Battle Report 127: The Dreamer (Menagerie) vs. Magnus 2 (Kingmakers)


I've been painting up a storm (check out the gallery!) to get one of my Grymkin lists fully painted by the Mox Invitational on August 12th and both of them painted by Warmachine Weekend in November. 

I decided to paint up my Dreamer list first since, honestly, it has about 1/6 the number of models in it that my Old Witch list does. 

Yesterday, I drove out to Spokane to get a bunch of games in, and the first one was against Magnus 2 in the Kingmaker Theme - a first for me! 

I played Dreamer because I wanted to play with painted stuff, and off we went!

The Dreamer
- Skin and Moans
- Skin and Moans
- Cage Rager
- Gorehound
- Rattler
- Crabbit x2

Death Knell

Karianna Rose
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm

Dread Rots (min)
Dread Rots (min)
Twilight Sisters

Magnus 2
- Nomad
- Nomad
- Nomad
- Renegade

Kell Bailoch (proxied by Saxon)
Raluk Moorclaw
Orin Midwinter

Long Gunners
- CA
- Ca
Boomhowler and Co. 



We rolled Breakdown for our Scenario. I chose the Pandemonium (Cancel an order given or received in your Warlocks Control Range) and Sacrifice (if a Friendly Faction model is destroyed by an enemy model in my control, remove all damage from Friendly Faction models in control) Arcana in addition the Dreamers' trump Arcana All Fall Down (When an enemy model disables a friendly faction model with an attack, the enemy model is knocked down) and I won the roll off, opting to go first to ensure I didn't get ambushed on before my second turn and to make certain that I didn't get locked out of the Scenario. 



Grymkin turn 1:

Dreamer does Dreamer things by casting Mirage on a Skin and Moans and then putting Artifice of Deviation out and charging into it. (Take that Issyria, gunfighter lets you charge!)

Everything else basically runs up, with the Gremlin Swarms sticking around three beasts to Serenity off the extra fury for the next turn. 

I deliberately start moving everything centrally so that I can avoid Boomhowler charges in the next couple turns. 


Mercenaries turn 1:

The Trenchers do their thing and make a cloud wall connected with the central building on both sides. 

Magnus casts Escort and his jacks all move up the field aggressively. The Long Gunners run up behind the left zone. 



Grymkin turn 2:

I need to get into the zones and try and stay there. Fortunately, my opponent has but three magical damage sources in his list - Magnus himself, Kell Bailoch, and Orin Midwinter.

With that in mind, Fury is Serenitied and Leached, Mirage is upkept and triggered,  and Artifice of Deviation is dropped. I start things off with the Gorehound charging the far left Trencher, whiffing his charge, forcing a successful tough check with his bought attack, and then having to buy an attack to kill the Trencher since he couldn't sprint anyway. I make a small Phantasm out of him.

Dreamer moves up and casts Artifice of Deviation in a new spot over herself. 

Both Skin and Moans make a beeline for it after the Dread Rots charge up and get a successful kill on one Trencher. 

The Second Skin and Moans pulls the Corpse off that Dread Rot after advancing into the zone. 

My right hand Gremlin Swarm goes and chills out behind the forest, and I put two others into the left zone, one base to base with a Nomad. 

The second Rot unit runs up and surrounds my Rattler (spoiler: big placement errors here).

I pass the turn with everything that I care about outside of charge range from ambushing Boomhowlers, and with the Dreamer outside of run and Cacophany Boomhowlers. 


Mercenaries turn 2:

As expected, Boomhowlers Ambush and on the other side of the table, my Gorehound dies horribly. 

Kell puts a shot into my Skin and Moans, which I Shield Guard. He puts a big CRA into the Skin and Moans as well, but it only does 6-7 damage. 

Trenchers move around and take potshots at Dread Rots (I remembered they have tough this game!).

Orin moves up and Chain Lightnings the Gremlin Swarm, only to have the lightning bounce back into him and kill him too!

