Druid's Dice readers will remember that Broken Egg Games was a sponsor of the blog from quite a ways back, supplying me with some cool little toys to review and legitimizing the (then) fledgling blog. You can check those reviews out here (for the Aspect Markers) and here (for the WARsticks), and there is also a "how to" on painting up the Aspect Markers that you can read here

Today, we are happy to announce that Broken Egg Games has officially become a sponsor of Line of Sight, and provided us with a sweet code for a 5% discount on their website for all of our audience. 

What does this mean? Well it means that we will both be using exclusively Broken Egg Games tokens, templates, and widgets, putting up reviews of Broken Egg's new products as they roll out, and also maintaining a permanent link to their web-store on our site. They will also be putting up a Line of Sight link on the Broken Egg web-store, and, as I previously mentioned, are supplying us with a 5% discount code for our viewers/listeners/readers. 

We'll mention this code often so that you don't forget about it (saving money is a good thing after all) and both of us are extremely excited about this opportunity. 

If you haven't looked at their website before, check it out at www.brokenegggames.com and if you decide that you want to buy any of their sweet products, use the code LOS5CODE to save 5% on your purchase! (That's an "S" and then the number "5" by the way, don't get that mixed up or it won't work!)