Battle Report 6: Servath Reznik, Wrath of Ages vs. Jaga-Jaga, the Death Charmer

We're back again! Another game in the tank, I'm getting to play more now so hopefully I can get some real practice and learn my lists properly! 

Today I brought out the same Reznik2 build I used in my last battle report, a 4-heavy build featuring the Vessel and a near Convergence-level boat of repairs. 

Servath Reznik, Wrath of Ages, Creator's Might
-Scourge of Heresy
Vessel of Judgement
Vassal of Menoth x2
Vassal Mechanik x3
Wrack x3
max Choir of Menoth
The Covenant of Menoth
Visgoth Juviah Rhoven and Honour Guard

My opponent was bringing a testing iteration of a Jaga-Jaga list he's working on. 

Jaga-Jaga, the Death Charmer, Blindwater Congregation
-Blackhide Wrastler
-Ironback Spitter x4
Bog Trog Mist Speaker
Swamp Gobber Chef
Totem Hunter
min Bog Trog Ambushers
Gatorman Bokor & Swamp Shamblers

My pair was Vindictus and Reznik, and I didn't like the idea of fighting that much magical shooting with the Jaga-Jaga list with Vindictus. Obviously that counters Reznik to a degree as well, but he's more constructed to fight against enemy gunlines with all the shield guards and whatnot. 

Our scenario was once again Standoff, with both of us using the Stockpile objective to try and keep our battlegroup up and running. 

He won our roll off, but looking at the terrain decided to choose sides, giving me a huge forest and pool of water to play in while he got a nice hill and a trench. 

I deployed. This is a nightmare with this list but... we'll talk about that later. My phone is having a really hard time with the deployment photos for whatever reason but... he deployed symmetrically, I deployed with my Vessel on the left, Indictor further to the left, Scourge around the middle, and Templars in the center and right. Support was largely centered. Totem Hunter puts Prey on my Vassal on the right. 

Protectorate Turn 1: 

Luckily, even with Battle Host, I can run my full distance and stay out of his gun range because I'm slow as hell. Lamentation starts on my caster, Death March on Rhoven n Co. Everything runs, keeping the Templars and Rhoven n Co in a spot to shield guard Reznik. This turn takes way longer than it should have... I'm starting to doubt the ability to operate a list this support heavy with two huge bases. But... I digress. 

I don't worry about any choir buffs, nothing has range on me and I'm not too worried about it. Book moves furthest forward. Choir sets up to hopefully actually get their buffs out next turn. 

Moving the support around is seriously a nightmare.

Moving the support around is seriously a nightmare.

Minions Turn 1: 

Jaga-Jaga puts up Battle Host and puts Grave Wind on his Wrastler. That Wrastler is absolutely key to this matchup, he'll never work through my armor without it. 

Mostly everything just runs forward, staying out of my threat ranges. Totem Hunter runs off wide to my right to threaten the Vassal that is his Prey. Ideally he wants to get that guy into my back lines and cause mischief. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...

Protectorate Turn 2: 

Time to... continue durdling around. This list is very slow, but... it's made to just tank a punch and move through it, so it is what it is. My Vessel shoots at one of the turtles. Hilariously, the Admonisher bounces do way more damage than my actual direct hits (I rolled like a 10 and an 11 on damage on the turtle next to my target) even without the ability to boost. Mechaniks fixed it up a little. The Book moved forward and activated Lawgivers Creed, sitting behind a wall and jamming up pretty close. I'm trying to make it difficult to cast Spellpiercer if Jaga wants to actually shoot at my caster or 'jacks. 

Support all gets into position. Again, this turn takes *way* too long. Call it boasting, but I'm one of the fastest players I know of and I'm playing this list excruciatingly slow, the support positioning is a nightmare. We'll come back to this in the conclusion for some ideas on tweaking this list. 

A little less conversation, a little more sitting around in my zone like I haven't even fn moved. Slow list is slow.

A little less conversation, a little more sitting around in my zone like I haven't even fn moved. Slow list is slow.

Minions Turn 2: 

He upkeeps Battle Host but drops Grave Wind; I got Jaga into my control so Lamentation (which was up at the start of the game) would have forced her to drop most of her stack upkeeping both, she opted not to. One of the turtles kills the book over a wall... this was a goof on my part, I thought the book was DEF 12 base so would be kind of irritating to hit over the wall. It is DEF 10. Now I know. 

The turtles then proceed to shoot at support and at my objective. In the end, after shield guards and whatnot, I have a point of damage on one of Rhoven's boys, triggering Vengeance from Death March, and a few points on a Templar. My caster, Scourge, one Templar, one of Rhoven's guys, and the Vessel are corroded, and I want to say I lost a Vassal to the shooting. 

