Battle Report 159: The Wanderer (Bump) vs. Absylonia 2 (Oracles)

Following my run at Attack X, and after discussing it with several top Grymkin players, I have decided that Abby 2 is the list to beat for the faction. 

As such, I was eager to try the matchup again, and this time maybe not throw away my caster so recklessly!

I've been thinking that the Wanderer with some slight tweaks would be a good place to start, and as a baseline, my opponent played the same Abby 2 list that Cory Burns played both at Attack X and at the WTC. 

Absylonia 2
- Proteus (proxied by a Witchwood)
- Carnivean
- Neraph (proxied by old metal Seraph)
- Neraph (same)
- Seraph (proxied by a Neraph)
- Nightlurker
- Blight Wasps
- Blight Wasps

Sorceress and Hellion
Sorceress and Hellion (proxied by a Raptor)
Spell Martyr


The Wanderer
- Cage Rager
- Gorehound
- Crabbit x2
- Crabbit x2

Lord Longfellow
Glimmer Imp

Mad Caps
Mad Caps
Neigh Slayers
Neigh Slayers
- CA
- CA
Twilight Sisters


I chose the Ruin and Fortune's Path Arcana's for this game. In hindsight, I am not sure that this was the correct decision, but I am not certain that any of the others are particularly better. I've played Desolation twice into this list and while it felt okay, it won't have a massive benefit against a good opponent most of the time once they've seen it once. 

We played Standoff, and I lost the roll for first. I took the side with the best terrain for me (including a trench and a wall) and off we went. 


Legion turn 1:

Bracer had started the game on Proteus and basically everything ran at me to just outside of Hollowmen threat ranges. His two slower heavies rile for four each, and his Forsaken come up to pull the fury off. 


Grymkin turn 1:

I can't actually move more than an inch or two before I'm in charge range of Wasps. I move up my left unit of Mad Caps and chuck a fire bomb which catches the Seraph and the Neraph, lighting them on fire. They Spawn one Cask Imp, and I have a bit of a dilemma about where to place it, since I don't want my opponent to use it as part of an overtake chain for his Blight Wasps. I end up putting it behind the wall, which was probably incorrect looking back at it. 

My left side Hollowmen advance the barest smidge. The Wanderer moves up and puts Veil of Mists down to prevent Absylonia from charging anything to trigger Alpha Hunter. 

Everything else moves up cautiously except the Gorehound which goes way off to the side. This was almost certainly a mistake - my opponent cannot take the circular zones with anything but Absylonia (they specify warrior model units) and so I shouldn't have been worried about contesting them incredibly heavily until I figured out which side Absylonia was going to. 


Legion turn 2:

The Seraph Slipstreams the Carnivean forward and takes a single shot at my Mad Cap, which I Shield Guard. The Carnivean moves up and sprays the Mad Cap down, killing it. I roll pretty well for the explosion, but deviate way off of the Blight Wasps and nothing gets hit. The Carnivean missed a grunt, so I go ahead and trigger Fortune's Path off this.

His Sorceress moves up and kills off a Mad Cap grunt before repositioning base to base with the Carnivean. His Blight Wasps move up behind the beasts and the Sorceress. 

Everything else shifts around the table. 


Grymkin turn 2:

This is the make or break turn. I have +1 to hit and damage rolls, and if I can kill all of the Blight Wasps, I can potentially use the Neighslayers to kill off anything that comes in to kill the Hollowmen. 

Apparitions happen, I upkeep Veil of Mists

Longfellow moves up and doesn't quite kill the Sorceress. I mess up here and don't run my Glimmer Imp forward, which ends up being very important as I miss a CRA into a Blight Wasp and the following single shots into the last two, leaving them alive. 

I panic a bit, and send my Neighslayers far off to the left as a distraction. This was incredibly poorly thought out, they can't do anything out there, and the Blight Wasps can still get to them. 

On the right, my Gorehound kills the contesting Shepherd and sprints back. 

I take that zone with Neighslayers, which was another small mistake (I think I should have taken it with Hollowmen and used the Neighslayers to counterpunch). I then forget to leave a Crabbit in my zone, so I only score 1 point to my opponents one point. 


Score: 1 -1

Legion turn 3:

I lose basically everything here, and my opponent clears the left zone and my zone and kills my objective and contests the other zone to score four points in one go. 

I forgot to take a picture of this turn, but it looks basically like the one coming up. 

Score: 1 - 5
Advantage Legion

Grymkin turn 3:

I decide to go for a last ditch assassination run that fails miserably. I contest his zones and score a point of my own. 


Legion turn 4:

My opponent easily clears my zone and the left circle zone, contests my right zone (not shown) and wins on control points. 


Sadly, a loss for the Grymkin...

Post-Game Thoughts:

Yep, this matchup is very rough. I did make several important mistakes, but being constantly in threat range of models that can kill your entire list is going to take some getting used to. 

Going first I think makes this matchup much more doable, since my opponent is suddenly unable to advance very far without getting shot at, but that isn't reliable. 

The changes to Oracles (which hadn't taken place here) might also affect the list somewhat. 

Gonna keep playing this matchup, something will work eventually!