Battle Report 158: Ashlynn D'Elise (CID and Llaelese) vs. Makeda 1

It's no secret that the three hosts of Line of Sight love Ashlynn and the Llaelese Resistance. Heck, Chandler named his daughter Ashlynn, so I think he wins for most invested in the character. 

That being said, I was able to get my new Mercs today, and I couldn't keep myself from putting them on the table. 

I was still building models when the game started, so there are still a couple of proxies, namely both Vanguards on Gastone being proxied by Frightmares and the Thorn Gun Mages being proxied by Hollowmen. 

They are all built now, so next time I put this beautiful mess of things on the table it'll be obvious. 

For those of you who do not know what the CID changes to Ashlynn were, she gained Lunge, which gives her 2" melee on her activation, as well as the spell Chosen Ground, which gives her battlegroup pathfinder and steady. 

The Llaelese theme force has a few relevant benefits here. For every 20 points of Llaelese stuff, you get a free solo or CA. All Llaelese models gain Pathfinder. You can bring two Menoth, two Cygnar, or two Crucible Guard units, and when you do they become Llaelese mercenary models. You get a 5 inch AOE completely within 18 inches of your table edge that counts as rough terrain for your opponent and provides cover. 

Okay, bookkeeping out of the way, lists!

Makeda 1
- Molik Karn
- Sentry (proxied by Cannoneer)
- Gladiator
- Krea
- Agonizer

- CA
- CA
Beast Handlers (min)

- Galleon

Gastone Crosse
- Vanguard
- Vanguard


Min Choir
Temple Flameguard
- CA
Thorn Gun Mages

My opponent took the side with favorable terrain, and off we went!


Mercenaries turn 1:

Quicken goes on the TFG, and Ashlynn advances and then Repositions 3 thanks to Gibbs. 

The TFG scream up the field after Rhupert gives them tough. 

On the right, everything runs except Gastone, who advances, casts Moving Shadows, and then Repositions up. 

The Choir all run, as does the Galleon. 


Skorne turn 1:

My opponent puts Quicken on his Swordsmen and everything runs at me. Krea animi go out in various places. 

Karax get the Iron Zeal Minifeat. 


Mercenaries turn 2:

I can't really avoid Karn, but I can feat here and maybe he'll commit to the Galleon and (hopefully) not kill it? Or at least have to move Makeda up to Jackhammer?

Ashlynn upkeeps Quicken, advances, Feats, shoots a Karax to death, and repositions forward. 

On the right, Gunmages aim and kill 5 guys with incendiary shots. Each Vanguard also kills a Swordsman and then Sprints forwards thanks to Moving Shadows

Crosse also kills a pair of Swordsmen and sprints back. 

Galleon shots are basically useless thanks to Shield Guards. 

I mini-feat the TFG but apparently didn't Shield Wall, as they all advance and beat on some Karax. 


Skorne turn 2:

My opponent decides to go all in here, and so he clears a path, Karn gets sent in to the Galleon, side steps to Ashlynn, and has five attacks into her. He misses all but one attack (surprised he hit honestly) and leaves Ashlynn on 4. 

Makeda moves up, casts Carnage, and Jackhammers four times, each one missing. 

At this point he calls it, since Karn is dying to Ashlynn and Makeda is in charge range of a Galleon (we roll out damage and it one-shots her). 


Victory for the Resistance!

Vive' le Resistance!

Post-Game Thoughts:

Killing Ashlynn on her feat turn is really hard turns out. I am very intrigued by the TFG in this list, and I definitely want to try them out again. 

Vanguards are ridiculously good under Ashlynns feat, DEF 15 against charges is basically unkillable, and with Choir buffs they hit significantly above their weight class, especially when Dark Shroud from Ragman is factored in. 

I realized after the game that I was actually playing three points down - probably Anastasia for the +1 to go first. 

Thanks for reading!