Battle Report 5: Servath Reznik, Wrath of Ages vs. Issyria, Sybil of Dawn

Been getting a lot of games in lately, and this one is with the other half of my tournament pair (or at least the list I'm testing for it.) Servath Reznik, Wrath of Ages, the Protectorate battle engine caster and one of the most fun casters in the faction to actually play. If you want a massive, awesome model cruising all over the table smashing things up, he's the man for you. 

My opponent was one of our local Retribution players playing a build he's been working on for a little while, and I knew this was going to be a rough match up... so a great stress test for this new Reznik build! 

The Reznik build I played is this: 

Servath Reznik, Wrath of Ages - Creator's Might
-Templar x2
-Scourge of Heresy
Vessel of Judgement
Visgoth Juviah Rhoven and Honor Guard
Wrack x3
Vassal Mechanik x3
Vassal of Menoth x2
max Choir of Menoth
The Covenant of Menoth

My opponent was running Issyria. 

Issyra, Sibyl of Dawn - Defenders of Ios
Arcantrik Force Generator
max Houseguard Halberdiers w/Officer and Standard + Soulless Escort
Stormfall Archers
Ghost Sniper x2
Houseguard Thane
Arcanist Mechanik x2

This was going to be a harsh fight and I knew it, but it was a good place to stress test what this list is capable of. Luckily I have the tools to keep Blinding Light off my Vessel, but... it's a lot of nasty magical guns that can seriously hit hard. I do have shield guards, but with the sheer output of some of these guns, they won't last long. 

Our scenario today was Standoff. Just want to take a moment to note I *really* like this scenario, it's super interesting, and was a huge part of how this game played out. 

I won the roll off but opted to go second; I'm eating a nasty alpha strike either way and am not really fast enough to gain a whole lot of ground, I figure I'd take better terrain for myself and get the opportunity to score early. 

Retribution Deployment

My opponent deployed Hyperion to my left, the Halberdiers and Thane next to Hyperion, Hemera (played today by Imperatus while Hemera is being painted) next to them, the AFG to my right from Hemera, then the Stormfalls and Snipers to my right. The support and Issyria hung out in the back. 


As noted above, Imperatus is playing the role of Hemera.

As noted above, Imperatus is playing the role of Hemera.

Protectorate Deployment

My Indictor started out on my left (played today by Eye of Truth, apparently it's super powered character 'jacks pretending to be other 'jacks day), then from left to right my Vessel, Scourge of Heresy, the Book, a Templar, Reznik, and my last Templar. All the support basically packed in the center behind the front line, the Hierophant off to my right, and a Vassal on either side of the army. My Wracks spread out to be useful anywhere I needed them.

And on my side, Eye of Truth is acting as an Indictor.

And on my side, Eye of Truth is acting as an Indictor.

Retribution Turn 1: 

My opponent outthreats me by a planet and a half so... prepare to see an army cruise up the table. The Halberdiers advance move up. Issyria casts Inviolable Resolve on his Halberdiers; obviously I have Spellpiercer but he figures he may as well make me cast it and really if my heavies hit them, they're dead anyway, even Scourge of Heresy's purgation or not. Mostly his stuff just runs forward, his Halberdiers getting Desperate Pace and entering shield wall. Between Desperate Pace and Reposition, they're all up in my face at this point but just out of range to where I can really do anything about it. I've designed this list to eat a hit and retaliate, so... time to move in to some threat ranges. 

Speedy elves! Dirty, speedy elves!

Speedy elves! Dirty, speedy elves!

Protectorate Turn 1: 

I have Lamentation on myself from deployment, I didn't bother putting Death March up. I don't really have a target for it. Scourge of Heresy gets fully loaded. For the most part I just run, the Templars and Indictor moving as far forward as possible and the Book calling Power of Faith before moving forward and repositioning even further. This lets it screen Scourge of Heresy a little, the one 'jack I'd prefer not to be eating charges from Halberdiers. 

This turn was my first huge mistake. Good to get those out of the way turn 1! I didn't handle my Choir well and none of my 'jacks received a hymn. I figured I didn't really need it, since she has no spells to cast on me that matter and basically all of his guns are magical... but my Templar that entered the trench on the right is in range of all of his non magical guns. This was seriously just a complete failure of doing what I was supposed to do and it's not a mistake I'll likely make again. 

Slow menites... slow, slow menites...

Slow menites... slow, slow menites...

