Tactica Time: Skin and Moans


Most Hordes factions are defined first by their Warlocks and then by their Heavy Warbeasts, and Grymkin are no exception.

Unlike every other faction, however, Grymkin only get two Heavy Warbeasts. Fortunately, both of ours are pretty spectacular once you get them going. 

Let's get to it!

Stats on the Card:

At first blush, the Skin and Moans is a very unimpressive Beast. He's only speed 5, MAT 7 is a pretty nice touch, as is DEF 13. 

His ARM is abysmal at 16, he's only got 28 boxes, and PS 16 isn't even enough to confidently kill Cygnar Lights. He is very cheap at 15 points though. 

The back of his card, and a little insight into the way the faction works, makes him into a powerhouse melee beatstick. 

Skin and Moans can hold corpse tokens, three of them at a time. He can spend one to heal d3 damage, a nice way to regain a crippled system, and he also gains +1 to Strength and Armor for each corpse on him, for a top end statline of DEF 13, ARM 19, MAT 7 PS 19 with 2 inch reach - super impressive for 15 points!

He also has Lurker, which is a fantastic animus. Even if it only gave out pathfinder, this would be worth spending a fury on, but Bushwhack can occasionally break games wide open. 

In addition to this, the Dark Menagerie theme force lets the Skin and Moans start the game with a corpse token on him - very important for both his early survivability and damage output. 

Warlock Synergies:

Skin and Moans fits pretty well with every Warlock we have, but it's difficult to justify taking more than one of them outside of the Menagerie theme force as they tend to have a hard time getting corpses without that starting one or the Death Knell. 

I'm just throwing this out there, Grymkin models synergize with most of the rest of the faction, so this will be a lengthy process. 

The Child:

Skin and Moans works amazingly well with the Child. Field Marshal [Pain Response] coupled with the spell Abuse (Target warbeast gets +2 Strength and Speed but takes d3 damage) means that the Skin and Moans is always getting 5-6 attacks depending on whether or not it needs to cast Lurker. 

Abuse and Enrage from Karianna Rose get the Skin and Moans up to PS 23, and combined with a free charge and the Wrath Arcana giving him an extra fury, a single Skin and Moans has approximately a 70% change to one round two Khador heavies. 

Tantrum further increases the threat range that a Skin and Moans can have to 14 inches, and occasionally putting Discord on a Skin and Moans and sending it into a unit that will no longer be able to charge the intruding warbeast can put you up to a massive attritional advantage. 

The Dreamer:

The Dreamer has a similar toolkit to The Child, in that she has a pair of threat extenders in Mirage and Abyssal Gate, a third threat extender (potentially) in her large based phantasm, and a damage buff in Manifest Destiny. 

She also brings mobile cover to the table, and putting that DEF 13 in cover to DEF 17 against ranged attacks and spells can just completely neuter many factions ability to shoot at them. 

Manifest Destiny is a potent hit and damage fixer, and is one of the main reasons that I prefer her over The Child as it allows her to get lots of work out of multiple Warbeasts in a single turn. 



The Heretic: 

The Warlock least likely to take a Skin and Moans, the Heretic tends to play very infantry heavy in the Bump in the Night theme force without a Death Knell. 

That being said, if you do decide to play him in Menagerie, his Skin and Moans tops out the damage output in the faction when Fury, Enrage, and The Reckoning combine to make the Skin and Moans PS 26. 

The Heretic also doesn't mind having access to Lurker, which is the primary reason I would consider including a Skin and Moans with him. 



The King of Nothing:

Another Warlock I don't expect to see play Skin and Moans very often, the King of Nothing can swing damage by four on his card with Scything Touch and the ability Master of Ruin. Add in Enrage, and his Skin and Moans can hit effective PS 25 no problem. 

The King also provides the Skin and Moans with a way to ignore terrain with Host of Shadows so that he isn't so dependent on his animus to get through forests, charge over walls, or outthreat enemy heavies. 

The cloud wall that the King puts down turn by turn really helps deliver the Skin and Moans as well, and for that reason I could easily see taking a single Skin and Moans in the ADR vanguard as a backline powerhouse. 

The Wanderer:

I really like the Wanderer in Menagerie with multiple Skin and Moans. Star Crossed makes them extremely difficult to remove in melee, and Fog of War making them DEF 15 against shooting is also excellent. 

In addition to the defensive spells, the Wanderer provides a +2 inch threat range extender and -2 DEF debuff on his excellent spray. 

The Wanderer desperately wants the Lurker animus, so I expect to see a Skin and Moans in nearly every list with him for that alone, but he does a lot for the Skin and Moans in return.

The Old Witch:

Skin and Moans loves a threat extension, and Old Witch has Boundless Charge. Skin and Moans also loves a damage buff, and she has Curse of Shadows. She also has a nice way to boost accuracy with her blind gun, and a way to keep him "alive" with Respawn.

I like Old Witch best in Bump in the Night, but I also like to bring one Skin and Moans with her in addition to two Gorehounds - that's 27 points which fills her Warbeast points exactly. 

She really likes having access to Lurker and she often brings a Death Knell to support a unit of Piggybacks so he gets to be ARM 21 quite often. 

Other Models:

There are a lot of other models that like the Skin and Moans in the faction, and they're required to unlock the truly destructive and survivable potential that this model has. 

Death Knell:

Ah yes, the cheapest of the battle engines with the least offensive output. It has a smaller footprint and point cost than a unit of Krielstone Bearer does and it also doesn't have to spend corpses to put out an ARM buff. 

Skin and Moans loves to have this thing around. It collects corpses from friendly and enemy models and gives them to the beast. It makes it harder to kill and it also provides a little backup with a PS 10 finisher weapon. 

If you're bringing a Skin and Moans, you're almost certainly bringing a Death Knell. 

Dread Rots:

The plan for these guys is simple - charge in, get corpses next to an enemy heavy, have a Skin and Moans charge in and collect corpses before the first attack. Simple!

They also provide tasty corpses for the Death Knell on the approach as they get shot or charged. 


Shield guards on the approach, corpses for the Death Knell, and super cheap to boot! These guys will get a dedicated tactica soon, they're incredibly deep. 

Karianna Rose:

Enrage is great, fury management is great and healing is, also, great. This solo should be in your list if you're playing Menagerie, she's amazing alive and she helps your whole army dead. 


Grymkin only have two heavies, but that's honestly all we need. The Skin and Moans hits hard, is accurate, is very survivable and has great threat ranges with most of our Warlocks. 

At 15 points, he feels appropriately costed considering the investment required to make him deadly. He'll die horribly without proper care, but when you put some time and work into him, he'll kill the world.