Eilish Garrity: A Big Deal for Grymkin

Eilish Garrity was confirmed, today, to be available in both of the Grymkin Theme Forces, and Bump in the Night can actually take him for free! 

He's also the only (current) Mercenary that can work for Grymkin, and he brings a pretty significant toolbox to a faction that has limited support solos. 

Let's talk real quick about how this guy is going to play. First of all, he's going to die to basically anything. 13 DEF and 14 ARM dies about 30% of the time to a RAT 6 POW 12 gun with no boosts. Grymkin have a lot of ways around this (more on this in a bit), but it's something to keep in mind. The guy dies to a stiff breeze. 

Other notable stats - speed six means he keeps up with everything but a Gorehound as far as Grymkin are concerned. Most of his abilities are range 10, putting him safely in the backlines for the majority of the early game. 

Alright, what does he do for us? 

Eilish does three proactive things, he provides a boostable ranged threat, he gives out puppetmaster, and he can remove enemy upkeeps. 

Passively, he also discourages enemy spellcasters from targeting your models with their abilities. This basically makes Battle Mages, Druids of Orboros, and other single-wound spellcasters useless into Grymkin when Eilish is in the list. 

I'm going to go ahead and give a break down of what he brings to the table for each Warlock in the Grymkin stable. It is important to note that he can be a free Solo in Bump in the Night, but he cannot be taken for free in Dark Menagerie. 

The Child: is a Warlock with absolutely no way to handle upkeep spells once they're in play, and Eilish can help mitigate this weakness. No longer will speed reduction spells or ARM reduction nonsense cripple her list, which is incredibly important since she tends to play really low model count lists. 

Further, Eilish is an excellent solo hunter with a boosted POW 10 "gun" that can't be shield guarded, and that can be crucial for clearing a charge lane, cleaning off a flag, or just killing off an opposing Gremlin Swarm in the mirror. 

The Dreamer: absolutely loves having an out for upkeep spells, since she has none other than Cage Ragers, and if your opponent can force their way through them through shear weight of numbers, Eilish can bail you out. 

Furthermore, he makes her list incredibly resilient to Rahn, Krueger, etc. 

What he really brings to the table, however, is a way to insure that Abyssal Gate goes off when the Dreamer needs to cast it, as that spell is absolutely critical when it gets cast and failing to damage the target can be game ending. 

The Heretic: is the Defier that might want Eilish the least, although if you're playing in Bump and have Lord Longfellow, there's a strong argument for including him in the list. The Heretic has a built in pair of ways to get around enemy spells, is immune to spells himself, and has an accuracy and damage buff in his Trump Arcana. 

The King of Nothing: will love having an upkeep out, just like the other Defiers, and Puppet Master can be incredibly important for his style of play. All in on a Hollowmen CRA? Better get that re-roll. That Rattler really need to not miss? Puppetmaster to the rescue. Lord Longfellow flubbed his second damage roll on the assassination run? Let's try that again.

Add to that that Eilish can have up to a boostable POW 14 "gun" when the King puts his pair of debuffs out and you're looking at a model that can finish off a heavy, cripple a light, or seal an assassination run. 

The Wanderer: does not really need the upkeep removal that Eilish brings to the table, although the option of using a solo to clear something rather than spending valuable fury is sure nice. 

Puppetmaster is massively important on the Wanderer's spray though, as often you're trying to hit one specific target. Although the Wanderer can aim to RAT 9, or effective RAT 11 with a Glimmer Imp nearby, dice happen and puppetmaster can help with that. 

Also, since the Wanderer doesn't have a damage buff outside of Arcana, it's often crucial to have his Neighslayers or Skin and Moans (depending on the theme) roll consistent hit and damage rolls. One going off the rails can destroy a whole plan, and puppetmaster really helps with that. 

Zevannah Agha, The Old Witch 3: has a few really good uses for Eilish. She has no native spell dispersion (sensing a theme here?) and her gun is very important to her plans turn after turn. On her feat turn, when she gets to reroll attack rolls, this is less of a problem, but she often will not choose that Arcane Calibration and still want some reassurance that her blind gun is going to hit. 

She can also make his Bleed into a boosted pow 12 "gun" with Curse of Shadows. 

Basically every Warlock can get use out of Eilish. A quick word of caution before you play with Eilish. You cannot trigger any of the Arcana off of Eilish, and Eilish never benefits from any of the Arcana. He is not a Friendly Faction model, and every single Arcana that affects friendly model stats or triggers off of friendly models only does so off of faction models. 

A quick thought on his survivability. Eilish has garbage defensive stats, and most of the time the answer to him is to shoot him down. Grymkin is uniquely suited to preventing this with Crabbits to keep him safe. 

He also has a fantastic maneuverability trick, in that every turn he casts a spell, he gets to place himself completely within five inches of his current location. This enables him to duck behind a forest or house, into rubble, or behind a wall of guys. If your opponent can't see him, he cannot get killed outside of some very specific tools like Electroleaps. 

Puppetmaster is a really powerful tool, and nearly any model in the faction can benefit from it. A couple really important ones are Lord Longfellow, who tends to roll incredibly poorly just when you need him not to, Witchwoods, which don't have a way to boost and need to land their shots, and Neighslayers, who rely on a huge spike damage roll to get their work done. 

He also really helps Dread Rots and Piggybacks make it to the fight by removing disabling upkeeps from them. 

Overall, I think Eilish is going to be in every single Grymkin pairing, and I would be surprised if he isn't in nearly every list going forward. His utility, maneuverability, and game impact are too great to be ignored, and he covers the massive upkeep hate hole in the Grymkin army perfectly. 

Thanks for reading!