Battle Report 118: Baldur 2 (Bones) vs. Jaga-Jaga


One of the benefits of being a Press Ganger has always been the ability to go to Lock and Load a day early and hang out with the other Press Gangers. 

This year was (possibly) the last such Invitational day, and I was lucky to get in a game that morning against a good friend of mine who I only see at Cons. 

The last time we played, it was Mark 2 Haley 2 (me) against Rask (him) and Haley did Haley things. 

This time I asked one of our other friends to pick my list, and so it was that Baldur 2 got dropped into a caster with Spellpiercer

Baldur 2 (bones)
- Woldwrath
- Woldwrath
- Megalith

Stoneshaper x3

Shifting Stones x2
Sentry Stone


Jaga - Jaga
- Targ
- Wrastler
- Wrastler
- Spitter

Mist Speaker
Wrong Eye
- Snapjaw
Orin Midwinter
Totem Hunter

- CA

I won the roll off, and thankfully I had brought my own zones so we could play with Scenario (the Iron Arena doesn't have zones and stuff) on Outlast. I opted to go first and off we went!

Totem Hunter Prey went on Sentry Stone, Brigands onto Megalith. 


Circle turn 1:

Woldwraths run, Sentry Stone ports up, the incredibly not-useful Roots of the Earth goes up on a couple of things. 

I've played this list enough times now that I don't even have to think about the first turn. 


Minions turn 1:

The army runs forward, but stays just outside of the Wrath's charge ranges. 

The Spitter gets an ancillary attack from Targ and leaves the Sentry Stone on 2. 

The Brigands advance and Dig In. 

Jaga-Jaga has Battle Host up.


Circle turn 2:

Well...I can't commit or I lose, so time to sit back and shoot - the modern Circle approach to life!

Each Wrath puts some significant damage into a Wrastler, and I throw away the Mannikins to kill some Brigands since it's going to die anyway. 

I stay just out of 11 inches of the Wrastler on the right, and use Rock Wall to keep the other Woldwrath safe. 


Minions turn 2:

I lose my Sentry Stone, and prey for the Totem Hunter swaps to Megalith. 

Stuff moves around, and my opponent baits out the Woldwrath with Snapjaw hiding behind a forest but within trample range....


Circle turn 3:

I can't help myself and send in the Woldwrath. 

Snapjaw dies horribly, and the other Wrath shoots some more at the Wrastler he already hurt. 

Baldur feats for fun that's that. 


Minions turn 3:

Jaga-Jaga moves up, Rages the Wrastler and Spitter, casts Spell-Piercer, and Feats. 

Orin kills the Stoneshaper who advances up and then doesn't have a melee range so isn't debuffing the Wrath. 

The Wrastler moves up and rolls absolutely bonkers on damage (we were both laughing our heads off here), leaving the Wrath on like 5. 

Wrong Eye kills off the Wrath and everything shuffles around. 


Circle turn 4:

My opponent and I talk about my options here. 

I can kill off the right hand Wrastler in two more turns of shooting and then the Wrath will slowly take over the table. 

Or....I see a cheeky assassination. 

I can move the Wrath up to within 11 inches of Jaga-Jaga and shoot her, put up Druid's Wrath and then trample Megalith up. 

He will Crevasse her, and Baldur also has options to Crevasse the Brigand right next to her to get a Spray into her. 

I decide to go for it, last game with Circle and I want it to end with a bang right?

The Wrath moves up, boosts to hit her and hits the 11 (!!!) before putting up Druid's Wrath. He does about 8 damage. 

Megalith moves up, boosts his Crevasse for four dice to hit, nails it, and does 4 more damage >< 

Baldur Crevasses the Brigand, which toughs, and then does it again. 

His spray hits, and he needs an 8 to force a tough on the Gator, which I roll. She fails her tough check and that's the game!


Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

A great game this, and very fitting to end my year of Circle on. 

Some thoughts on what I should have done differently - just kept shooting at things. With Rock Wall I control where the engagement happens, he's got no chance of winning on Scenario with the Shifting Stones being contest bullets, and I can gun down a heavy every other turn which should, theoretically, be enough. 

Once both Wrastlers are dead, the game is over as he can't possibly kill both Wrath's without Rage, even factoring in Spell Piercer. 

Up next, the 8 Grymkin games I got in - stay tuned!