Battle Report 114: Krueger 2 (Fulcrum) vs. Vlad 2 (Legion of Steel)


I always love the chance to play into factions that I don't see often in my local play group, and when one of my good friends who plays Khador was coming out to play in an event, I had to get in a game. 

He had a Vlad 2/Koslov pairing, and I'm currently testing out Krueger 2 and Baldur 2 together. Seeing many units between his lists, I felt like Krueger would be the better choice thanks to Rebuke, and I wanted a chance to put the Fulcrum on the table again, so that seemed to be the obvious choice. 

My opponent dropped Legion of Steel with Vlad 2, and off we went!

Krueger 2
- Megalith
- Loki
- Gorax
- Wyrd
- Wyrder

Celestial Fulcrum


Shifting Stones
Shifting Stones
Druids of Orboros


Vlad 2
- Juggernaut
- Marauder
- Marauder

Kovnik Markov
Iron Fang Kovnik
Iron Fang Kovnik

Great Bears of Gallowswood
Iron Fang PIkemen
- CA
Iron Fang PIkemen
- CA
Iron Fang Uhlans

I won the roll off and went first on the PIt. 


Circle turn 1:

I wanted to try something really stupid here - how far do you think I can get that Fulcrum turn 1?'s pretty far. 

Seven inch deployment zone plus 10 inches of running puts the front of the fulcrum at the 17 inch line and the back of the Fulcrum around the 12 inch line - right inside a unit of Shifting Stones. 

An 8 inch Teleport puts the front of the Fulcrum at the 25 inch line and the back of the Fulcrum at around the 20 inch mark. 

Megalith, who is 13 inches behind the back of the Fulcrum now, can trample 8 inches up and TK it two more inches to the 27 inch mark turn 1. 

Other than that, things mostly just ran, with another unit of Stones porting up behind the Fulcrum to prepare for next turn. 

Leading from the front - that's what I call a battle engine!

Leading from the front - that's what I call a battle engine!


Khador turn 1:

My opponent, clearly taken aback by my unusual aggression responds in the only way Khador can - by running at me as fast as possible with his Iron Fang Pikemen mini-feating to get their Shield Wall Bonus. 

Hand of Fate goes on the Uhlans (mmm...tasty my Wyrds think) and Assail goes on the Juggernaut. 

The Fulcrum is engaged by a half dozen pikemen here, but that's okay because I have a cunning plan....


Circle turn 2:

The Fulcrum pulls from Wyrds, Krueger pulls from the other beasts. 

Megalith scoots up a bit and Telekinesis' the Fulcrum back 2 inches into the Shifting Stone ring.

The Fulcrum goes first and sprays down the Kovnik and two Great Bears, the proceeds to light a bunch of Pikemen on fire and Electro Bolt another one. 

The Stones port the Fulcrum out of the way, and the Druids come up and knock down piles of Pikes. 

Wyrds clear a large quantity of the remaining unit. 

Loki runs to the middle of the table, and Krueger moves up, Rebukes the other unit of Pikes, and then backs up with Telekinesis. 

Lots of dead dudes...


Khador turn 2:

There's not a whole lot to do here, so once again the Legion of Steel moves in. 

Pikemen flood the middle, the Kovnik runs to engage Krueger (!!!!), and the Uhlans run around the forest to prep for next turn. 

He throws a Marauder at me to see what happens, both near the Fulcrum and near Krueger. 

A single Wind Blast goes down to shield Vlad from the Fulcrum. 


Circle turn 3:

Well...time to rinse and repeat I guess. Upkeep Rebuke, pull Fury. 

The Gobber Chef and Gorax kill off the Kovnik. 

Druids knock down guys, knock down the Marauder, and push him away from Vlad's control area, and then I realize that the Fulcrum's unit of stones is spread WAY too far and can't port him. Oops...

The Fulcrum still kills a LOT of guys and makes the Marauder Stationary.

Wyrds kill off MORE guys (yay!) and Krueger moves away from the Marauder. 


Khador turn 3:

Vlad feats and gets all five Uhlans to Godlike statlines. They all run around to threaten Krueger. The Marauder kills the Gorax since he cannot get to Megalith. 

The Juggernaut comes over the wall and kills three Druids, and the Pikemen kill the last two. 

The Marauder simply sits there in his poor, knocked down, stationary state. 

I forgot to take a picture here :/

Circle turn 4:

Megalith goes into the Marauder, dinging it up and then Telekinesing it away and backwards (hehe, speed one, hehe). 

Krueger feats, puts Rebuke on the Uhlans, and moves over, laughing about the speed zero Marauder. 

I kill more Pikemen, but I've forgotten something important...


Khador turn 4:

Vlad allocates two to the Juggernaut, and then moves up and puts Assail on it. Oh snap. 

It kills the Fulcrum and whacks the Wyrd next to it. 

The Knocked down Marauder moves over, and the Uhlans walk into Megalith, doing some decent damage with Hand of Fate.

One of the Uhlans takes a free strike to reposition into range to control the flag, and Megalith murders him. 

My opponent scores a point. 


Score: 0 - 1
Advantage Khador

Circle turn 5:

I feel (wrongly I believe) that I cannot play for attrition here, so I concoct a crazy assassination plan. 

Megalith takes a free strike and then TKs the Juggernaut away from the Wyrd. Krueger advances and TKs Vlad around and gets two boosted shots into him. 

The Stones heal the busted Wyrd, and the two Laser Shrimp gun down the Prince of Umbrey. 


Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

Okay, that Fulcrum is amazing, and I am absolutely in love with it. I threw it away (I could have ported it backwards), and it still killed nearly double its point value in infantry and also kept a heavy out of the fight for a couple turns. 

Druids with this thing actually feel very reasonable at Magic 7 (wow, crazy, that's what they were like in mark 2!) and the sheer control this list had was bonkers. 

I'm excited to play this again, stay tuned...