Battle Report 126: Old Witch 3 (Bump) vs. Deneghra 1 (50 points)


My meta is slowly recovering from Lock and Load, so I was able to get in a game this week!

I rolled for my Warlock (it's convenient how Grymkin have six of them isn't it?) and ended up with Old Witch 3, which is perfect because I've been considering her seriously for my tournament pairing. 

My opponent has been moving his way up the chain of points and is probably ready to jump from 50 to 75 soon, so we rolled up an SR 2017 Scenario (Outlast II) and I won the roll off to go first!

Deneghra 1:
- Reaper
- Seether
- Deathripper
- Cankerwurm

Bane Lord Tarterus

Bane Knights
Satyxis Raiders

Old Witch 3:
- Gorehound
- Rattler
- Frightmare
- Crabbit x2

Glimmer Imp (free)

- Lantern Man (free)
Dread Rots (max)
Dread Rots (min)
Mad Caps
Mad Caps
Twilight Sisters

Before any helpful Cryx players chime in, we know, he needs the Raider CA and he needs it badly. I'm probably ordering it for him in the next couple of days if he doesn't do it first.

As I said, I won the roll off and opted to go first to ensure maximum EXPLOSIONS from the generated Cask Imps. 


Grymkin Turn 1:

I start things off by running my Gorehound way off to the side instead of Apparitioning my Hollowmen like I was supposed to. 

The Mad Caps advance and spew out some Cask Imps, and I suddenly realize I have a viable way to take the flags without my Glimmer Imp. The Dread rots on that side run up behind them, with the Twilight Sisters in tow. 

On the right, everything runs up basically as far as possible. 

Zevahnna chooses to make her control area 18" this round, casts Windstorm because she doesn't have anything else to do, drops a couple fury and charges his Deathripper. 

The Crabbits run to keep pace. 


Cryx turn 1:

My opponent pushes up cautiously with everything. He runs his Deathripper into the rubble, which we both agreed later was a mistake, and keeps his Raiders back so that I can't shoot them all off the table the next turn. 

Our bystander kept remarking about how many dudes were on the table for fifty points - there are a lot here!


Grymkin turn 2:


Zevahnna pulls her fury and the Cask Imps go to work. I don't quite make it to the Banes with the first one (rolled a one for movement) but the second gets there and blows everything up. 

The third one derps and explodes himself. 

I make more Imps with my Mad Caps, including one on the flag, and I also manage to light the Reaper and a Bane Knight on fire with one of the little Gremlins. I keep my Dread Rots back a bit. I really want Deneghra to be far forward when she feats if she wants to catch everything. 

On the right, my Frightmare kills a Satyxis and corrodes the Cankerworm. 

Zevahnna extends her control range and casts Windstorm again. 

I pass the turn. 


Cryx turn 2:

Fire kills a Bane and dings up the Reaper.

My opponent realizes that his Seether doesn't have a lot of good targets, so he Ghost Walks it and throws it at my Frightmare, killing it extremely dead. 

Cankerwurm sidles up and kills my Glimmer Imp (nooooo, I need to get better at keeping that thing safe). 

On the left, my opponent takes my bait Cask Imp and charges his Banes in with Tarturus behind. 

The Satyxis pile in at the back of the zone, but one charges up and kills the last contesting Hollowman, so my opponent will be scoring a point there while I score on the flag. 

Finally, the Reaper goes in and kills off a couple of guys. I'm pretty sure this was my opponents only real mistake this turn, but it was an important one. 

We both score. 


Score: 1 - 1

Grymkin turn 3:

I respond to violence with violence. 

Zevahnna feats and shoots the Seether, Blinding it and the Satyxis raider. 

She casts Curse of Shadows on it as well, and puts Boundless Charge on the Rattler so I can send him into the backlines if I can clear his path. She also returns the dead Hollowman to play.

The Hollowmen put two man CRAs into the Seether now at dice off 2, nearly killing him. 