The Wrastler positions on the left... in charge range of my Indictor. Totem Hunter moves up and, his prey out of reach, swings at one of Rhoven's guys on the right. He forgot they have 8 wounds, so his odds to kill are quite poor, and even beyond that he flubs the damage pretty bad and does like 1. Feralgeist continues to be irritating in the right zone. His Ambushers charge in on my right, killing one of my Wracks.

He ends his turn and we both score 1 point, holding the score difference at zero. 

Stupid turtles are just hanging way back and pew pewing. Looks like I'm going to have to come to them. 

Stupid turtles are just hanging way back and pew pewing. Looks like I'm going to have to come to them. 

Protectorate Turn 3: 

I drop Death March, but the Vengeance still triggers, the honour guard smacking Totem Hunter for 6 damage. Not a single corrosion goes out, so everything corroded takes a point (including my objective, which had been shot down to 5 wounds. Start the 5 round clock to a point!)

My goal this turn is to fully load the Indictor and Scourge, use boundless charge on Scourge to send him up the field and kill a turtle behind a wall (Jaga put grave wind on it, so... Purgation is active.) Indictor needs to kill the Wrastler with boundless charge and remove Rage from the field. From there, he's on three turtles with no damage buffs (his feat will be hard to apply with how far back my warriors are) trying to fight a team of shield 'jacks. 

I get Battle onto the necessary 'jacks, load up focus as I said. The Templar on my right kills Totem Hunter, and Rhoven n Co all charge. Only Rhoven really goes anywhere, charging an Ambusher, killing it, and killing another with Battle Wizard. The Vessel puts some damage on the Grave Winded turtle behind a wall, then gets repairs from its mechaniks (it ends with about 2 damage on it).  Reznik gets Harmonious Exaltation and moves into a position to Boundless Charge the Indictor. I then proceed to not put it on Scourge for... reasons? Scourge now can't really get anywhere, so the Templar behind him runs around in front of him, and Scourge scoots up a little for next turn. 

The Indictor charges the Wrastler and leaves it on 2 wounds, which is pretty unfortunate. He takes a free strike on the way from the Ironback, doing a pretty good chunk of damage to his shield arm (though not breaking it.) 

I pass the turn, both of us score our zones again keeping the score difference at zero. 

Indictor... you have failed me! Good luck up there buddy!

Indictor... you have failed me! Good luck up there buddy!

Minions Turn 3: 

Unfortunately for him, my Indictor is all up in his business. With the powerful Consecration ability of the Indictor, he's forced to drop all of his upkeeps, and won't be able to get Rage out onto anything without moving back quite a bit, and he desperately needs it to do the amount of work he has to do this turn. 

The Ironback next to the Indictor opts for a two handed throw, throwing the Indictor towards my Vessel and getting Consecration out of the way. Jaga-Jaga then drops Rage onto both the Wrastler, which she heals to get its aspects back up, and onto the Spitter on the far left. She feats with one choir and one mechanik in her control range. One Spitter shoots at those, killing both mechaniks by the vessel and the choir member in her control, which gets Dark Shroud onto the Vessel and onto Scourge. The Wrastler charges my Indictor and easily kills it. The Spitter on the left charges my Vessel and leaves it on 4 boxes. 

The remaining Spitters shoot at my objective, but it gets shield guarded around. The Ambushers on the right charge, killing one of Rhoven's Guard but leaving Rhoven himself on 1 wound. The Shamblers all run to fill up the field on the left, two of them blocking up charge lanes to his Spitters. He passes the turn and we both score one yet again. 

Alright, enough messing around, it's time to start killing heavies.

Alright, enough messing around, it's time to start killing heavies.

Protectorate Turn 4: 

It's high time we started getting the serious business pieces into the action. 

Firstly, corrosion checks. I pray to Menoth that it goes out on the Vessel... and it does so, keeping it at 4 boxes, which is a *very* significant number. My objective takes a point, down to 3 wounds. Couple other models remain corroded, heavies that take a point. My objective heals up my Templar, getting it back to full. 

I load up the central Templar and Scourge of Heresy. Reznik feats and charges, throwing boundless charge onto both of those heavies before killing one of the Shamblers, blowing it up and killing the one next to it. He repositions back, making sure at the end of the turn he's only in range of a single Spitter, which without Rage is very unlikely to kill him. 

My Vessel then pops Eruption of Faith, rolling a full 3 damage to itself to do so. This is why 4 was important. The Mechanik engaging it from behind via her feat dies, and the Spitter gets shoved back and takes a few points of damage. The Vessel then shoots his Wrastler, hard rolling the necessary 6, then boosts damage with its last hit point to finish the beast off, killing the Wrastler and destroying my Vessel. 

