Battle Report 115: Karchev, the Terrible (Jaws of the Wolf) vs. Lord Kozlov


I ran a small, high buy-in tournament last weekend, and while that was going on I was able to finish up assembling my small Khador force (man do extreme juggies take some time to put together!). 

After the event, I was super excited to be able to get in a game with the Karchev version of the list. I know it's not optimal, the Kodiaks should probably be something else, but I only bought 8 heavies so enh. 

- War Dog
- Juggernaut
- Juggernaut
- Kodiak
- Kodiak
- Kodiak
- Marauder
- Marauder
- Marauder

Forge Seer
Forge Seer
Widowmaker Marksmen



- Juggernaut
- Juggernaut
- Marauder

Man O' War Kovnik
Man O' War Kovnik
Man O' War Drakhun
Man O' War Drakhun

Man O' War Shocktroopers
- CA
Man O' War Shocktroopers
- CA

I super love my opponents list, and I will probably eventually pick it up for the inevitable Man O' War theme force if Strakhov 2 can't pull me in. 

I lost the roll off and took the side without the scads of rough terrain. 


I've gotta tell you, it's a pretty amazing feeling to be able to fit 8 heavies into a list.

Kozlov turn 1:

Everything runs. Drakhuns run, Kovniks give out Desperate Pace and the Shocktroopers run, the jacks run, and Kozlov puts out Tactical Supremacy on the left Shocktroopers and Chosen Ground on himself before moving up. 

Side note - I love that spell. 

The rubble and puddle are slowing his right side though, as will the forest....

I was holding a 7.5 month old baby for some of these pictures, hence the blurriness...


Karchev turn 1:

This is a super simple turn. 

The Jacks all run, Karchev casts Battle-Charged and tramples up, and the solos all run. 

The Widowmakers back up to 14 inches from their Drakhun and shoot it four times, and the Marksman shoots his Drakhun from behind the wall and does three damage to it. 


Kozlov turn 2:

He can't really sit back, so in come the guys!

Kozlov feats and moves up. The Jacks run in and many of them get Counter-Charged. 

His left Shocktroopers get Desperate Pace and move up, also getting Counter-Charged once. 

His left Drakhun charges the Marauder for decent damage, and that's basically that. 


Karchev turn 2:

This turn gets real complicated, I wish I had taken more pictures. 

Karchev drops Battle-Charged and focus to the Kodiaks on the right. 

He goes first, moves up, FEATS and casts Road to War. 

The right hand Marauder moves up and Smites the Juggy into the other Juggy for considerable damage.

The Forge Seers give each Kodiak that was allocated one a final Focus.

The middle Kodiak moves up and wails on the hurt Juggy and kills it, triggering Road to War somewhere. The other Kodiak charges in on the remaining Juggernaut, engaging the Drakhun so no counter charge. He beats on the Juggy a bit, throws it into the Drakhun, and then beats on it some more. 

On the left, the Marauder moves around and slams the Drakhun into the wall. The central Juggernaut charges in and kills off the dismount. Jacks kill off a few Shocktroopers in the middle, and the Widowmakers move back and put shots into one of the right hand Shocktroopers. 

Feeling pretty good here, so I pass the turn .

The Black Juggernaut is where the black proxy base is.

The Black Juggernaut is where the black proxy base is.


Kozlov turn 3:

The battered Shocktroopers and warjacks fight back, but there aren't enough attacks out there, and most of them are PS 14 into ARM 20. Shocktroopers push in on the right, and Kozlov wisely stays behind the house. 


Karchev turn 3:

A series of Road to War triggers allows me to kill the objective and the Kovnik and the contesting Shocktroopers. 

I put the Juggernaut into one of the right hand Shocktroopers and the Widowmakers continue their barrage. 

The enemy Juggernaut goes down, and the enemy Marauder is on about half boxes. 

I score two points....wait...two points...sighhh. 

Okay yeah I counted this as one point, this is what happens when you play after running a tournament guys. Ah well. 


Score: 1(2) - 0
Advantage Karchev

Kozlov turn 4:

Desperation time, Kozlov charges my Kodiak so he can get range to put Fury on the Shocktroopers, who still bounce off the Juggernaut. 

I score another point, and should be at three but count it as two. 


Score: 2(3) - 0
Advantage Karchev

Karchev turn 4:

I don't realize that I literally just need to run Karchev into the zone to win here, so instead I engineer a way to get Kozlov back to where Karchev or someone else can kill him. 

Kodiak tosses him, Marauder slams him, and all the while my damage rolls are abysmal. 

Karchev charges in and misses all three attacks (thanks Chosen Ground). 

Feeling very scared, I run the War Dog up and pass, going to 4 but in game as 3. 


Score: 3(4) - 0
Advantage Karchev

Kozlov turn 5:

Kozlov drops everything and cranks some damage rolls, leaving Karchev on about 10 boxes. The dismounted Drakhun can't finish the job, so I score again and get to breath a sigh of relief. 


Score: 4(5) - 0
Advantage Karchev

Karchev turn 5:

Not messing around, a Jugger runs behind Kozlov, and the Marauder slams him into it, killing him instantly. 


Victory for the Khadoran Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

This list is freaking hilarious. I threw or slammed things between three and six times EVERY turn. Chucking and slamming heavies into buildings might be my new favorite past-time. 

Also, this list takes a ridiculous amount of punishment, and it hits like a freight train. 

Note to self - there's a reason you never go for caster assassinations with you caster in tournaments unless there isn't another choice - they never work. 

Thanks for reading folks, there'll be more sweet Khador stuff coming mixed into the Circle, Menoth, and (hopefully!) Grymkin over the next few months :)