Retribution Turn 2: 

I've played against a *lot* of Issyria in my Warmachine career. I figure I know how much this is going to hurt but... well, it ends up a bit worse than I hoped. 

He upkeeps Inviolable Resolve and the Hyperion gets loaded up. Issyria activates, moves around a bit, and feats. The Stormfalls and Ghost Sniper do enormous damage to the Templar on the right in the trench, damage that would have been avoided. I mistakenly think his Cortex is out even though it isn't, and this comes into play on the next turn. 

The Halberdiers charge the Templar in front of Reznik and nearly wreck it. Between Hyperion and the AFG, that Templar is finished off and the Indictor takes some serious damage. I lose one of Rhoven's guards to a shield guarded shot, as well as losing a Mechanik to the Starburst Cannon's AOE moving. Hemera moves up and puts a chunk into my Templar in the trench as well before moving back behind the forest with Reposition. 

Oh, a bunch of halberdiers under Issyria killed one of my heavies, definitely haven't experienced that eight thousand times.

Oh, a bunch of halberdiers under Issyria killed one of my heavies, definitely haven't experienced that eight thousand times.

Protectorate Turn 2: 

Well, I've got a busted up Templar, who has a working Cortex but I thought he didn't so he doesn't power up, and a fairly damaged Indictor. Luckily I should be able to remove the Houseguard pretty easily. My objective repairs the Indictor a couple of points.

I upkeep Lamentation and load up Scourge to maintain his Arcane Vortex. The Book puts up Power of Faith and walks towards the left zone, using reposition to start contesting that side. Scourge charges the Halberdier Standard, who doesn't have Set Defense, and it gives him the right angle to get two Halberdiers from the ones that charged the Templar as well as the Standard, another Halberdier, and the Soulless Escort. His Thresher wipes them out pretty easily. Reznik feats and moves forward, and between his mount, his first initial, and his feat, kills every Halberdier in the zone. Scourge uses his Bond to move back, out of melee charge range of Hyperion, and Reznik repositions back to avoid the range of the AFG. 

The Vessel activates Bonds of Faith, repairing a few points on the Templar and Indictor, then shoots and kills the Halberdier officer standing out on his own. One Vassal runs to the right zone, standing in the trench and contesting that side. My Mechaniks repair damage in a few places, the Indictor and Vessel getting fixed up a bit. Choir does Passage on my 'jacks, Rhovens boys run around to get better shield guard angles, and I pass turn. We both score 1 point on our respective rectangular zones. 

The Battalion of Bling holds strong!

The Battalion of Bling holds strong!

Retribution Turn 3: 

Basically just continuing a hail of gunfire here. Ghost Snipers move to shoot at Rhoven's guard on the right. One rolls a snake eyes, the other puts 3 damage into him. Stormfalls aim and the first one instantly rolls the hard 9 he needs to hit my Vassal in the trench, killing him. Another kills Rhoven's guard, the others fail to do anything. 

Issyria swings out to the left and casts Admonition on herself. The AFG and Hyperion shoot Scourge of Heresy to death through my one shield guard. Huzzah for huge damage rolls. Hemera just chills behind the forest, waiting to come out and do work later. My opponent has potent activations, but few, so his turns are pretty quick to explain. He ends his turn, scoring the right zone and we both score our rectangles again, making the score 3-2 in his favor.

Come closer, elves, I want to hit you flails!

Come closer, elves, I want to hit you flails!

Protectorate Turn 3: 

Time for Reznik to go mess some people up. I remember my Cortex is online on the Templar this time, thankfully. I drop Lamentation; where Reznik is going, he's never going to be anywhere near Issyria anyway. Neither of my 'jacks will be making attacks anyway, so I don't allocate them anything. My objective repairs up the Indictor some more.

Goal here is to clear the Stormfalls and Ghost Snipers, so Passage isn't really necessary. The Templar runs to just out of Hemera's sight on the opposite side of the forest. The Indictor just scoots around a little, staying just out of charge range of the Hyperion. The Vessel moves up and puts two shots into the Hyperion, as well as healing the 'jacks around it again (admittedly it did this before the Templar moved, so it repaired a few.) It removes Hyperion's shield and does a couple points of damage to the actual body. 

