Battle Report 143: Ashlynn D'Elyse (Llaelese Resistance) vs. Xerxis 2 (Imperial Warhost)


I have always liked Ashlynn, ever since I first played against her in mark II and had to deal with the incredible pain that is her feat. 

As such, the confluence of a cheap merc lot containing her and a Galleon falling into my lap and the new Llaelese Resistance theme force meant that I was almost guaranteed to be playing her, at least for fun. 

For this game, I played a list that was based around the idea that Speed 11 Flamebringers are pretty good. My opponent had Xerxis 2 and three other huge bases, and we were off!

(My Mercs aren't here yet, hence the proxies)

Xerxis 2
- Mammoth
- Desert Hydra
- Krea
- Agonizer
- Agonizer

Siege Animantarax

Beast Handlers (min)
Beast Handlers (min)


Ashlynn (proxed by Dreamer)
- Galleon (proxied by Mountain King)

Gastonne Crosse (King of Nothing)
- Nomad (Khador Jack)
Rutger Shaw (Malifaux Model)
Taryn (Alexia)
Major Harrison Gibs (Wanderer)
Gorman Di Wulfe (Tactical Arcanist Corps Member)
Anastasia di'Bray (Karianna Rose)

Thorn Gun Mages (Hollowmen)
Thorn Gun Mages
Choir of Menoth

My opponent had randomly chosen Recon II as our Scenario, and I won the roll to go first thanks to Anastasia's +1. 

I chose to go first, since we both have wicked fast lists, and deployed with the Galleon on the left. 

I put the cover AOE on the left as well, and put Gorman in it when I deployed. 


Mercenaries turn 1:

The Thorn Gun Mages on the right run. Gibbs moves up so that Ashlynn will be able to Reposition forward. 

Well I built this list to do this, and so I put Quicken on the Flamebringers and stuck Heightened Reflexes on Ashlynn herself. She advances and then Repositions forward into the cover AOE. 

Everything else runs, but I screw up and run the Nomad before putting Passage on them from the choir. 

I do put passage on the Galleon to prevent the Mammoth from shooting at it. I'd like to point out that the Flamebringers would have been able to run about 6-7 inches farther than they did. My opponent has fast enough models that shoot, in addition to a 2 inch bonus deployment, that it would have been suicide to put the valuable models that far up. 


Skorne turn 1:

The Siege Animantarax gets whipped, healed mostly to full, and then tramples up. Thanks to Volume Fire, he's RAT 7 against my Daughter Cav, and is able to boost and hit all three that it can see, killing them. He also puts a shot into the Nomad (sighhh) which does pretty solid damage even at dice off five. 

Everything else runs at me, with an Agonizer crying for -2 Strength behind the wall and Xerxis putting up Sandstorm so my Gun Mages can't shoot at much. 


Mercenaries turn 2:

I drop Quicken and keep Heightened Reflexes up.  Anastasia ambushes by the right hand Beast Handlers. The Daughter Cav try to side-step around the Animantarax under Ashlynn's feat (and she forgot to quicken the Nomad >< ) but can't make it, so they Reposition to engage the Beast Handlers. 

The Nomad gets Battle. as does the Galleon. 

Ragman moves up, Death Fields, and then Repositions up. The Nomad charges the Animantarax and kills it. 

Gorman moves up and Blinds the Hydra. 

The Galleon is able to get in range of the Hydra without being in charge range of the Mammoth, and puts some good damage into the beast. 


Skorne turn 2:

The Mammoth moves up and blasts some models off the table, including doing a little damage to my objective. He carefully stays out of the Galleon's charge range. 

Xerxis feats, moves up, Feats, kills a Gun Mage, Strangleholds my Galleon (uh oh). 

The Hydra kills the Nomad easily, also biting Gorman down for snacking. He's on I believe 44 boxes at the end of the turn. 

The unit of Beast Handlers on the right kills a Flamebringer with a boxcars damage roll - nice!

I score 1 point from my flag. 


Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Mercs

Mercenaries turn 3:

Thanks to Ragman, I am able to get Dark Shroud onto the Hydra. Combine that with boosted shots from Gastonne, double barrel shots from Gun Mages, real shots from the Galleon, and you've got a Hydra on about 20 boxes. 

Ashlynn goes in and kills the beast before Repositioning backwards thanks to Gibbs' ability. 

CID Note: Conditional 2 inch melee was HUGE this turn, as it allowed Ashlynn to stay out of the Agonizers bubble. 

The Choir sings Shielding to prevent the next Stranglehold.

I score another point. 


Score: 2 - 0
Advantage Mercs

Skorne turn 3:

My opponent kills the objective and moves over to the right. His Mammoth moved up to shoot the objective down, and basically says "come at me" to the Galleon since the Galleon outthreats the Mammoth by an inch with Quicken. He's got an Agonizer behind the Galleon screaming -2 Strength. 

Rapport on the Mammoth for interests sake. 

Apologies for the awful picture. 

I score and he scores. 


Score: 3 - 1
Advantage Mercs

Mercenaries turn 4:

Ragman walks up, casts Death Field, and then Repositions towards the Mammoth. Battle on the Galleon, and Ashlynn walks over for Quicken

The Galleon charges in, whiffs the charge damage roll (1,1,2) and leaves the Mammoth on about 12 boxes. 

Crosse shoots at the Krea and does some damage. 

Critically, the Thorn Gun Mage closest to the forest walks through and kills both Paingivers within range of the Mammoth to heal it, Enrage it, or pull Fury off it. They both Reposition into the Beast Handler/Krea. Gibbs Assaults the Krea, doing a little damage. 


Score: 4 - 1
Advantage Mercs

Skorne turn 5:

Sadly, the Mammoth does not Frenzy, but without Enrage and sitting on two Fury, it can't quite take down the Galleon. 

Xerxis has to move up to try and Stranglehold Gastonne, but he fails the damage by one, so an Agonizer runs up to contest. 


Score: 4 - 1
Advantage Mercs

Mercs turn 6:

My Galleon has Right Arm, Cortex, and Movement left, so I allocate 2 and drop Quicken. 

Ragman Death Fields, the Galleon scoots to just toe the zone and kills the Mammoth and the objective. 

Ashlynn charges in at the Agonizer and kills it and I score three points to win. 


Vive la Resistance!
Victory for the Mercenaries!

CID and Post-Game Thoughts:

Red: Nothing here, all of these models and the theme force seem fun, fluffy, and solid. 

Yellow: Again, nothing here. 

Green: I absolutely loved all the little parts of this list. Pathfinder on the Llaelese models was incredibly important, repositioning Ragman was a fantastic synergy in the list. Ashlynn herself seemed powerful, relevant, and dynamic. 

I enjoyed being able to play the Choir of Menoth with another faction, they seem strong but not unduly so when applied to Mercenary warjacks. 

Overall, I felt like this theme and Ashlynn are both in a fantastic spot now, I'm very excited to get my actual models.