Trinket Review: Broken Egg Games Grymkin Tokens


We're going to take a look today at the new Grymkin Tokens from Broken Egg Games. I'm going to touch on a bunch of different topics, but the TL;DR is that I love these and I can't recommend them highly enough. 

Before we go any farther, you can find these tokens here, and if you use the code LOS5CODE you will get 5% off!

The Broken Egg Token set comes in at $55.00 (or $52 ish with the discount code!), which is a little bit pricier than the Muse on Minis set at $40.00, and far more expensive than the blank acrylic tokens that Privateer Press sells for you to write on. 

That being said, I think you get quite a bit out of that extra fifteen dollars. 

The first thing you'll notice is that they come in a really nice metal tin with a clear plastic window. This is a great little box for keeping widgets and dice etc. in, but it can also have a few other applications....


Stick something shiny in it, tape it closed, and let your baby rattle around with it for a while as you peel the plastic coating off the acrylic side. 

This is noticeably easier to remove than their previous brown paper shells. 

Also, they come with a really noticeable odor that lingers for 6-8 hours. It's strong, but it also goes away pretty quickly. 

Alright, unboxed, debagged, and peeled - what do you get?


First of all, these are incredibly gorgeous. They look exactly like they came out of the Grymkin Forces book, and through some bit of magical devilry, the purple highlights all seem to glow under light. 

Quick Note: this set does not include corpse tokens. Broken Egg does sell corpse tokens separately however, and they've got single tokens with "3" and "5" on them so you don't have to move a pile o them around with every heavy or with the Death Knell. 

There are a couple of things they did with this set that I absolutely love. 

First of all, let's have a look at the way that Broken Egg Decided to handle Arcana:


Instead of just getting three "Arcana" tokens, they've instead made a modular piece that you can attach any of the fifteen to. It works great to have them sitting on the side of the table as a reminder that you have them, and then when you trigger them, they're very easy to see, read, and remember they're there. A couple examples from recent games:


They also included a Feat token for the Old Witch, since she doesn't get to have cool Arcana like the rest of the Grymkin Warlocks. 



See? The lantern looks glowy!


A "triggered" token for something as important as Tantrum is a very nice thing to have around. It makes it really hard to forget when it has happened and takes some of the mental burden of playing such a synergistic faction off of your mind. 


A couple things here. Having labelled prey tokens is awesome. They've really learned from their previous token sets and this one reflects that. It's incredibly convenient to have an easy way to differentiate between the two prey targets when you have both unit of Murder Crows on the table. It clears up any confusion and keeps the game clean. 

I also thought it was pretty sweet to have a Sorrowful Rampage token for when/if Karianna dies - I definitely forgot about it the first couple games I played with her and having a token to set next to my caster like I did in this situation really kept it at the forefront of my mind - hard to forget it when you've got it right next to your Warlock. 


Another thing that I noticed is that they've made a real effort to put enough of redundant effects in the set that you will almost never need more. 


Some real thought went into the production here. Old Witch 3 can cast Boundless Charge potentially seven times (not likely, as she'll usually have an upkeep and want to camp) so five seems the perfect number. 

Alternatively, I really could see casting three Abuses with the Child, upkeeping Tantrum and just sitting back with a pile of Crabbits around me to get maximum use out of the Wrath turn. 

Similarly, this seems like the perfect amount of Gremlin Mischief tokens. Having more then three of them give out the same effect on the same turn seems particularly unlikely, and any more than this and you start overcrowding your token box. 

As far as readability goes, these tokens are near enough the exact right mix between large enough to read and also small enough to not get in the way. 




When she's alive...

When she dies....

When she dies....





All packed away:




They're a little bit more expensive, but they're worth it. These tokens have everything you're going to need to mark spells, effects, and animi for the entire faction and do it in style. 

I have loved using them in every single game I've played since I got them, and they've definitely helped me tighten up my play.

When you have pretty tokens, you use them, and using tokens means that you're going to remember things better and your game is going to be much cleaner. I can't recommend these highly enough, it's the best token set Broken Egg has ever produced.