Battle Report 116 and 117: The King of Nothing (Menagerie) vs. Deneghra 1 (50 points)


Lock and Load is right around the corner, and I for one am very excited about Grymkin. Sure, the aesthetic might not be your favorite, and many of the models don't particularly thrill me, but the more I see the mechanics at work and the more I talk with people who have played with them a lot, the more excited I get about them. 

To that end, I set about to proxy out some games with them before Lock and Load rolls around and I have to embarrass myself in front of lots of good Warmachine players with my total inability to play the (likely) most complicated one in the game. 

Looking at my list now in Conflict Chamber...I am four points short. Ah well. 

King of Nothing (Dark Menagerie) [proxied by Mohsar]
- Crabit x2 (free) [proxied by Shredders]
- Crabit x2
- Gorehound x2 [proxied by War Wolves]
- Rattler [Proxied by Gorax]
- Frightmare x2 [Proxied by Woldwatchers]
- Skin and Moans [Proxied by Warpwolf Stalker]

Gremlin Swarm x2 (free) [proxied by Skinwalkers]
Gremlin Swarm
Kariana Rose [proxied by Bloodweaver Night Witch]

Dread Rots (min) [proxied by Wolves of Orboros]


Deneghra 1
- Seether
- Reaper
- Deathripper
- Cankerworm

Satyxis Raiders
Bane Knights


After seeing his list and the table, I chose the Pandemonium Arcana, which says that if a unit gives or receives an order in my Warlocks control area, I can trigger the Arcana to negate that order and make it so they can only advance and then possibly attack. I figured this was a good way to keep the Banes in check for an extra turn and not have to worry about them. 

I also chose Desolation which allows you to place a 4 inch forest, hill, rubble, burning earth, or acid bath completely in control and not touching a model. The trigger is an enemy model advancing and ending movement in your control range, and I thought that this, in combination with his cloud wall spell and the forest in the middle would be amazing for LoS denial. 

The Kings Trump Arcana is called Taste of Ashes and triggers when a Warbeast gets destroyed. If it is triggered, the d3 closest enemy models take d3 damage, and the same effect happens whenever another Warbeast dies - sacrificing Crabits to kill up to three Bane Knights seems okay.

I was super excited to also get to play with my new Broken Egg Games terrain and zones, and my excitement was undimmed by losing the roll off and going second. I took the side with the better defensive terrain and off we went!


Cryx turn 1:

My opponent has a pretty standard first turn. He runs everything up, but maybe not quite aggressively enough for the battlegroup.


Grymkin turn 1:

Time to do stupid Cloud Wall tricks!

I run everything up, and the King puts out three Clouds to cover my advance. The plan for the next turn is to corrode a ton of Bane Knights with the two Frightmares in the trench and keep his Jacks tied up behind the forest. 


Cryx turn 2:

My opponent piles in cautiously, saving his feat and not really giving me any good opportunities to do much here. At DEF 14, the Satyxis Raiders are too hard to hit for my Rattler to go nuts on, but I do see a way to get my Skin and Moans onto the Seether by charging a Raider. 

The Bane Knights are all bunched up, but the ones in the zone are in cover which is a problem as well. 


Grymkin turn 2:

I get Scything Touch and Enrage onto Skin and Moans and he goes in, missing three of five attacks needing fives and leaving the Seether on two boxes in Cortex and Right Arm. 

The Rattler tries to kill Satyxis but fails. I really needed a Glimmer Imp in this list. 

On the left, my dice roll abysmally but I get a lucky scatter and catch five Knights with corrosion scatters. 

I carefully position Crabits around the King so that he can't get dragged in by the Reaper and run a Gremlin Swarm base to base with both of his heavies. 



Cryx turn 3:

He still has an unfortunate amount of models left, but his Seether is nearly dead and after that and the Reaper (which I plan to tie up with my remaining Gremlin Swarms), it's a lot of infantry for the King to Ashes to Ashes off the table and use his Trump Arcana to kill. 

Bane Knights apparently lost Vengeance, so I don't have to worry about that. Deneghra moves up and I trigger Desolation to put a forest down next to my cloud on the left. 

Deneghra pops her feat and kills the Gremlin Swarm next to her. 

The Seether moves into the Skin and Moans, but can't quite do it with one good arm. He gives the Satyxis Raiders a Press Forward Order which I cancel with Pandemonium. 

Thanks to that, Skin and Moans Survives on two boxes (!!!!), but the Rattler dies. 

I get too smart for myself here and use the opportunity to cast a free spell and Sands of Fate the King to the top left Dread Rot, which is inconveniently inside of the Reapers threat range and also outside of Shield Guard range from any Crabits. 

The Reaper moves up, harpoons the King for box cars damage and then finishes him off with Sustained Attack attacks. 

Yeah...that was not great play on my part there, totally screwed that up. 


I'll have post game thoughts after the second game, because we re-racked and went at it again!

Same lists, same Arcana, and I won the roll this time and opted to go first. 

