Battle Report 131: The Heretic (Bump) vs. Captain Aiakos


When my opponent told me he was going to play Aiakos into my Heretic list, it made me raise my eyebrows a little. The Heretic has so few things to put high value attacks into that it seemed like Aiakos would have a problem with not having enough attacks to chew through all the Dread Rots (Spoiler: this is true - we started a game with him trying Deneghra 1 instead of Aiakos after this with 8 sprays in the list and it did a lot better before I had to run off to rescue my 8 month old).

As for myself, I was just happy to get another chance to activate fifty models in a turn with efficiency - it's hard after so long not doing it!

I also wanted to confirm to myself that Witchwoods are really strong and I wasn't just blinded by their output last game.

The Heretic
- Gorehound
- Gorehound
- Rattler
- Crabbit x2

Lord Longfellow

Dread Rots
Dread Rots
Dread Rots
- CA
- CA


Captain Aiakos
- Deathjack
- Cankerwurm
- Deathripper
- Deathripper
- Stalker (proxied by Defiler)
- Stalker (proxied by Defiler)

Bane Lord Tarterus
Warwitch Siren

Bane Knights
Satyxis Raiders
- CA (proxied by Deneghra 1)





I chose the Ruin and Pandemonium  Arcana after we rolled up the Spread the Net Scenario. 

I also won the roll off and opted to go first. 

I had to stand so far back to get my deployment in I got the whole table!

I had to stand so far back to get my deployment in I got the whole table!


Grymkin turn 1:

I'm starting to get into a comfortable turn one scramble with this build. Hollowmen Apparate, the Heretic casts Fury on a unit of Rots, plonks down a Wall of Fire somewhere and casts Elusive on himself before charging up. 

Everything else runs in a great sea of dudes. 


Cryx turn 1:

In return, Assail goes on Deathjack and everything runs up the table at me. 

I've positioned in such a way that if he burns his feat right now, he can get his jacks onto a few models each and then proceed to lose them all, so he doesn't commit yet. 

The left Stalker goes and hides in a trench, the right one in the forest. 

Deathjack toes the zone and Strangleholds my Rattler, and all his dudes run at me, with the Satyxis Raiders getting Force Barrier.


Grymkin turn 2:

I apparate my Hollowmen, upkeep Fury and start things off with a ten man CRA into the Stalker. Normally, that positioning would be great against a ranged unit. Eyeless sight and CRA combine to make it pretty bad, and the Stalker takes a hit at dice + 8, leaving it on about 3 boxes. 

I charge a Satyxis with my Gorehound, boost the hit and.....miss. He kills one of them, but he can't sprint into the entire unit like I wanted him to. 

My Witchwood takes that flag with Dread Rots all around it. 

On the right, my Gorehound walks up to the other Stalker and beats on it pretty good, killing the cortex. 

Side Note: Gorehounds having a nine inch walking threat really messes with people.  

I charge three Dread Rots into his arc nodes and hit one of their attacks to nearly cripple it. 

Everything else kind of shuffles around, with the Heretic sure to keep himself out of Deathjacks (huge) threat range. 

I stick a Crabbit in the right zone to see if I can get a free point next turn. 


Cryx turn 2:

My opponent kills off my left Gorehound easily and sits his Stalker in that zone. He takes the flag on the right and sends his Banes into my Gorehound, but only one is in range for a charge and it misses. 

The Stalker cripples his mind (ouch) and he's got Grievous Wounds so I can't fix that easily. 

The Arc Nodes kill off their engagers, and a couple of Squall Winds get thrown around to kill more. 

My opponent gets two points to my one this turn since one of his Satyxis is contesting the flag. 


Score: 1 - 2
Advantage Cryx

Grymkin turn 3:

I keep upkeeping Fury, and the Hollowmen Apparate. 

The unit on the left kills off the Stalker. The Witchwood uses the contesting Satyxis to try and kill another one, which fails, and then beats her to death. 

Longfellow can't resist a focus-dry Aiakos and goes for it, but his damage rolls are 2-3-1 and 2-2-2-1 respectively, so the Captain lives. 

