List Spotlight: Kromac 2 and the Storm Raptor


Howdy guys, and welcome back from the weekend to our daily LoS articles!

Today I thought I would go over a list that is near and dear to my heart, explore what it is and how it gets played, and then link to some batreps and demonstrative pics at the end - let's go!

The list:

Kromac 2
- Storm Raptor
- Feral
- Stalker

Blackclad Wayfarer
Blackclad Wayfarer

Sentry Stone
- Ogrun Bokur
Sentry Stone
- Ogrun Bokur

It's a simple list, and it does simple things on the surface, but it's actually a difficult list to pilot and has some pretty interesting matchups. 

Blackclads are there to make sure you alpha (not a whole lot of models in the game have a 14 inch charging threat range like the Storm Raptor with Hunters Mark do) and do not waste fury on it. 

The Stalker is there almost solely to provide Kromac with Lightning Strike so that he can charge in, kill some dudes, and get out. 

The Feral is Primal and also has nearly the same damage output as the Storm Raptor. 

The double Ogrun Bokur is the main innovation the list brings to the table, and I actually built this list right after the errata allowing them to work for Circle and the other Hordes factions. I've been very impressed with them. 

They've kept Stormy alive for long enough to come in on the charge against gunlines, they've kept Flare off of my Sentry Stones against Reckoners and Gun Mage Captains, and they also randomly can charge in and half kill a heavy thanks to their client rule (+2 to hit and damage when within 6 inches of their client). 

Game Plan:


I want to take this list into Warmachine factions that aren't Khador rocket spam (although I might be able to make it work with good positioning). Simply put, the ability to kill a heavy and a half and then disrupt a third with the Raptor is extremely strong. 

If you go first, (and you should if you can) your first turn you scream up the table as fast as you can. The Bokurs get Advance Deploy from their client, so they are already up there. Stormy runs 14 inches, the Feral can run 16 if he wants. 

Kromac is likely putting out Vengeful on the Storm Raptor and Awakened Spirit on the Stalker. 

Turn 2, your goal is to get Stormy under Feat with Primal onto at least two heavies, preferably three. 

"But Jaden!" I hear you cry, "What if my opponent just spaces his heavies out and keeps them back while running dudes at me?"

Fear not gentle reader, I have a solution - sit back and shoot at the dudes. You've got Stormies gun, you have six Sentry Stone Mannikins, you have a Warlock and a Beast that can both go in and blender things and Sprint out. 

This is the game plan until you can put Stormy into heavies under feat with Primal (unless they're squishy heavies like Cryx jacks, then you might not need Primal). 

It's actually really hard to avoid getting two heavies caught by a huge based model with two inch melee. 

A huge base is just under 4.75 inches in diamater, and a two inch melee range means that you have to spread your heavies effectively 10.8 inches apart for him to not have that option. 

That's almost the width of a whole zone. 

Once you get your Stormy onto the pair of enemy heavies (which are either both dead, one is dead and one is nearly dead, or both are dead and a third is damaged and disrupted), the plan is to have Kromac, Feral, and the Stalker hanging out behind, ready to come in and kill whatever comes to finish Stormy off. 

If you're playing into a Warmachine army, it will likely take more than one heavy since Vengeful gives the Raptor retaliatory strike on a Disruption weapon. I've had opponents load up two heavies, walk into melee with the first one and then realize how screwed they are when I hit their heavy back, disrupt it, and do a reasonable amount of damage to it all at once. 

If Stormy dies, you mop up with Kromac, the Feral, and the Stalker. If he does NOT die (which is possible), things get interesting depending on how hurt he is. At worst he takes another heavy or two to die, at best he lives through another round of beating if you can kill enough other things with the other beasts and proceeds to dominate the table. 


If you would like to read full battle reports with the list, you can read them here, here, here, here, and here

In the meantime though, a couple of quick pictures to demonstrate my playstyle on this list. 


This is turn 1 of a game I played against Reznik 2 some months back, and you cannot see it in the picture, but Reznik can only advance 4-5 inches without being charged here. 


So he barely does, and because my list is so fast I get to completely reposition around the table and take over the left zone, while still threatening a big piece of the right zone. 


I'm still controlling where he puts his models, he still has very few good options for where to put Reznik or his jacks AND he can't do any meaningful shooting because of the Bokurs. 


Here's another game, again, look how far up the table I am (this is after my opponents first turn):


And here is what happened next - two heavies nearly died and many things became disrupted.

Note the Feral and Stalker chilling out behind Stormy, just waiting to clean up the mess.  


Anyway, bottom line is you can alpha super hard with this list, and you can often alpha so hard that the opponent cannot come back from it when you also have the threat of essentially three heavies (two wolves and Kromac) hanging out behind the very difficult to kill bird in front of them. 

It's decent into Infantry just because Mannikins plus eLeap gun plus Carnage and the Stalker warping Berserk equals a lot of dead dudes, and it's always entertaining to see your opponent try and figure out what they're going to do turn one when you can charge them with a Storm Raptor on turn 2. 

If you picked up a Storm Raptor and haven't been able to justify putting it on the table yet - give it a try here! It's a potent list that many people just aren't ready for. 

Thanks for reading!