My Mechaniks continue working on the Indictor, who is actually back into pretty good shape. The Book cries Lawgivers Creed and walks towards the trench in the left zone, repositioning to get into it. Reznik receives Harmonious Exaltation from the Hierophant, pulls off the Wrack on the far left, and charges his Stormfall Archers. When he gets there he drops a Flesh is Weak on the clump just out of his melee range, Cursing the unit first but misses anyway. The deviation lands on all three, but one survives. He kills the other archer with his melee attack, buys one into the ghost sniper in his melee and kills him, and repositions to be out of the AFG shot range as well as engaging the other sniper. 

My Choir moves off to the left. Unfortunately my Indictor is out of my control area now and is relying on my remaining Vassal to give him focus to do anything. This was a bit of a mistake but... ah well. I end my turn, both of us scoring our rectangular zones again, making is 4-3 in Retribution's favor.

Seriously though, the book in a trench against this few attacks is stupid.

Seriously though, the book in a trench against this few attacks is stupid.

Retribution Turn 4: 

Things aren't going well for me, but I've managed to take over a portion of the board and, frankly, he's never removing the book from that trench so feeling pretty alright. 

Issyria moves away from the Book and casts Crusaders Call for the fully loaded Hyperion to charge my Vessel. He kills it with a focus to spare but doesn't have range on anything else. The AFG puts two shots into my objective, which Hemera moves to shoot and finish off, scoring him a point. Hemera repositions back behind the forest. 

He ends his turn and scores his zone, and I score none, bumping him to 5 points and leaving me at 3. 

Unfortunately I miss a picture on this turn. 

Protectorate Turn 4: 

Time to see what we can do to the Hyperion. The Templar gets loaded up, and a Vassal hands a focus to my Indictor. Rhoven scoots up and kills his remaining Stormfall with his AOE. Reznik casts Boundless Charge on the Templar and kills the Ghost Sniper, repositions closer to the AFG in a bid to get him into the action next turn. 

My Templar charges, doing actually fairly good damage to Hyperion given that I didn't have Battle on him. He also engages Hemera. My Indictor moves up, forgetting to sing Battle entirely (mistakes, mistakes), and swings with his sword twice, rolling snake eyes on one hit roll, and of course smacking it with the shield. Hyperion is actually on pretty low boxes, with a broken left arm, and neither Arcanist has range to repair it. 

The Book continues its press into enemy lines, repositioning even deeper to make sure the Arcanists can't Concentrated Power the Hyperion and Issyria has to move in a pretty wild direction to actually cast any spells at this point. We actually have quite a laugh about the Book in this one, he just keeps going deeper and my opponent just doesn't have the attacks to do anything about it. 

My Choir all charge Hyperion because they had nothing better to do, and most of them miss. My Mechaniks hang back, ready to repair the Indictor some more (who actually is back to full boxes.) With a broken arm and no concentrated power, the colossal is unlikely to actually finish out the 'jack so I need to be able to get its systems back online. We end the turn, he scores in his rectangular zone, I score the circular zone, making the score 6-4. 

It looked like it was going so well, too... well, not really actually.

It looked like it was going so well, too... well, not really actually.

Retribution Turn 5: 

Well, this is the end, unfortunately. The long and short of it is Reznik gets shot to death through 5 focus. The AFG does tremendous damage, the Hyperion gets three shots on its good arm's gun. The Hyperion does have to take a free strike from the Indictor to get into range, but I roll the wrong column to take out the Generator or right arm. It requires Issyria's ancillary attack to finish him out, so it only just barely worked out for him. If that had failed, Reznik rushes back into my own backfield to heal himself with focus and get healed by the Hierophant while my two remaining heavies clean up the table. 

This was going to be a rough matchup, and it wasn't made any easier by my opponent's very good damage rolls on my heavies (even with the feat, we saw a couple 16s and 17s appearing on those dice). My Indictor rolling snake eyes on the Hyperion was bad, especially given that he had to take a free strike to get there and likely would have lost an important system en route had I had that extra damage on him. I mad some mistakes that I doubt I'll make again. That said, it was a tough matchup and I made an interesting game of it; it was actually quite down to the wire as he went for the assassination, as it was going to hit a point very quickly where Reznik was just running the table. Seriously great game, one of the most technical and interesting I've played in a while. 

I adore this list. It's my first time piloting it and it's not easy; it runs much more of a support bloat than I typically allow my lists to, but it works out pretty well and I kind of need it to have all that redundancy. It's meant to deny spells and shooting very well while being quite tough and effective to melee, but unfortunately such a barrage of high powered magical guns is rough to fight through. 

Thanks for reading everyone, I'll see you next time!