Battle Report 123 - Old Witch 3 vs. Absylonia 2


Iron Arena time! One of the nice things about scrubbing out of the competitive events is getting the opportunity to sit around, play games, talk shop and relax all weekend. 

So it was that I put a list on the table that I think is sub-optimal but had a bunch of models that I really wanted to play in it. 

My opponent had Abby 2 with a pile of Ravagores (I discovered this after I had my models out) and fortunately I had brought my own zones with me since Iron Arena doesn't provide them and I can't abide games with only caster kill. 

Old Witch 3 (Bump)
- Skin and Moans
- Skin and Moans
- Skin and Moans
- Crabbit x2

Death Knell
Glimmer Imp
Witchwood (free)
Lord Longfellow (Free)

Twilight Sisters

Absylonia 2
- Succubus
- Ravagore
- Ravagore
- Ravagore
- Proteus
- Naga Nightlurker

Spell Martyr
Spell Martyr
Spell Martyr


Looking at my list again a few days later, it's trying way too hard to play to both sides of the Old Witch's card and failing horribly. I believe Old Witch should either be all in on infantry and just resurrecting dudes every single turn or she should play battlegroup heavy with a pair of Skin and Moans, a Rager, and some other guys. 

Anyway, I won the roll off on Entrenched and went first!

(I hadn't put together my second Piggyback unit by this point, hence the proxy bases)


Grymkin turn 1:

Everything runs up. 

Old Witch chooses to make her control area 18 inches in radius and uses Windstorm and drops a fury.


Legion turn 1:

My opponent advances his Ravagores just outside of my control range and drifts some AOEs that I am only now realizing I should have chosen the direction of....


Anyway, I end up losing Lord Longfellow and not much else. 

My opponent bunches up his beasts. 


Grymkin turn 2:

I Shield Wall up with the Piggybacks on both sides, and keep Old Witch outside of charge range of anything but Proteus' tentacles but still toeing her zone. Once again, 18 inch control and Windstorm.

I put some Skin and Moans kind of everywhere so I can Boundless Charge them up if I need to. 


Legion turn 2:

My opponent blasts some stuff and charges Proteus in at the Piggybacks closest to him. 

Snacking prevents me from getting corpses, which is sad, and Aby casts Slipstream, moves up and moves back to get Proteus backed up. 

He doesn't contest my zone so I get a point!


Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Grymkin turn 3:

Couple easy objectives for this turn - kill the objective and clump up my opponent. 

Looking at it, I think I could have gotten the left Skin and Moans into Proteus with Boundless Charge, but I don't see the angle at the time. 

The left Piggy's kill the objective (Brutal Charge is really good) while the right ones Shield Wall around. 

I pop the Old Witch's feat this turn and Boundless Charge the Skin and Moans right in front of her while putting Curse of Shadows on the intended charge target. 

The Skin and Moans murders a Ravagore, and the left one scoots back. In hindsight now, I really should have just Boundless Charged him and loaded him with corpses from the Death Knell and at least put some hurt on Proteus. 

I score two more points!


Score: 3 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Legion turn 3:

It's Abby's feat turn. She charges and kills a Piggyback to trigger Alpha Hunter, Slipstreaming Proteus up. 

Proteus charges and murders my Skin and Moans to death. 

On the right, my sacrificial Skin and Moans takes way less effort to kill than I expected, and he is able to send his Second Ravagore into my last Skin and Moans and kills it as well. 

He floods his zone with dudes and gets a Spell Martyr into mine as well. 


Score: 3 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Grymkin turn 4:

Time for my Witchwood to actually do something!

I port her up and...miss her shot into the Shepherd >< The unfortunate Forsaken dies to a couple of POW 15 fists though. 

The Piggybacks kill the models in front of them and snack them away, and then the heroic Crabbit moves in and kills the Shepherd. 

Side note - Crabbits can kill a lot more stuff than most people expect. 

On the right, Old Witch pops her ability to let her re-roll missed attacks and goes to town on the Ravagore, killing him with a fury or two to spare. 

The Piggybacks move up and connect with the Spell Martyr and I clear the zone for two more control points and the game. 

I'll take the moral loss though, I need to get painted ASAP

I'll take the moral loss though, I need to get painted ASAP


Post-Game Thoughts:

Holy smokes an 18 inch Windstorm is amazing. Being functionally immune to shooting is a big deal for this Warlock, and I think I like a build where she plays a pile of Neigh Slayers and Dread Rots over this sort of hybrid list. I couldn't get the corpses where I needed them, and my infantry didn't get the support they needed. 

Overall, even though I think she's a better Khador Warcaster than Grymkin Warlock, Old Witch is just fine and I am excited to play more games with her.