Protectorate World Team Championship Breakdown

The World Team Championship in Belgium is over! Germany Loreley takes a well deserved victory over the whole event, taking the finals against Norway Munin. Admittedly, the finals broke my heart a little since Norway was running a double-Menite team, and how could that much power of faith lose? Still, making it into the finals is no mean feat. 

Protectorate has actually typically faired reasonably well in team events, as if we can avoid certain matchups, the faction has a ton of power to it. Still, each team likely went in to the event with a plan for each player, so how was the Protectorate utilized across the board? 

Patrick on the Protectorate facebook page was kind enough to write up a solid break down of how the faction faired as a whole, with lots of interesting and relevant stats. Further, I spent a lot of time checking over matchups in all rounds of the event, picking up on commonalities between matchups Protectorate was used in as well as where that tended to work vs. where it did not. 


Well... Protectorate did quite well in day one, with a solid overall win rate over 50%, but unfortunately this changed going into the second day. In the end Protectorate had a W/L of 63/80, or around 44 percent. That's a rough place to be, but... let's break it down a little bit more specifically? 

I'm going to start with our lowest and work my way up. Tied for lowest win rate are Anson Durst, Feora2, and my boy Severius1. All three of these have an extremely low play rate (2 or less games played) so really these stats don't mean a whole lot for us. Far too small a sample size to get much out of. 

Next up we'll go over the sub-30 percent win rate. This includes only Reznik2 and Severius2. It's funny seeing these two blocked into this category since I've been pushing Reznik2 over Severius2 for some time; it seems they're both sitting in the dunce corner for a while. Reznik saw a W/L of 1/5, and his matchups were primarily Cryx and Legion (2 of each) and one Circle, one Grymkin. The singular Reznik2 victory was against Grayle. He was never played into Ghost Fleet; instead, the Cryx player defaulted to Dark Host, it would seem, and it looks like Reznik is not holding up that matchup. Severius saw a 4/10 rate, dropped primarily into Cryx and Cygnar. His Cryx matchup overwhelmingly did not work, showing a single victory against the Coven but otherwise losing in every Cryx matchup, including the one in which Ghost Fleet was used. However, he faired fine into Cygnar. His wins were typically caster kill, and all of the Cryx losses were on Scenario, which may be a showcase more of Creator's Might's weaknesses rather than necessarily his in the matchup but... it's good info to keep in mind anyway. 

Now, up to 31-50 percent win rate casters. This was made up of Amon Ad-Raza, Vindictus, Testament of Menoth, and The High Reclaimer. Amon had a 48 percent total win rate, which was surprising since he was absolutely dominating day 1 at something like 18/9. He had a rough second day and ended 25/27, making him far and away the most played caster in the faction. This rather high sample size makes his stats a little harder to parse through for info, but I will say often in matchups he'd lose in one matchup, he'd win in another, and he was played against virtually everything. Amon also saw a good variety of different list designs, varying from 12 Dervish to more heavy-oriented builds... this is a hard caster to get a handle on right now from specifically these stats. 

Vindictus is another difficult one to stat out; in total he was 9/11 for the weekend, with a 45 percent win rate, but his matchups were also extremely varied and where he'd lose one once, he'd win it elsewhere. He seemed to get dropped into Khador, occasionaly Cygnar, occasionally Mercs, but overall his games seemed to come down to the players involved. This included a Haley2 win against USA Blue's Trevor, a game I would have loved to see on stream since that fight seems difficult. One thing of note is that the one that beat Haley2 was the double Venger variation, while the ones that lost in other Haley2 games ran double Errants. Not enough stats on that for anything definitive, but it's good to note. 

Testament of Menoth went in to the weekend with high hopes, but it didn't pan out as well as I think many Menites hoped. He had a flat 40% win rate, with a 4/6 W/L. His builds were almost entirely a variation on Exemplar Interdiction with 2x Errants/3x Knights Exemplar, with variations on how the free solos and CAs were handled. I haven't totally got on board with this caster yet (although I'll be playing him in my pairing for a little while). He lost every time he dropped into Ghost Fleet, but seemed to do well if the player used his other list instead. He was played into casters like Karchev, who have a lower model count and lower number of attacks, to success but otherwise had trouble. Overall... this list is often said to be one relying on clock to win, and these are top tier players. This list may be rough when you're playing players that know what they're doing and know how to manage clock. That said... we'll see how he plays out in time. 

High Reclaimer had a small sample size, going 2/2 for an exactly 50% winrate. Couple of his games were mirror match, too, so... guy isn't helping our winrate ;P

Now for above 50% winrates. This slot was only taken up by two casters: The Harbinger and Thyra. Thyra maintained a 57% win rate, which is up quite a bit from what was a very poor showing day 1. She was dropped heavily into Cryx, I believe looking for a Silence of Death based answer to Ghost Fleet, but inevitably played the Cryx players off list and lost. However, she was also used in Circle matchups as a well as a number of other general matchups and overall performed quite well. This was in Guardians of the Temple, no less, and typically featured double Flame Bringer builds. Killin it Thyra!

Harbinger took the top spot for yet another WTC, with a 60% win rate. Now of course with piloting like Puryear behind her, that always helps, but she had some very interesting stats in general. Harbinger was played out of theme, which I believe was due to banking on the sheer power of models like Flame Bringers, Allegiants of the Fist, and Knights Exemplar with her. However, her good or bad matchups are very hard to get a handle on throught his event, because she was winning and losing similar matchups across the board; it seems this one, like Vindictus, is about player skill at the time or maybe very specific tools in certain build variations. Will be interesting to see after Faithful Masses drops if she keeps playing in this same out of theme style or changes more to a Faithful Masses type build. 


Well, this has been a text blob. Let's talk about trends across the faction. 

Teams seemed to generally be using their Protectorate player 1) as an Amon hammer and/or 2) as a Cryx drop. However, the Cryx answers seemed to largely fail, but... well, with how absurd Cryx's showing was across the board, maybe that's just life right now. Amon performed very well until day 2, hard to say what that's about. 

Another commonality was actually Protectorate as a Mercs drop. Most Mercs were running some form of gun bunny nonsense and Protectorate shuts that down by its nature; often the Merc player tried to ram that list in anyway and our wins against it were overwhelming. Typically the off list wouldn't work either, except in a few cases such as Damiano who performed better. 

Overall... well, we could have done better, certainly. It's a tough crowd up there and unfortunately the main thing we seemed to have been brought to counter powered right through us anyway, which I think is a huge part of why the numbers came out how they did. That said, team events are a bit different from solo ones, so while this is interesting data on a matchup by matchup basis, at the end of the day the W/L isn't really indicative of what you might find at a Steamroller. Further, this meta is about to change drastically with the up coming Theme Force drop so... it's interesting info, good to internalize, but likely not to matter quite soon. 

Thanks for reading, I know this was just sort of a text dump but pictures to break it up didn't really seem to help much. Should be working on some batreps in the near future, so stay tuned!