I apparently forgot to take a picture of my opponents deployment, but it was fairly identical to the last games with the exception of remembering to Advance Deploy Cankerwurm.


Grymkin Turn 1:

Everything runs! The Gremlin Swarms apparate up and run after other beasts to leach fury for me. Scything Touch goes onto the right hand Gorehound and the King puts some clouds down where the Gorehounds are going to go. 


Cryx turn 1:

Stuff runs at me again, with the Satyxis bunching up on the right hand side and the Banes clumping up in little pairs for Wall of Steel. 



Grymkin turn 2:

Time to blow things up! The Frightmares wipe out all but three of the Satyxis Raiders. 

The left hand Gorehound charges and kills a Bane before Sprinting out of there. I put Skin and Moans behind the wall to keep him safe from most things, and the King plops down a couple of clouds to protect the Gorehound. 

I run another Gremlin Swarm up to snuggle close to the Seether and Deathripper. 


Cryx turn 2:

My opponent makes a crucial mistake here and chooses to contest the right zone with his Seether rather than the Satyxis raiders. 

The Deathripper moves out of the way, and Deneghra spends a LOT of focus trying to hit the Gremlin Swarm. 

Seether comes in and murders a Frightmare. 

He moves his Reaper over to draw LoS to my Gorehound and I trigger Desolation to put a Forest between them. 

His Banes shuffle around and contest the zone. 


Grymkin turn 3:

I leave the Forest in play and upkeep Scything Touch again, but I have to cut for two because apparently I can't brain when I'm proxying everything. 

The King casts Hosts of Shadows and makes a cloud to block LoS from the Cankerwurm into my lines before moving up to catch the Seether in his armor debuff. 

Lady Katarina Enrages the Gorehound, but my dice continue to find sixes to hit impossible, so he only connects once. 

Skin and Moans finishes him off easily, and then I send my lights on the left hand side in. 

The Gorehound kills Tarturus with his full stack, and then the Rattler rolls in with the dream of chaining Overtake and Berserk through the whole unit. 

Again, dice are allergic to sixes and I can't hit the Banes. Both of my remaining Gremlin Swarms crowd the Reaper, one even getting to Sabotage him for six damage. 

I rearrange my Crabits so that there are Shield Guards EVERYWHERE the King could go to and pass the turn with a control point.


Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Cryx turn 3:

The Deathripper moves up close to the King. Deneghra pops her feat, Scourges him and Venoms him, but he's still alive and he has no other attacks into him. She also kills off a Gremlin Swarm.

The Banes try and charge but I trigger Pandemonium to stop them, meaning both of my beasts survive. The Reaper kills the Rattler after the Satyxis clear the other Gremlin Swarm off him. If the King wasn't knocked down, I could have cast Sands of Fate to get into the zone and instantly won the game. 

I score another point. 


Score: 2 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Grymkin turn 4:

Scything Touch stays up, the left Gorehound frenzies, and it's a good thing I don't have to get much done because it's Deneghra's Feat turn and that means I won't. 

The King activates, heals the Frightmare that he transferred to, and Sands of Fates to behind the wall. 

The Frightmare half kills the Deathripper with a shot, and then the Gorehound walks into its back arc and kills it before Sprinting out. 

The Dread Rots run up a bit, and I score two more points. 


Score: 4 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Cryx turn 4:

Desperation time. Cankerwurm charges in and nearly kills the Gorehound. The Reaper runs to contest as well. 

Deneghra casts Ghost Walk on the Satyxis and walks into her zone. The Banes kill the Gorehound over there, triggering Taste of Ashe and losing three of them to it, and the Satyxis all run to contest. 


Score: 4 - 2
Advantage Grymkin

Grymkin turn 5:

The Dread Rots finally get to charge something! Unfortunately, they have to deal with the fact that they need sixes and my dice continue to be allergic. I get one hit and it does a good chunk to Cankerwurm. 

The King Sands of Fates up to get everything with his ARM debuff and Ashes to Ashes at a Satyxis and misses his six as well. 

The Gorehound walks behind the two closest Satyxis and kills them before Sprinting back to apply Scything Touch everywhere. 

A Crabit jumps into the remaining Satyxis' back arc, boosts a hit and kills her. 

An Enraged Skin and Moans walks up and two shots the Reaper after missing two attacks, and then buys and boosts a hit into the Cankerwurm to kill it. 

A run a Crabit into the other zone and score to six. 


Victory to the Druidic Defiers!

Post-Game Thoughts:

Well I should probably play at full points next time, but overall I was pretty impressed by the King. His spell list is solid, cloud walls and armor cracking and infantry clear at fury 8 seems really good. 

Skin and Moans could have been two and a half more Gorehounds and I found myself wishing he was. With a 6 ARM swing, the King doesn't really need a heavy that he can't get corpses on easily. 

Being able to choose your Arcana is amazing, I cannot stress this enough. The amount of control I felt like I had over the table was pretty absurd and I am very excited to try all of them out when the time seems right. 

Three more days till I can start building my Grymkin models, I'm having a hard time containing my excitement :P

Thanks for reading!