Battle Report 129: Old Witch 3 (Bump in the Night) vs. Old Witch 2


I always expected Old Witch 3 to be a slightly better infantry caster, simply because she helps deliver piles of dudes into guns. 

That being said, when my good buddy Adam decided to drop Old Witch 2 into me and proudly announced that his Old Witch had the only gun in the army, I did a double take because I mostly expected to see her in Winterguard Kommand. 

Then he showed me his list, and all of a sudden I was very, very afraid. 

Old Witch 3 (Grymkin)
- Skin and Moans
- Gorehound
- Gorehound

Death Knell

Cask Imp x2
Lord Longfellow

Neigh Slayers
Dread Rots (max)
Dread Rots (min)
Mad Caps
Mad Caps
Twilight Sisters

Old Witch 2 (Khador)
- War Dog
- Ruin
- Marauder

Saxon Orrik
Lord Rockbottom
Lady Hawk

Alexia and the Risen
Press Gangers
Press Gangers

I lost the roll off (eek) and chose the table edge without the house/wall thing so my Old Witch could freely roam the table. 


I was letting a buddy of mine borrow my E.G.M. (Explosion Gaming Models), so the Mad Caps are the green proxy bases with the Hollowmen for Imp buddies, and the Cask Imps are Murder Crows. They'll get replaced about turn two as my friend finished up his game. 

Khador turn 1:

Everything runs at me. Turns out, Doomreavers and Press Gangers are speed six units for some unearthly reason. 

Alexia runs up behind, and the Old Witch casts Windstorm after choosing to increase her control area size to 18 inches and charges at a Piggyback. I almost forgot to include Longfellow and the two Witchwoods in my list at the beginning of the report since they did so little thanks to that spell. 


Grymkin turn 1:

I can get a couple of shots in this turn but skirting the Old Witch's control area. My left Witchwood ports up and takes control of a Doom Reaver, walks it back, and has it kill a buddy. Sadly, Berserk only triggers on combat action or this would have been a very fun turn for me. 

The Mad Caps make Cask Imps like crazy after I move them backwards. These two units are the most important ones on the table for me, being the only way I can really compete with his recursion and amount of guys. 

Zevahnna chooses to increase her control range, moves up to just outside of 18 of the other Old Witch, casts Windstorm herself, and then shoots a blind shot at 5-6 pirates on the left. Respawn goes onto the Skin and Moans.

Piggybacks run up, as do the Neigh Slayers and Gorehounds. 

I keep the Dread Rots way back - I cannot afford to let Doomreavers into their lines or they'll just all be gone. 

The other Witchwood ports to exactly five inches away from my flag in preparation for next turn. 


Khador turn 2:

A single Doomreaver gets into my Witchwood and doesn't quite kill it as it's dice off 6 with ten boxes. 

Alexia had placed a Risen, which she turns into a Thrall Warrior which kills the Witchwood, and the Death Knell takes the Corpse. 

He sends another Doomreaver into my trio of Cask Imps on the right and misses his initial attack, and the Imp on the hill survives a Press Ganger charge. 

Old Witch moves up to her flag, increases her control range, and casts Windstorm.


Grymkin turn 2:

I upkeep Respawn and start the explosions. 

The Cask Imps kill eight ish guys. The Piggybacks Shield Wall up and kill off the things in front of them with the Death Knell backing them up. 

Skin and Moans kills a couple dudes for Corpses. 

Both Gorehounds charge in, kill something, and Lightning Strike out. Longfellow picks a guy off as well. 

My Neighslayers spread out on the right flank, basically telling Ruin that if he comes into the zone he's dying. 

I keep my Dread Rots way back still - there are still Doomreavers left - and I make a pile of Cask Imps. 

My Witchwood takes my flag, and we both score.


Score: 1 - 1

Khador turn 3:

The troops come in. Some Cask Imps die, as expected, and the Doomreavers bounce off the Piggybacks, which was also sort of expected. 

On the right, he gives up any pretense that the Doomreavers will get to do anything against the Gorehounds so they run in. 

Saxon gives the red unit pathfinder and they run/charge in, killing the Witchwood with a pretty spectacular damage roll.

Ruin goes into the zone but out of threat range of the Neighslayers. 

The Old Witch extends her control range again and casts Windstorm once more. 

Hawke runs to engage Zevahnna, along with a few risen. 


Score: 1 - 2
Advantage Khador

Grymkin turn 3:

Time to explode more stuff! Respawn stays up. 

The Piggybacks miss every single attack roll on the Doomreavers, so they can't snack up. 

Zevahnna activates and Feats, casting Lurker for free and killing the engaging models. She Boundless Charges the Skin and Moans and then uses her normal movement to move over. 

She's still not out of range of the Marauder, so she casts Lightning Strike for free and Sprints out of there. 

The Gorehounds and Cask Imps kill a path of dudes, and the Skin and Moans charges Ruin. A couple bad damage rolls and Ruin is left on five. 

The Gorehound that hasn't done anything charges in and leaves him on two - movement and left arm. 

The Neighslayers kill the last Doomreaver and get into the zone to threaten things. 

The Mad Caps move up and make dudes. 

I forgot to take a picture of this turn since we were both on about ten minutes of clock here. 

Score: 1 - 3
Advantage Khador

Khador turn 4:

The Piggybacks refuse to die on the left. He kills my Mad Caps, and they kill about 12 guys with their fiery deaths. One of them goes straight into the left zone and kills off 6 risen and two Doomreavers and forces tough on the other Doomreaver. 

Ruin punches the Gorehound pretty good. 

Old Witch Feats and charges the Skin and Moans, killing him after Blinding him and triggering Respawn

His War Doggy runs up to the flag. 


Score: 1 - 4
Advantage Khador

Grymkin turn 4:

I have a couple of plays here that involve clearing the zone and whatnot, but I can also just kill the other Old Witch.

Skin and Moans shakes Blind. 

The Dread Rots clear out of Zevahnnas way, and she chooses Range Amplifier, Boundless Charges the Skin and Moans and Curse of Shadows the other Old Witch. 

The Skin and Moans charges in and leaves her on a few boxes, so the Neighslayer brigade come finish the job. 

Amusingly, all I would have needed was one Neighslayer and Lord Longfellow (we rolled it out). Man that guy does damage. 


Victory for the Grymkin!

Post-Game Thoughts:

Man that was a grind, the shear amount of recursion on his side and the ridiculous amount of creation on my side. 

Windstorm is a really potent spell, we both cast it every single turn even for the other person's blind gun. 

Sprintwhacking is legit! Had I not had access to that the turn that I did it, I'm not sure my Old Witch survives the next turn. 

Piggybacks can take a serious hit, but hitting interesting. I need to fit a Glimmer Imp into the list I think. 

I found it very amusing that my Dread Rots literally did nothing this game, just hid out in the back as insurance for later. 

My opponent still had 16 infantry left on the table despite me killing 6-8 a turn - that's ridiculous. 

Overall a super interesting game. I absolutely love that Khador list, I might have to try it out myself at some point soon here.