My Gorehound walks around the Banes, kills the Stalker with a boosted hit, and Sprints out. 

I send more Dread Rots into his Arc Nodes, nearly kill them both, and contest. 

The Rattler goes into the close Arc Node to try and bait out Deathjack but rolls spectacularly badly and fails to hit it. 

The Heretic swaps Fury over to the close Witchwood and puts a Wall of Fire where I don't want the Banes going. 

I score two points to his none this turn. 


Score: 3 - 2
Advantage Grymkin

Cryx turn 3:

The Warwitch Siren sprays down four Dread Rots, and the Banes Surge up into my zone to contest. 

He kills all of the Dread Rots with Satyxis and Cankerwurm moves into the zone to take it. 

Deathjack walks up and kills both Longfellow and the Rattler, so I trigger the Reckoning on him.

He scores 2, I score 1. 


Score: 4 - 4

Grymkin turn 4:

Everything apparates, Fury stays on the Witchwood. 

The Crabbits get out of the Hollowmen way, and they move up and put five 2-man CRAs into Deathjack, doing about 12. (They're POW 15 against Reckoning targets!). 

The Twilight Sisters move up and Death Rattle him twice, doing 5 or so more between the two. 

The Witchwood moves up and hits Deathjack at MAT 8 PS 20 twice, and that's all she wrote for the big 'jack. 

Reckoning Switches to one of the Arc Nodes (1), which dies to a Dread Rot charge, then to the other (2), which dies to a redirected charge. 

It then moves over to Tarterus (3), who dies to a charge, and then to the Satyxis (4) because I don't want to waste it on the Siren if I miss her (I don't, but that's not the important part). 

On the left, I kill all but two Satyxis with CRA's and the Witchwood, and I have two Dread Rots in range to kill them needing sixes, which they do.

Reckoning transfers to the Bane Knights (5), who take some significant casualties from the other Dread Rots. 

I score a single point this turn, but my opponent is basically out of models. 


Score: 5 - 4
Advantage Grymkin

Cryx turn 4:

Aiakos comes in to try and clear the zone after Cankerwurm kills the Witchwood, but he misses one of his Strangleholds so he doesn't take it. 

Banes contest the right zone and kill dudes. 

I check, and Aiakos is within 11 inches of the Heretic....(Epic Ending Incoming)


Grymkin turn 5:

The Heretic looked out over the battlefield. He was here for one soul, just one, although the horrifying Sea Witches had surely deserved their harvest. 

He had watched his opponent bound across the lines, impaling and killing the harvesters with his harpoon and summoning mighty gales of wind and rain to hurl the reapers away. 

But this time, the daring Captain had stumbled as he landed, his slight frame pausing a moment too long upon the ground. 

The Heretic moved swiftly, his towering form blotting out the sun above Aiakos' smaller body. The Heretic relished the fear spread across the little man's face as he brought Execrator crashing down onto his shoulder. He felt the chasms of Urcaen weighting every blow with more power than any mortal could hope to muster. 

It only took two such blows, and the sinner lay crumpled and smoking at the Heretic's feat. Without his will, the clicking machine behind him fell limp and the smokey Bane Knights collapsed into the air itself. 

The Heretic turned, planting Execrator deeply into the fallen Warcasters' chest. One more soul harvested. One more sinner ripped from the bright embrace of the sun. 

He could feel The Wanderer calling out for him across the great space that divided them. The Heretic smiled, a cold smile devoid of any joy, and left the Grymkin to continue the work, ripping a portal open and walking towards another harvest. 


Victory for the Grymkin!

Post-Game Thoughts:

There aren't enough attacks in a lot of lists to deal with this many potent threats. Three to four Dread Rots with Fury will cripple any heavy and outright kill many of them, and with Pandemonium they won't often be the ones getting alpha striked by infantry. 

We re-racked after this game and got into turn two or so before I had to run, and the high spray count of his Deneghra list was asking a much tougher question of my list than this Aiakos one was. 

Witchwood kill list:
Siege Animantarax
Aradus Sentinel

I feel like this is a list that needs to grow, so there'll probably be Witchwoods in my list for a while now. 

Next up...figuring out Trapperkin.