Battle Report 111 - Mox Cubed Team Event Round 3: Wurmwood vs. Doomie 3


Jeff has a checklist for his events, and one of the things that almost always happens is the pair-down loses. 

My team didn't get the pair down, so if that prediction held true, we just needed to win one more round to win the event. 

For the last round I found myself playing into either Doomie 3 with a pile of heavies or Gunnbjorn. Either way, I didn't like Baldur into those, so out came Wurmwood. I won the roll off and went first. 

- Cassius
- Feral
- Pureblood
- Wyrding
- Wyrdly
- Wyrdo
- Argus

Gobber Chef

Sentry Stone x2
Shifting Stone x2
Gatorman Bokur and Shamblers
Bone Grinders (min)


Doomie 3
- Scroll Bearer
- Mulg
- Mauler
- Earthborn
- Bomber
- Axer
- Bouncer

Whelps (free?)
Shaman x2 (free?)

Min Stone
- CA


Game plan is simple - try and get him to feat first, feat second, kill a heavy a turn with Wyrds and Curse of Shadows. Sacrifice my Stones to kill his Stone, and call it a day. 

Circle turn 1:

I briefly debate not killing off my Grinders to have some grievous wounds for his feat turn, but in the end I decide I want more fury. 

Things run up as far as physically possible, no real shooting to worry about except the Bomber who only threats 17 inches. 

Trolls turn 1:

Stuff runs up at me. Nothing too interesting except my opponent puts out one too many fury. 

Circle turn 2:

Time to do Circle things, and by that I mean shoot stuff....wait...hold on....

Anyway, Curse of Shadows and Stranglehold on the Earthborn to start things off. 

I kill off a few Stone Members with Sprays. 

Wyrds bring the Earthborn down to six boxes with a combination of one fantastic damage roll and then several very bad damage rolls. 

I turtle up. 

Trolls turn 2:

His Axer frenzies into his already damaged Bouncer (shield guard). 

Earthborn runs to a trench, and Mulg derps up. 

The Mauler goes into the right zone, and the Bomber blasts my un-stealthed Sentry off the table (whoops...).

Doomie casts Implacability (he did this every turn or he'd have died last turn) and fuels the stone, but does not feat. 

Circle turn 3:

I port the Feral into the Earthborn, and for some stupid reason decide I need to warp Strength to kill it (sighhh). 

Wyrds plus Argus blast the Mauler off the table once the Stone aura gets reduced by Mannikin sprays. 

I fail to Stranglehold Mulg (dice -8) and port Wurmwood into the zone with Feat up, going to 3. 


Score: 3-0
Advantage Circle

Trolls turn 3:

Mulg tramples up and kills Cassius, but it takes all his fury. 

The Bomber bombs a Wyrd half to death. 

The Shaman goes in and Chillers the Feral to lower its DEF.

Doomie Feats, does Lamentation, and casts Implacability. 

Both lights go into the Feral, and kill it with the last possible bought attack (should have warped Armor, should have warped Armor, would have taken 18 less damage). 

Score: 3-0
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 4:

I start things off with a simple question - "Do you have any transfer targets". 

The answer is no, and I have the Bokur within 12 inches of Doomshaper. 

Doomshaper becomes stationary from Hand of Glory. 

Wurmwood ports up and Curse of Shadows' the poor troll. 

I spray him with a Mannikin for a net of 3 damage, and then a Wyrd moves up and blasts him off the table. 


Post-Game Thoughts:

My opponents second turn should have been "feat and jam you", and we talked about that after the game. Wyrds just continue to be solid gold, preventing Doomie from keeping upkeep spells in play and just being able to kill a troll heavy on average dice between the three of them. 

Should have warped armor, silly me. 

My Menoth teammate fell to the Cephalyx, but my Harkevich teammate rolled Krueger 2, and the pair down did, indeed, lose. 

Victory for Team Mom!