Old Man Goat: Why Brennos is Awesome




For a very, very long time, Brennos was inarguably the worst Warbeast in the Circle arsenal. He was, as Chandler liked to put it, a mediocre Light Warbeast on a Heavy Chassis for a Heavy's point cost. 

Then mark 3 happened, and everything changed for the Old Man. His Warlock got immeasurably worse, but he got....way better. 

I played Brennos a LOT in my first few months of playing Wurmwood, and I grew to love him in my lists. He has done some pretty insane things for me over the course of the dozens of games I've played him in - everything from killing Defenders Warded warjacks without too much help to combining with Megalith in making Stormwalls into 40 odd points of waste. 

What makes him my favorite piece of Dark Horse tech? Let's go!


There's no way that all fit on one card ->

There's no way that all fit on one card ->

Brennos has pretty average to low stats for a Circle warbeast. He's speed 5, making him one of our slower options, and he's only DEF 11, which combined with ARM 18 means he gets shot to death pretty easily. 

He does have two initials, which ispretty good for a ranged beast, and he critically has pathfinder. 

The final important thing on the front of his card is the Old Man Staff he carries, which is a reach, blessed, PS 16 weapon - this is a big part of why I like him so much, and we will get to that later. 

The back of the card has a lot of really niche abilities, a decent animus, and then....Ravaging Winds

Ravaging Winds is one of the best ranged attacks Circle has as a faction, and even better, it's a spell so it gets around a lot of defensive tech just by that very nature. 

It also, and this is another important note, prevents models that are in it from making ranged attacks.

We will come back to this piece of the card, but a last point I'd like to make is that Brennos has one of the longest range potential throws in the faction, as he can charge a model and boost his horn attacks to try and chuck you from 9 inches away - not bad!

So what?

Well....this all comes together and makes Brennos into one of the more confusing beasts to try and assess. He's not purely a ranged beast, although he does that well. 

He's not primarily a melee beast, although he does that fairly well too. 

He's a very toolbox kind of model, a jack of all trades that still manages to do some cool things. 

For example, Brennos has a similar damage output as a Warpwolf Stalkeragainst enemy models with defensive Upkeeps on them. 

Unbuffed and Warping Strength, a Warpwolf Stalker is MAT 6 and PS 18. Brennos falls two PS short of that at MAT 6 PS 16, but he again has Blessed. 

Into an DEF 12 ARM 18 heavy with Arcane Shield on it, the Warpwolf Stalker will need sixes to hit and be at dice minus three. 

Brennos will need sixes to hit and only be at dice minus two. 

Another good example is Defenders Ward. Against a Reckoner with Defenders Ward on it, the Warpwolf Stalker needs eights to hit and is at dice minus three. 

Brennos only needs sixes to hit (!!!) and is also at dice minus three. 

Against an unbuffed enemy model, the Stalker outputs more damage than Brennos, but the Old Goat starts to pull even or ahead when enemy upkeeps are factored in. 

Primal and Wraithbane mess with the math a little bit, but essentially they bring the two into the same damage tiers against enemy Defensively Spelled Heavies. 

Not bad for a primarily ranged Warbeast right? Add to that that Brennos probably got to contribute a turn of shooting before charging in, and he really starts to get ahead of the Stalker in damage output. 

As mentioned, he is only DEF 11, which makes him a much easier target than a Warpwolf, but in terms of damage output, he's not bad for a ranged heavy. 

A quick recap: Brennos is a 17 point ranged beast that can do nearly as much damage in melee as one of Circle's premier beatstick heavies against ARM and DEF buffed models - I'll take it!

Cool Tricks:

Brennos' Ravaging Winds synergizes incredibly well with Wurmwood's Stranglehold. 

I often pair him with either Megalith or a Woldwarden to go colossal (or battle engine!) hunting. Between the two of them, I have thoroughly neutered Stormwalls, Vessels of Judgment, Conquests, Galleons, Behemoth, and many other such gun platforms for entire games, all while doing 8-10 damage a turn between the two offensive spells. 

With Grayle and Wind Blast, you can lay down a frankly ridiculous area of shooting denial while being fairly safe from reprisal if you use Grayle's feat to move Brennos backwards. 

Kaya 3 makes him (and every other ranged beast we have) even better since he can Reposition 3 inches back after shooting every turn. She also makes him hit harder than any other caster, topping out at an impressive blessed, MAT 11 PS 21.

I've considered taking him with Kromac 1 and 2 as another pathfinder heavy that can be buffed to hit pretty hard, and I've also looked at him with Una 2 a few times as Hand of Fate and Mirage are both spells that he would like to have cast on him. 

Another place I could see him played is with Tanith, as a Shadow Bind gun is nearly as good as Stranglehold against the slew of Battle Engines we are seeing, and the two of them together will tie one down indefinitely.

If you're going to play Morvahna 2 in theme, I'd highly recommend him just for the bond - she really likes to heal a couple of extra damage a turn.

Even on his own, a speed 4 Colossal or Battle Engine (Judicator, Vessel, AFG, Conquest, etc) cannot walk out of his AOE, so they cannot shoot during that turn unless they get a speed boost or can charge and shoot. 

Also, he's essentially a RAT 7 POW 14 boostable gun, and that's a great addition to a Pureblood, Wyrd, Fulcrum Gunline. 


Brennos is a beast that has a confusing pile of rules, but they are, for the most part, good rules, and they can find interesting places to shine. 

He doesn't fit in themes, so he might not see much play because of that, but I absolutely love putting him on the table (seriously, his model is massive and gorgeous) and watching him just confound people. 

Give him a try and let us know how it goes! Hopefully, the Old Man Goat will surprise you!