Edit: Apparently this isn't how that spell works - the spellcaster cannot have it bounce back to him/her so Orin should have lived through this.  

Magnus moves up and feats, choosing both left and right table edges in a move I had NOT anticipated. 

Boomhowlers scream Call of Defiance and run at me. 


Grymkin turn 3:

Even with only the ability to go straight forward and back, I think I have an angle. 

Dreamer upkeeps both spells and goes Incorporeal. The Skin and Moans Mirages up. 

Dreamer activates and tries to Abyssal Gate the Nomad, but fails to break armor at dice off 9. Crap. 

I have a way to take the right zone, but it relies on killing two of my own Dread Rots to allow my Rattler to get out of the way of the other one and to make it so the whole unit could get in the zone. 

Crabbit kills the back one, and a Death Rattle from a Twilight Sister kills the other. Sadly, the other Death Rattle from the other Twilight Sister misses the Boomhowler, so the plan is off. 

The Dread Rots still Press Forward and kill the contesting Trencher, but can't do much else. 

I bunker up with contesting Gremlin Swarms ensuring I'm not losing on Scenario, and the Death Knell gives two Corpses to the likely to be attacked Skin and Moans. 



Mercenaries turn 3:

The Nomad goes into my Skin and Moans but DEF 13 is hard for MAT 6 and he misses 2/5 of his attacks and only half kills it. 

The Rifle Corps CRA the Cage Rager, which I Shield Guard to a Crabbit. The poor thing dies and I trigger Sacrifice to heal my army up to full again. 

Boomhowlers come in, killing both Twilight Sisters and singing Cacophany, as well as dinging up my Rattler a bit. 

The Trenchers continue to miss my Dread Rots with cover and that's the turn. 


Grymkin turn 4:

First things first, that Boomhowler has to die. Dreamer upkeeps Artifice.

Fortunately, in order to get close to the Dreamer, he is within walk range of a Skin and Moans, who kills him and three of his friends. 

The Dreamer activates and casts Manifest Destiny and heals the Rattler's busted Mind. 

The Rattler then tears through the entire Boomhowler unit thanks to Manifest Destiny and the Entropic Aura on the Death Knell preventing tough. I make a Pumpkin Phantasm out of the last one and overtake so the Rattler isn't facing anything to attack. 

Skin and Moans kills his Nomad just fine. 

I put a Gremlin Swarm into the other one and do five to it. Karianna Enrages the Cage Rager, who goes in and murders the unfortunate Nomad. 

I screw up and move my remaining Crabbit away from the Dreamer, and put my other Gremlin Swarm between the Nomad and my Cage Rager.


Mercenaries turn 4:

I'd forgotten about the Renegade, and because I haven't yet put an arc on the Dreamer, my opponent gets to call if he's in back arc (my rule) which means even with cover, he only needs a 13 to hit her with a KD gun. 

Fortunately, he misses. 

Magnus tries to Calamity her through the Renegade and also misses, and my opponent concedes at this point. 


Victory for the Grymkin!

Post-Game Thoughts:

I'm still forgetting little rules (like being able to heal from Corpse Tokens), but the army is getting more comfortable every time I play it. 

That being said, it's still a much more complicated beast to play than basically any other faction I've played to this point, with order of activations being massively important, triggers off of nearly every single model, and needing to constantly pay attention during my opponents turn for Arcana. 

I'm loving how immune to guns this army feels (DEF 17 Skin and Moans is...very strong) and I also really like Manifest Destiny. 

I'm excited to remember to put the big Phantasm into play (sighhh), and I've yet to use her gun because she's always hiding, but I love, love, love the Dreamer and I'm excited to play more with her. 

As for Magnus, man that's a feat, and ambushing Boomies are very strong. I like that list a lot, it's probably the coolest theme force design prior to Disciples of Agony, and I hope more like it come out in the future.