Battle Report 141: The King of Nothing (Menagerie) vs. Makeda 3 (Imperial Warhost)


After the tournament last weekend, I realized that I've been crutching on my Dreamer list (it's painted! I can't help but want to play it over the other ones!) pretty hard, so I think for a while now I'm going to basically play nothing (ha!) except the King of Nothing to get myself 1) motivated to paint it and 2) better prepared to play both lists. 

This might also have something to do with the fact that I don't want to paint 18 more Dread Rots, 22 Hollowmen, 10 Neigh Slayers, 14 Cask Imps and two units of Mad Caps by Attack X for my Heretic list. 

I was able to play into a Skorne pairing of Makeda 3 and Mordikaar. Honestly, Dreamer was probably the right drop into this, but King of Nothing came out to play!

Be warned, this is another long..long...long game. 

My opponent chose Makeda 3, so I picked Ruin and Ill Omens as my Arcana. 

The King of Nothing
- Skin and Moans
- Cage Rager
- Rattler
- Rattler
- Gorehound
- Gorehound
- Crabbit x8

Karianna Rose
Glimmer Imp
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm

Dread Rots (min)
Dread Rots (min)

Makeda 3
- Exalted Court
- Molik Karn
- Aradus Soldier
- Aradus Soldier
- Basilisk Krea
- Agonizer

Zaadesh 1
- Gladiator
Mortitheurge Willbreaker

Siege Animantarax

Beast Handlers


I won the roll off and opted to go first since, frankly, my opponent outthreats me with everything (Molik Karn has a ten inch walking threat!) and I need to take table space. 

Quick side note - the Central Terrain piece is something I made up a few years ago for a release event and I just found it in a box somewhere. I was super excited to play with it and it made a BIG difference to the game. 

(We played it like an Obstruction that blocks LOS to all but huge bases.)


It's really neat to play with stuff you made, just thought I'd share :)

(You might also notice one of the statues of Argonath on the side. Gondor called for aid.)


That two inches of extra deployment really makes a big difference, those Soldiers are starting on the 18 inch line!

Grymkin turn 1:

Everything runs. The King casts Sands of Fate to move up the table and makes three walls. 

Karianna pulls something like six fury off of Crabbits. 

I've carefully positioned the Gorehound on the left so that the Soldier cannot see him but also so that he can see around the other side of the forest and the objective.


Skorne turn 1:

My opponent responds by moving everything up a ways and trampling the turtle forward. 

He rolls max shots, putting them into the Cage Rager. The second one kills the Crabbit that Shield Guards the shot, so I use the King's ability to put down another cloud and completely block LoS to my army. 

The Animantarax cannot reposition far enough back to get away from one Gremlin Swarm, but he can from the second. 


Grymkin turn 2:

Interestingly, Zaadesh is camping nothing and he's within 12 inches of the Gorehound. 

DEF 13 ARM 15 with five boxes, I boost the charge, connect, and then do one damage. I buy and miss. 

Ah well. 

I cloud up again and put Gremlin Swarms into the Animantarax, doing 5 damage with the one that can walk to it and making it impossible to heal. 

I park my third Gremlin on the far side of the Statue in the left zone where it will stay for the rest of the game. 


Skorne turn 2:

The Gorehound on Zaadesh gets murdered summarily. The Derp Turtle gets cleared off by Makeda and an Exalted. 

The Soldier charges in and kills the objective, and then the Turtle charges into the Gorehound, killing it, a couple Rots, and my Glimmer Imp. 

My opponent scores two points. 


Score: 0 - 2
Advantage Skorne

Grymkin turn 3:

Between Dread Rots, a Rattler, and the Skin and Moans, the Soldier and Animantarax both die. 

I am unable to Enrage the other Rattler, but the King puts Scything Touch on a Dread Rot and it goes after the other Soldier, cranking damage, and then the Rattler goes in, leaving it on a handful of boxes. 

