Battle Report 113: Mohsar (Bones of Orboros) vs. Severius 1



Ah it feels good to put models on the table. It's been a solid week and a half since I got to put little dudes on the table and push them around with dice rolling and stuff. 

As most of you know (and can read about in my Battle Engine Reviews), the Battle Engine CID went live on Monday, and I am so excited to finally put the Celestial Fulcrum on the table with SR 2016 Scenarios and rules, as I exclusively played it in SR 2017 CID testing. 

I wanted a list with the ability to put out a damage buff and so that limited me to Mohsar, Tanith, and Wurmwood. 

I don't play Mohsar enough, so he was the winner!

Side note - this is the last game with non-Broken Egg Games terrain, it's in the mail to me as I write this and I am very excited to use it!

Mohsar (Bones of Orboros)
- Woldwrath
- Woldwyrd
- Woldwyrd

Celestial Fulcrum
Celestial Fulcrum

Blackclad Wayfarer (free)
Blackclad Wayfarer (free)
Gallows Grove (free)

Shifting Stones
Shifting Stones

I had no idea what my opponent was bringing, and he dropped this:

Severius 1
- Heirophant
- Templar
- Templar
- Vanquisher
- Vanquisher
- Vigilant
- Blessing of Vengeance

Punch Monk
Punch Monk

Choir of Menoth (max)

I won the roll off and went first on Incursion. 


Circle turn 1:

First problem with this list - I cannot cast both of the spells I want, fuel both Fulcrums, and not cut the next turn without Fury Vault (which I had forgotten existed turn 1), so I resolve to just play down a fury for a turn on Mohsar and deal with it. 

Both Fulcrums run up and get an escort of Shifting Stones so that they can advance a bit, shoot, and then get ported backwards the next turn. 

The Wyrds and Wrath all rile for max and run. Mohsar puts Mirage on the right hand Fulcrum and Sunhammer on himself before charging the Templar and bouncing into the Fulcrum. 


Menoth turn 1:

Menoth trundles forward at the mighty speed of four. The Jacks get Shielding (no spells), and Severius puts Defenders Ward on the Choir! Turns out Menoth heavies are afraid of Woldwyrds when they have upkeeps on them. 

Both Punch Monks move up in their Shifting Sands Stance and contest the flags. 


Circle turn 2:

Mohsar is sad and only gets seven fury after the Fulcrums yank all of theirs off of the various Wolds. He upkeeps both Sunhammer and Mirage, which triggers and moves the right hand Fulcrum forward. 

The left hand Vanquisher is too far forward, and between a Fulcrum and both Wyrds, the Warjack dies. 

Side note - Veteren Leader [Blackclad] is awesome when you have two Fulcrums since they make each-other RAT 7. 

The other Fulcrum aims to RAT 9 and takes some potshots at Blessing after missing the Punch Monk. The Gallows Grove ports into the Monks back arc. 

The Woldwrath misses Blessing and deviates onto some Choir, killing one and putting up Druid's Wrath. 

The right hand Wayfarer kills the Punch Monk on the right after moving into the back arc and getting an additional dice to hit thanks to the Woldwrath animus. 

I debate teleporting the Fulcrums around, but the threat ranges on the Menoth models aren't high enough to worry about yet. 

I VERY carefully position Mohsar behind the wall and farther than 4 inches from the front models to avoid getting assassinated by Ashes to Ashes and I passed the turn. 


Menoth turn 2:

There's not a whole lot to be done here. The remaining Punch Monk moves up and engages the Blackclad with Shifting Sands Stance up. 

Blessing runs up to the right hand flag, and the heavies move up with Shielding on them. 

Severius arcs a pair of Ashes to Ashes through Blessing and kills off the two contesting models. 

Menoth scores a point. 


Score: 0 - 1
Advantage Menoth

Circle turn 3:

Time to score a bunch of points!

The Fulcrums each pull some fury, and once again Mohsar is on seven. He only upkeeps Sunhammer this time around. 

The left-hand Blackclad takes a free strike and dies to unengage the Punch Monk. 

A Stone ports up next to the Monk so that I can eLeap him to death if need be, and the left hand Fulcrum aims to RAT 9 and sprays the Monk to death before Lightning Bolting the Vigilant. 

A Wyrd takes the left flag. 

The other Wyrd moves up and kills Blessing from behind, as he had already taken about 6 damage from Sunhammer.

The Wrath charges the close Vanquisher, knocking it and the Templar down and then killing the Vanquisher. 

The Stoneshaper takes the middle flag and pulls a fury off the Woldwrath so Mohsar has a transfer target. I've pulled ahead very far on attrition here and I don't want to randomly lose. 

The right hand Fulcrum gets ported to the flag and then shoots the knocked down Templar for decent damage. 

Mohsar retreats again and drops a fury. 

I score three points. 


Score: 3 - 1
Advantage Circle

Menoth turn 3:

My opponent has to throw away his choir to contest here, so the two unbattled heavies and Severius charging (!!!!!!!!) the Woldwrath leave him in 15 boxes. 

The Vigilant moves up and beats on the Woldwyrd and contests middle flag. 

His Choir runs and contests, and my opponent passes. Sevy has zero focus and is standing right next to a Woldwrath. 


Score: 3 - 1
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 4:

The Woldwrath knocks down the Shield Guards and punches the Mechanik next to Sevy to knock him down. 

The right hand Fulcrum blasts the unfortunate Warcaster down, and I score two more points as his Warjacks go inert. 

Cleansed with the fire of the Leyline >:)

Cleansed with the fire of the Leyline >:)


Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Impressions:

This is not the right list for these, but double Fulcrum is amazing. I can't stress how potent they are at range, and the additional +1 to hit for all Blackclad models is a huge deal. 

Mohsar didn't really do much this game except try not to die, and I think if I were to really build a double Fulcrum list with him, I'd up the count to 4 Wyrds, drop out of theme, and put in a unit of Wolves of Orboros while also dropping the Woldwrath. 

I also think that Bret is right here - this is a build that Tanith really wants. 

Regardless, this was a strong enough first impression that I am seriously considering bringing a double Fulcrum list to Lock and Load. 

What do you think? How are you finding the new Celestial Fulcrum? What lists are you slotting them into and how are they performing for you?