Battle Report 138 - August Steamroller Round 1: The Dreamer (Menagerie) vs. Vyros 2 (Forges of War)


My opponent had Vyros 2 and Kaelyssa, and I felt like I couldn’t drop the King of Nothing at all since Birds Eye ignores his primary delivery trick. 

My opponent also had a colossal in his lists, and I felt like Enfeeble would be clutch here, so I chose the Dreamer. 

He played Vyros, and I chose not to ADR anything in or out. I picked the Labyrinth (enemy models get -2 speed) and I believe Sacrifice Arcana (if something of mine is destroyed, I can heal everything else to full) in addition to the Dreamer’s All Fall Down trump card (enemy models that disable a model in my control get knocked down at the end of their activations).

Vyros 2
- Sylys
- Helios
- Imperatus
- Phoenix
- Griffon
- Griffon
- Griffon

Arcanist Mechanik
Arcanist Mechanik
Arcanist Mechanik
House Shyeel Artificer 




The Dreamer
- Skin and Moans
- Skin and Moans
- Cage Rager
- Cage Rager
- Crabbit x2

Death Knell

Karianna Rose
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm

Dread Rots (min)
Dread Rots (min)
Twilight Sisters

My opponent fully agrees that his Phoenix should just be more Griffons, but models were limited. 

I won the roll off and chose to go first on Outlast, as I really don’t get to ignore terrain the way he can and I want to get up the table. 

Annoyingly, he actually has magical weapons in his list (Imperatus and Phoenix). 


Grymkin turn 1:

Typical Dreamer turn 1 stuff, Mirage going up on a Skin and Moans and Artifice going out. 

I like making Helios need 12s to hit on my Skin and Moans unless it aims. 

I feel like I have a pretty distinct advantage in this scenario since I have units and he literally has none. I also like recurring two Dread Rots a turn into light warjacks since it only takes 3-4 of them to finish one off. 


Retribution turn 1:

My opponent just runs everything up. He’s gotten Synergy already up thanks to the theme force.

I think he was a bit overzealous here, as he ends Imperatus inside of the threat range of my Skin and moans with Abyssal Gate, and against a normal heavy with that kind of threat range (read: one that's more than PS 17 right now) that would have been a devastating turn two. 


Grymkin turn 2:

I briefly debate moving up, Abyssal Gating Imperatus, and then charging him with a Skin and Moans. 

I then realize that the Skin and Moans will top out at PS 19 without corpse tokens to fuel him, and I decide against it. I need Imperatus to come to me so that my Gremlin Swarms and Death Knell Aura can keep him from triggering Phoenix Protocol. 

I decide to bunker down behind the wall on the left hand side. I lead with my Cage Rager since I don’t care about him very much compared to the Skin and Moans in this matchup. 

I aggressively move up some Dread Rots in the right zone because I want him to commit his Griffons, but I leave some in reserve. I park a Gremlin Swarm on my flag in case my opponent wants to let me score a point for free (he doesn’t have much to contest with so I feel like this is likely). 


Retribution turn 2:

He can, with some Helios shenanigans, get Imperatus into my Cage Rager or Skin and Moans (if he wants to always be attacking over the wall). 

He builds up Synergy by killing the two sacrificial Dread Rots, and then Helios aims and pushes Dread Rots out of the way. 

Imperatus gets loaded up and concentrated power, making him MAT 8 PS 21. He goes in on the Cage Rager and fails to kill it by a box. His Phoenix comes in and seals the deal, and I choose to trigger All Fall Down, knocking it over. 

I score a point. 


Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Grymkin turn 3:

Between Gremlin Swarms and Dread Rots, my opponent loses 80% of his Phoenix and about half of Imperatus, so it’s a simple matter for my Skin and Moans to kill them both. Phoenix Protocol tries to trigger, but it prevented by both the Gremlin Swarms and the Death Knell. 

I make two more Dread Rots on the right with the Twilight Sisters, and they go in and two kill off a Griffon (!!!!) with some insane dice, and leave the other on life support. 

I score two points. 


Score: 3 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Retribution turn 3:

Helios comes into the zone and contests, moving models around. I should have triggered Labyrinth here. 

His Artificer moves into the zone and Force Barriers. I should have triggered Labyrinth here. 

Vyros moves in and plugs the Dreamer, one connecting since I’ve already Shield Guarded a Helios shot. 

I should have triggered Labyrinth here (sensing a pattern?)

His Griffon Fleets up and charges the Dreamer, but thanks to transfers she lives. 

I score another point, but so does my opponent. 


Score: 4 - 1
Advantage Grymkin

Grymkin turn 4:

I have a couple of options here. If I can kill the Griffon in the right zone (it's only got about 12 boxes left) and then contest the center flag, I can win on Scenario. 

Alternatively, I can potentially kill Vyros, use the model to contest, and then take the Scenario if that doesn't work out. 

The first Skin and Moans kills the Griffon. The Dreamer moves up, shoots Vyros to make him stationary, and then casts Manifest Destiny

The other Skin and Moans gets loaded up on corpses and gets enraged. He charges in and one shots the Elf, which lets me score three more points for tie breakers ;)


Victory for the Grymkin!

Post-Game Thoughts:

I think that the Vyros list suffers from a couple of problems. First of all, two more Griffons over the Phoenix would have been a big deal. 

Secondly, it feels like an SR 2016 list trying to play SR 2017. What I mean by that is that it can't spread out, go deep, and control multiple kinds of zones. In general, I think lists built like this aren't going to be as successful over larger event since you are definitely going to be playing on scenarios where you can't contest everything and without having access to all the types of models to score, you fall behind quickly.