Battle Report 125: The Wanderer (Menagerie) vs. Thyron


I forgot to take pictures of my game with the Dreamer, but suffice to say that Skin and Moans with Manifest Destiny and cover on the way in thanks to Artifice of Deviation is really strong. 

For my final game at Lock and Load, I got to play into one of the original members of the Eastern Washington Meta who moved ti Philly a couple years ago. 

He had also made it to day two of Masters (!!!) and was trying out this Thyron list as a potential pair for his Ravyn list. 

The Wanderer (Menagerie)
- Skin and Moans
- Skin and Moans
- Skin and Moans
- Cage Rager
- Crabbit x2

Death Knell

Glimmer Imp
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm
Karianna Rose

Twilight Sisters
Dread Rots (min)

- Fane Defender
- Banshee
- Banshee

Mage Hunter Assassin
Mage Hunter Assassin
Lys Healer

Spears of Scyrah
Dawnguard Sentinels
- CA
- Soulless
Mage Hunter Infiitrators

I choose the Sacrifice and Pandemonium Arcana for this matchup in addition to the Wanderer's Trump Card.

I lost the roll off (bad news) and go second on Outlast. 


Retribution turn 1:

Everything runs at me. Assail goes on the right hand Banshee and Storm Rager goes on Thyron. 


Grymkin Turn 1:

I literally cannot do anything about the Mage Hunter Assassins, they're going to get at me no matter what. 

So instead of worrying I just run stuff up. Big mistake here - I forgot that Thyron's feat gives Side-Step and so I make a nice daisy chain of Dread Rots for his Banshee. 

The Wanderer puts Star-Crossed up and casts a Veil of Mists to stop the left Mage Hunter from charging my heavies.


Retribution turn 2:

My opponent swaps Storm Rager over to the right Mage Hunter and Feats. 

The Banshee side steps into the Death Knell, but it misses one of its attacks thanks to Star-Crossed and leaves the engine on about 6 boxes. 

Both Mage Hunters charge it, but one misses, again, thanks to Star-Crossed and the other does two damage. 


Everything else just runs up. 


Grymkin turn 2:

I have to contest the left zone or I'm in trouble. 

Star-Crossed goes up as does Veil of Mists to protect my caster.

The Wanderer moves around and sprays the Banshee, which dies between some Dread Rots and a fully loaded, Enraged Skin and Moans. 

I kill both Mage Hunters super dead, including the Cage Rager charging into the cloud. 

I contest the left zone with some spread out Gremlin Swarms and the right with Swarms and some dudes. 

I forgot to take a picture of this turn apparently :/


Retribution turn 3:

The Spears clear the swarms in the left zone, and I trigger Sacrifice off of one of them. 

He charges in with Sentinels but Star-Crossed limits what he can do to my Skin and Moans and I don't really care about the other things. 

The Infiltrators charge the Cage Rager, but between Star-Crossed and being dice off ten, he only takes a few points. 

Thyron moves into the left zone with Storm Rager up and scores two. 


Score: 0 - 2
Advantage Retribution

Grymkin turn 3:

I have to leave one fury out there, and it stays on the Skin and Moans because I have to get my Cage Rager into the zone. 

Fortunately, he does not Frenzy and we are off!

The Wanderer casts Lurker for free and sprays down the Infiltrators in front of the Rager before casting Star-Crossed and walking to the middle of the table. 

I set up my other Skin and Moans as a counterpunch, and then trample the Rager into the zone, clearing a path for another large base. 

I mess up big time here, as I should have used all three corpses on the central Skin and Moans to heal up and then killed all three Sentinels to get them back, but I forget he can do that so he just casts Lurker, kills all three, and then walks into the left zone. 

The Death Knell moves up to provide ARM bonuses for everyone.

The other Skin and Moans goes in and kills off Sentinels in the right zone. 

I jump a cheeky Crabbit into the left zone as well.


Score: 0 - 2
Advantage Retribution

Retribution turn 4:

It takes every attack he has besides Thyron and he still can't quite drop the Rager - the thing is really tough!

Thyron moves up and kills both it and the Skin and Moans, but cannot reach the Crabbit and sits there with two focus. 

He tries to charge with his Sentinels, but I play Pandemonium and prevent him from doing that.

I forgot a picture here as well, it was around 2 AM at this point. 

Score: 0 - 2
Advantage Retribution

Grymkin turn 4:

The single Inflitrator blocking my Skin and Moans' charge lane dies to a Crabbit. Skin and Moans gets enraged, and the Wanderer Repudiates Storm Rager off of Thyron and Sprays him with Beacon and Flare.

The Skin and Moans charges in, and at dice plus a bunch puts Thyron down in a couple of attacks. 


A Rich Harvest for the Defiers.....

Post-Game Thoughts:

Star-Crossed plus DEF 13 heavies = I'm in love. 

My opponent and I had a good laugh at a couple of moments as he kept rolling consistently average on 3 dice, but it would be like 6,3,2 and dropping the six. We both decided that this is what true power feels like. 

Out of all the Defiers, I think the Wanderer might be my favorite to play - there are so many options, angles, and cool things you can do, all backed up by Star-Crossed and a nearly invulnerable Warlock.

Also, Beacon and Flare on a very mobile spray is amazing. 

Definitely want to play more of him soon!