I run my Argus to the uncontested left flag for a point. If he wants to go contest, that's more models I don't have to deal with in the middle. 

Score: 1-0
Advantage Circle

Skorne turn 3:

I'm starting to split his army up, and I've got beasts in the middle of the table. 

Vengeance moves get him into charge range of the Argus, who nearly dies to two Immortals and the Ancestral Guardian. 

Karax and Immortals on the left kill off a ton of Shamblers. He runs the Krea up to control the left flag. 

Score: 1-1

Circle turn 4:

Time to hit back hard. Wyrd plus Pureblood spray kills the Krea and some guys on the left. 

I take a gamble, which was dumb, and run Cassius over to get a Stranglehold onto Hakaar, which fails.

The Argus gets healed and takes out both Immortals. 

The Wyrd aims and hits the Guardian three times, but does two damage total. 

The Bokur commits to the left side and kills a few Karax for corpses. 

Feral warps Armor for the 4th round in a row and chills by the flag after regenerating.

I can feel the tide turning though, time for some more patience.

Skorne turn 4:

Immortals fail to kill the Bokur (whiffed attack rolls), and Cassius dies horribly to shots. The Argus dies, but the Guardian had to charge past the flag to get the charge off so no point there. 

My opponent decides to pull the trigger and trundles the Guardians and Hakaar into the forest. This was his only real mistake this game, and it's about to cost him. 

Score: 1-1

Circle turn 5:

Time to kill Hakaar. the Feral goes in and murders him. The Pureblood sprays both Guardians down to a couple of boxes each.

The Immortals have one guy survive. My Wyrd takes a freestrike from a Karax, moves to the flag, and shoots the Karax down. 

My other Wyrd fails to kill the right hand Guardian. 

Wurmwood gets ported out to the right and kills the Guardian with Stranglehold. 

I score again

I forgot a picture this turn looks like, sorry :/

Score: 2-1
Advantage Circle

Skorne turn 5:

Zaal goes for the spell assassination, but Wurmwood is hardy and lives through his barrage. He already ran his Shaman to control the flag, so he gets two Raider shots and I'm camping two - needless to say, Wurmwood survives. 

A Shambler kills a Guardian with a free strike, and the other gets on the Feral for a few damage. 

We both score again. 

Score: 3-2
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 6:

I could try and kill Zaal here, but I have a plan which requires an immortal, a Karax, and a Guardian dying that gets me a Scenario win. 

The Feral kills the Guardian, the Gatormen kill the infantry, and I run a Wyrd to contest so I score 2 points, going to 5. 

Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

I'm really glad I got to play against this so many times in Mark 2, that knowledge really came in handy (although I did forget about Mage Sight). This game really came down to whoever decided to pull the trigger first loses, and my opponent snapped before I did. 

I'm pretty proud of how well I was able to keep myself patient and just grind down the infantry with sprays, Hellmouths and Wyrds until the victory was almost inevitable. 

My Khador buddy got Rahned, but my Menoth teammate got the Ghost Fleet matchup that we had teched for and crushed it like he was supposed to, so the team went on to the (potential) finals.