Battle Report 124: King of Nothing (Menagerie) vs. Jakes 2


I freaking love the design of King of Nothing. He's basically a victim stats Warlock that is also extremely difficult to kill. 

He punishes infantry with his Trump Arcana, and he has great Line of Sight denial as well as a solid couple damage buffs. 

I tried to push the envelope here and played him with no less than 15 warbeasts (!!!!) this game. 

Terrain really mattered this game, which was nice, and we really should have played on clock since we took nearly 4.5 hours on this game while my opponent and I tried to figure out what to do. 

I also screwed up on one turn and cast two spells off the Kings special rule - I had skipped over the "once per turn" clause, so I got a second cloud when I shouldn't have. 


The King of Nothing
- Gorehound
- Gorehound
- Gorehound
- Rattler
- Rattler
- Frightmare
- Frightmare
- Frightmare
- Frightmare
- Crabbit x2
- Crabbit (free)
- Crabbit (free)
- Crabbit (free)
- Crabbit (free)

Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm (free)
Karianna Rose
Glimmer Imp

Dread Rots (min)

Jakes 2
- Squire
- Stormclad
- Gallant

Harlan Versh
Lord Runewood
Rhupert Carvolo
Storm Blade Captain
Eiryss 1

Sword Knights and CA

I chose the Sacrifice and Pandemonium Arcana, won the roll off, and chose to go first on the Pit. 



Grymkin turn 1:

Time to run! 

The Gremlin Swarms keep pace with some of the lights to Serenity off Fury.

One of the Dread Rots runs really far forward while the other ones hide behind the forest. The King Sands of Fates up to the sacrificial guy and puts up two clouds to discourage Trencher shots. 


Cygnar turn 1:

Battle of the Cloud Walls!

Jakes gets Bullet Dodger up on Finn and the Trenchers cloud up. 

Everything runs up behind them, except for Versh and Gallant who stay back to avoid getting Frightmared off the bat. 


Grymkin turn 2:

The fascinating Cloud Wall fight continues!

My Gorehound goes in and kills a guy and Sprints out. The other one misses his first two attacks. 

Frightmares drift some AOEs into the back lines, and the Rattler goes in but struggles with DEF 13.

Clouds go up again.


Cygnar turn 2:

He can't do a whole lot, so he kills off the lights I stuck in his face and clouds up again. 

Gallant runs at me which is....not going to be fun to deal with. 


Grymkin turn 3:

Time to put the hurt in on a Gallant! 

Three boosted POW 13s cripples his buckler arm and leave him on about half. 

A Frightmare corrodes five guys and kills a Sword Knight.

I kill the Trenchers in the way and put a Cloud down in front of the Stormclad (who got Gremlin Swarmed). 

Clouds go down in front of Gallant too and that's the turn. 


Cygnar turn 3:

Gallant walks through the cloud and murders a Frightmare and Sprints out (Why doesn't Circle get that grrrrr). I plop down another Cloud in front of his Sword Knights to block their LOS.

Stormclad murders the Gremlin swarm after Arlan makes his weapons magical. 

The Sword Knights can get one charge, so they opt to move around instead. 


Grymkin turn 4:

I am able to get two Frightmares around the building to shoot at Gallant without the cover bonus. They leave him corroded and on one box. 

A shot into the Stormclad leaves him corroded along with the three solos around him. 

Clouds go up again and we're turtling around. 


Cygnar turn 4:

Gallant dies to corrosion (yessss) and Versh comes up and pops off a pair of Crabits, resulting in two clouds (Yes this is the part where I accidentally cheated), but honestly it would have been fine with the cloud in front of the Sword Knights. 

The Sword Knights come in and do minimal damage, but they kill a Crabbit and I cast an Ashes to Ashes at them and kill four guys (hehehehe).

At this point, the game has been going for nearly three hours and my opponent decides to just throw Jakes at me and see what happens. 


Grymkin turn 5:

I try to throw Jakes into a wall with two different beasts but fail. 

I kill off Harlan and run a Crabbit to the far flag. 

I get the King out of Jakes' walking threat range and clouds up in front of her and I score a point. 


Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Cygnar turn 5:

I lose the Rattler and Gorehound and my opponent contests with the Squire. 

Jakes gets out of there because my opponent decides that we're in this for the long slog. 


Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Grymkin turn 6:

My harassing Gorehound comes out and kills Rhupert, who apparently was in the list illegally and sprints out. 

Side note - this Gorehound did so much work, just killing a couple dudes a turn and Sprinting out. 

I kill the Squire, and my pair of Gremlin Swarms go in and finish off the Stormclads cortex and make him unable to get repaired. 

I score again. 


Score: 2 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Cygnar turn 6:

The Stormclad finishes off the Gremlin Swarms and Jakes once more comes out to play. Eiryss goes to contest the flag. 


Score: 2 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Grymkin turn 7:

I set up to win on Scenario if my assassination run doesn't work by killing Eiryss with a Crabbit who jumps into her back arc. 

I run a Dread Rot over so that the King can Sands of Fate over, and then my Frightmare next to Jakes walks behind her and Headbutts her into the ground. 

The other two Frightmares blast her and leave her on a couple boxes, so the King walks up, applies the -2 ARM aura, and removes her from play with a boosted Death to Dust. 


A Rich Harvest for the Defiers....

Post-Game Thoughts:

This is a super weird Warlock, and I think I probably didn't use him even close to optimally. I think he has a ton of potential though, and I am very excited to play him more.