The Templar charges his Spitter behind the wall, which got Curse from Reznik. He kills that Spitter, then Scourge charges the Spitter way up in his zone, rolling awfully but... not really needing great damage anyway. He kills it, and leaves the enemy objective on 5. 

Rhoven and his boys continue to clean up Ambushers, leaving only a single one alive. 

I end my turn, scoring my zone as the 'enemy' choir member is removed, and contesting his zone with Scourge. Finally I'm ahead 1 point. 

Finally, stuff getting done! Three heavies suddenly removed fromt he table, I'm feeling a lot better. 

Finally, stuff getting done! Three heavies suddenly removed fromt he table, I'm feeling a lot better. 

Minions Turn 4: 

The Spitter on the far left charges in on my Templar, getting into his back arc with the angle. He then proceeds to do... not a damn thing. He's dice -4 anyway but even beyond that the dice just utterly fail him this turn. He was already getting behind and the game just decided he wasn't getting back into this one. 

The Spitter on the far right charges Scourge, also proceeding to do next to nothing. Shamblers run around to get in my way. Jaga charges my Templar, using her chain weapon to... tickle him, mostly, but she does get the shield knocked out with her last attack. She casts Grave Wind on herself rather than continue attacking.

The Shambler on the right kills Rhoven. Given that he killed almost the whole unit on his own, I don't feel too bad about it. 

He ends his turn, and all zones are contested. Score remains with me one ahead. 

Rhoven falls to the ambusher horde! Literally nothing else dies though. 

Rhoven falls to the ambusher horde! Literally nothing else dies though. 

Protectorate Turn 5: 

Well, the safe play is to just kill his army and chill. My clock is actually quite low, but my opponent clocked himself last turn so... we're just playing it out from this point. Due to the game sort of already being over, though, we figure hey, let's play it out. 

I load up Scourge of Heresy. He's got charge distance to his caster, I just need to get him cleared up. The Templar and Reznik himself get involved on killing the Spitter engaging Scourge, but Death Rage triggers and I actually don't get to use my Bond. Very weird interaction that I hadn't realized. Reznik blasts the Shambler in the way with The Flesh is Weak, Curses Jaga-Jaga, and gets Boundless Charge onto Scourge (Harmonious, Wrack... it's a lot of focus.) He repositions back a little. 

Scourge charges Jaga-Jaga. Due to Flesh is Weak having to go out, I don't have Spellpiercer, so she's DEF 16. However, I have Purgation and Curse, so I need boosted 7s to hit. I proceed to roll 3, 2, 1 on the charge attack and get Poltergeisted out of melee range of her. Scourge buys an attack on the Mist Speaker and a Shambler, then chills. 

Luckily I'm not actually in any real danger at this point. My Templar smacks the Spitter a couple times and leaves him on next to nothing. My Mechanik runs to be able to fix up the Templar after next turn. I pass the turn, all zones remain contested. 

Why I never go for assassinations. Still, feeling pretty good. 

Why I never go for assassinations. Still, feeling pretty good. 

Minions Turn 5: 

Basically the best he's got here is a charge lane on Reznik with Jaga-Jaga herself. With Poison, she actually can be fairly scary... but with 7s to hit and still being dice -7, it's not great odds. I had dropped Lamentation for the focus a couple turns prior so at least she's got that going for her. 

The Spitter throws my Templar out of the way. Jaga-Jaga casts Ghost Walk on herself and charges Reznik. I have one focus, which reduces her charge attack to 3 damage. She then proceeds to miss or fail to crack armor a lot. 

He passes turn, Reznik does a sideways charge to smack her in the face, and proceeds to one shot her. 

This was before the charge but... you get the idea.

This was before the charge but... you get the idea.


Man, I really like this list. That said, the two huge bases in conjunction with my massive boat of support is *really* hard to work around. 

The earliest version of this list at its conception ran double Redeemers instead of the Vessel. I think the sheer potential of the Redeemers with Reznik's feat just can't be denied, and activating them would just be *so* much easier. Every turn I was forced to move the Vessel to an awkward spot just to get my choir into position. Further, the double Redeemer version cuts out other support to bump the choir to two min units rather than one max unit, which gives a ton more flexibility. 

That said, I've now played Reznik2 into two very magic-heavy gunlines and held up pretty well. I lost one, but I think I'd win if forced to replay that matchup, and all in all the list is performing as desired. Unfortunately its intended targets, casters like Haley2 or lists like Ghost Fleet, are scarce in my area but... we'll get there eventually. I'm probably going to pull out the Vessel and re-work the build to have the Redeemers for next time. 

Thanks for reading everyone!