I shuffle things around a bit and score a point. 


Score: 1 -2
Advantage Skorne

Skorne turn 3:

Retribution is....almost non-existant.

Makeda puts Rush on both Karn and the Soldier. 

The Rattler dies, as does the Dread Rot (thanks Karn), but I plop a cloud down in front of the Aradus Soldier so it cannot charge me. 

My opponent contests with a couple of Beast Handlers and the Krea, which charges the Rattler and does minimal damage. 


Score: 1 - 2
Advantage Skorne

Grymkin turn 4:

The Rattler frenzies into the Skin and Moans, cranking the damage and doing three. 

The Skin and Moans casts Lurker and kills the Krea before backing up. 

A Crabbit kills one contesting Beast Handler, the Dread Rots kill another and I've got the zone again. 

Zaadesh isn't camping anything, so I run a Dread Rot within five of him, Sands of Fate up to it, kill Zaadesh with a spell and Sands of Fate back. 

I foolishly back the Cage Rager out of the zone in the middle so all I am contesting with is a Dread Rot and I score again. 


Score: 2 - 2

Skorne turn 4:

Molik Karn comes in and kills off all the Rots and gets out with Fate Walker

He contests with more Beast Handlers and scores another point. 

The Titan runs up to Makeda, who reactivates it and sits there. 

Something I'm not doing a super good job of explaining is the delicate dance we have both been doing keeping our models out of threat range from eachother. That's basically all that we've been doing. 

My opponent scores a third point. 


Score: 2 -3
Advantage Skorne

Grymkin turn 5:

I can't quite clear the zone, I miss one too many attacks and leave a Beast Handler alive. 

The King uses the Cage Rager to channel spells into and kill the Agonizer and the Rattler goes in and kills both Guardians and the Beast Handler. 

I screen the Cage Rager with Crabbits and prepare to pop Taste of Ash. 


Skorne turn 5:

The first warbeast that dies allows me to put a Cloud between the Rager and the Gladiator. 

Between all five that die, Karn takes about 12 damage, Makeda takes 5-6, and the Gladiator takes two. 

He times out somewhere in here, but we keep going.

He can't kill the Rager though, so he doesn't get the zone. 

Score: 2 - 3
Advantage Skorne

Grymkin turn 6:

I kill all the Beast Handlers again and set it up so that my opponent can only get to the Rager with Karn unless he tramples the Gladiator up. 

I score another point. 


Score: 3 -3

Skorne turn 6:

Makeda Rushes Karn and I ruin it. She does it again and gives him Grievous Wounds. 

He comes over and rolls horribly, leaving the Cage Rager on about 12 boxes and then tries to Fate Walker out. I Arcane Vortex that with my corpse token. 

He runs his Gladiator over to the zone. 


Score: 3 - 3

Grymkin turn 7:

I've had Scything Touch on the Skin and Moans for a turn or two and I mistakenly upkeep it here. I had forgotten that Karn has taken damage already, and think I might need it on the Skin and Moans. 

The Cage Rager only has mind out, and instead of moving it over to him and boosting three attacks into the Gladiator like I ought to have, I just Enrage it and get the King of Nothing in the middle of the zone by casting Sands of Fate after he casts Host of Shadows. 

Fortunately, I roll a point over average and the Cage Rager kills the Gladiator, leaving the Skin and Moans free to two shot Molik Karn. 

I score another point, and my opponent has no way to contest my zone or get his Soldier into me, so he concedes. 


Victory for the Grymkin!

Post-Game Thoughts:

I'm getting better at playing this list, but it's still a comedy of errors half the time. 

Skorne without an Extoller Soulward is different. I've never not had them on the table against me, and it felt very strange. 

That being said, the extra two inches of deploy and the free beasts seemed very strong. In a tournament, I probably drop Dreamer into this, since I outthreat him at every point, but it was a good chance to practice my King list - more to come!