Dread Rots charge in and kill the Seether and I get a lucky hit on the Cankerwurm with the third attack that kills his movement system, so he nearly dies too. 

Unfortunately, I've blocked my Rattler off, so he just goes in and kills the Cankerwurm and the Blinded Satyxis. 

I send five Dread Rots into the Reaper and hit one of five attacks, so the Gorehound goes in and rolls some ridiculous damage rolls to leave it on two boxes. 

My central Cask Imp blows up two other cask Imps on a six, and my Mad Cap flame guys continue to rock, killing a Bane Knight and lighting it's buddy on fire with one unit and then killing a Bane and lighting both of his buddies on fire from the second Mad Cap unit. 

The Twilight Sisters bring back a flame guy after moving up and I pass the turn!


Score: 1 - 1

Cryx turn 3:

Fire does not roll out on the Reaper, and it dies. Fire also kills two Bane Knights, but rolls off on the third. 

Deneghra moves up to the flag and Feats before putting Crippling Grasp on the Rattler.

The Satyxis murder the poor beast very dead. 

The Banes charge and kill three Dread Rots, and Tarturus charges in and kills off the Mad Cap boss and a flame guy. 

Finally, the Deathripper charges in at the Cask Imp next to Tarturus and misses his unboosted five, disaster!

My opponent scores another point.


Score: 1 - 2
Advantage Cryx

Grymkin turn 4:

Well it's Deneghra's Feat turn, but she couldn't get any of the Hollowmen or my Gorehound so....time to do things!

I remember to apparate!

My turn starts off with a bang as my Cask Imp explodes and kills Tarterus in a single shot (!!!!!)

Zevahnna aims and chooses range amplifier, Blinding and putting Curse of Shadows on the Deathripper.

The Dread Rots move up and hit all three eights to kill three Bane Knights. 

The Gorehound moves around into the other two Banes' back arcs and kills both of them before sprinting back into the trench. 

Fire Bomb Imps nearly kill the Deathripper (man these little dudes do work) and then one of the Twilight Sisters kills it with a Death Rattle while the other brings back a Dread Rot. 

On the right, Hollowmen CRA down three Satyxis and I send a Crabbit into the fourth but miss. 

I've put a Cask Imp on my flag, so my opponent and I both score a point!


Score: 2 - 3
Advantage Cryx

Cryx turn 4:

My opponent can't contest the left zone, and I simply have too many models in the right hand one to conceivably clear them all, so he goes for the body count moral victory and sends Deneghra into a Dread Rot before Venoming down four more guys. 

Side Note: I forgot Dread Rots have tough this game, they seem way too cheap to have that ability. 

HIs Satyxis kill all but one Dread Rot off and my opponent passes. 


Score: 3 - 3

Grymkin turn 5:

I receive a strong impression that I have a moral imperative to do the Denny 1 pop n' drop on Denny herself, so Zevahnna charges Deneghra, making her spells cost one less. Before she makes her charge attack, she casts Scourge at her, which misses and deviates nothing, knocking Deneghra down. 

A couple of auto hitting stomps from Scrapjack later, and the Cryx Warcaster is dead. 


Victory for Grymkin!

Post-Game Thoughts:

I've been thinking about Old Witch wrong I think. If I just think about her as an anti ranged Blind bot that also lowers ARM, I'm suddenly a lot more interested in what she can do. 

Bringing a 6 DEF and 2 ARM swing in one list is pretty potent, and she can attrition really well with good recursion. 

Now....Mad Caps...holy smokes did I undervalue these guys when I looked through the faction the first couple of times. The more I play with them (this is game #2), the more I think they're like slightly more flammable Sentry Stones that also give out Stumbling Drunk (which combos with Tough on the Dread Rots if you remember that they have tough). 

Suffice to say, I will be buying more Cask Imps and playing Mad Caps in every Bump list I can think of....