Battle Report 144: The King of Nothing (Bump in the Night) vs. Kozlov (Armored Korps)


In my search for a King of Nothing list that I like, I've departed from the Dark Menagerie theme force for a minute and hopped into Bump in the Night. 

The main draw here was Hollowmen and Lord Longfellow, but Neighslayers are certainly interesting with a Cloud Wall and a four ARM swing. 

My opponent is a Man O' War junky and so, of course, jumped on the new Man O' War theme spoiled in today's insider. 

We played Spread the Net. 

I chose the Pandemonium (deny a unit an order) and Ruin (prevent a spell and purify enemy upkeeps in control) Arcana. 

Lord Kozlov
- Kodiak
- Kodiak
- Kodiak

Man O' War Kovnik
Man O' War Kovnik
Man O' War Drakhun
Man O' War Drakhun

Man O' War Shocktroopers
- CA
Man O' War Shocktroopers
- CA

The King of Nothing
- Frightmare
- Frightmare
- Gorehound
- Gorehound
- Crabbit x2
- Cage Rager

Lord Longfellow
Glimmer Imp

- CA
Dread Rots

I won the roll off and opted to go second, taking the side with the favorable ish terrain. 


Khador turn 1:

Everything runs at me. Kozlov puts Chosen Ground on himself and Fury on a Kodiak and Tactical Supremacy on the right hand unit of Shocktroopers (man that guy has a lot of upkeeps). 


Grymkin turn 1:

The Neighslayers on the right all charge a Kodiak to get through the rubble. 

The Dread Rots accept their bottleneck fate, thank their lucky stars there aren't a lot of AOEs flying around, and run up. 

Everything else moves up, staying out of charge ranges and then the King moves up and puts down four clouds, sealing off my army from attack.


Khador turn 2:

It's not quite feat turn yet, so things continue to move up. The unit with Tactical Supremecy gets Desperate Pace from the Kovnik and Shield Walls and then Repositions forward. 

Kozlov switches Tactical Supremacy to the unit on the left, and they do the same. 

The Drakhuns position to be annoying, and the Kodiaks move up. 


Grymkin turn 2:

I've not played the King of Nothing with guns up until this point, and I have to say it's an amazing feeling. 

The Hollowmen go first, the Lantern Man moving one of the Man O' Wars out of Shield Wall and turning him around. The unit has six that CRA into the other contesting Shocktrooper, doing a few damage, and then a four man into the turned around one, doing a few damage. 

Longfellow moves up and blasts the turned around guy off the table and does a few more damage to the other one. 

My Frightmare on the left shoots at the contesting trooper, but rolls poorly and does not break armor. 

On the right side, my Neighslayers all centralize since they don't really want to be fighting Shocktroopers and with 2 inch reach can get around the Unyielding benefit of Kozlov's feat if he puts Kodiaks into me. 

A Gorehound moves up and kills the Forge Seer before Sprinting out, and at this point I just need to kill one more Shocktrooper to clear the central zone. 

Sadly, I forget about countercharge on the Drakhun. Fortunately, my opponent's dice hate him and he only does ten damage to the Gorehound that has moved up on the charge. Sadly, the Drakhun is now contesting. 

The Gorehound does kill the damaged Shocktrooper though, and thanks to Ghostly sprints out. 

I put another Frightmare shot into the Man O' War unit on the right and catch five of them with Corrosion, and then I send two Dread Rots in, neither of which does anything. 

The King cloud walls up again to prevent charges and whatnot.

I score two points with my Glimmer Imp on the flag and a Crabbit in my beast zone. 


Score: 2 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Khador turn 3:

Three Corrosions stay on the right, both on the left. 

It's Feat turn!

First, the Man O' War on the left get Desperate Pace and advance, killing a couple Hollowmen and Repositioning in farther. 

I did not Pandemonium the Shield Wall because I expected Kozlov to cast spells this turn (spoiler: he did not). 

Kozlov moves up and Feats. 

The Kodiaks trample in and vent steam on Dread Rots. 

Man O' War on the right try and Shield Wall, so I Pandemonium THAT one. I totally forget that Burning Ash clouds lower enemy models' MAT, but I don't think it would have mattered with multiple attacks into my Rots. 

His Drakhun comes in and finishes off my Gorehound, so I cast a free Scything Touch on the other one.

My opponents Kovnik takes his flag and he scores. 


Score: 2 - 1
Advantage Grymkin

Grymkin turn 3:

Alright, pile of Jacks in my face, time to get creative. 

I upkeep Scything Touch and the Gorehound goes first, walking around behind the Shocktroopers and engaging the Drakhun. He kills off one of them, dings up another one, and Sprints to engage the left most Kodiak and the Drakhun. I screwed up here and left him within 1 inch of the Kodiak which gives it Unyielding. 

I have the reduced unit of Neighslayers charge in at the Kodiaks they can get at and Reposition out, the left unit does the same but I trigger a free strike on one of them to unengage the MoW officer. The result is two Kodiaks on about 20 boxes a piece. 

My Hollowmen go, the Lantern Man rolls double ones to move the officer out of Shield wall, and they CRA him to death anyway. 

The Frightmare takes a shot at the engaged Kodiak and doesn't hurt through the ARM too much. 

Dread Rots charge and leave the left Kodiak on about 8 and the middle one on 12. 

The King puts a targeted cloud down in front of the healthy Kodiak so it can't charge anything next turn, casts Host of Shadows and re-casts Scything Touch on the Cage Rager. 

The Cage Rager charges in, picks up a corpse token from a Dread Rot that had killed a Shocktrooper, and kills the middle Kodiak. 

Longfellow puts his big boy pants on and kills both remaining Shocktroopers on the left. 

I score again, as does my opponent. 


Score: 3 - 2
Advantage Grymkin

Khador turn 4:

His Kodiak goes and murders a bunch of Dread Rots and my Gorehound. I put down a cloud in front of the middle Drakhun to block Line of Sight to my Frightmare. 

His Drakhun thunders in and murders a poor Neighslayer, and then Repositions forward. 

Shocktroopers kill Dread Rots for the most part, and his Drakhun continues to hunt my Rager. 

The Kodiak moves forward, and since it didn't have a focus from being out of control, clouds in front of the Drakhun. 

His Forge Seer shoots a Hoarfrost at the Dread Rots in front of the Rager, but I Arcane Vortex it. 

He runs his Kovnik up and contests my flag, and he scores again. 

It's worth noting that two of his remaining Shocktroopers are on half health from Corrosion. 


Score: 3 - 3

Grymkin turn 4:

Between the Kings ARM debuff and boosted Frightmare attacks, I unhorse the Drakhun. 

A Charging Neighslayer leaves the middle Kodiak on two boxes. Longfellow puts on his even bigger boy pants, moves up, kills the Kodiak, Swift Hunters back, and kills the damaged Drakhun Dismount. 

The Kovnik dies to a Frightmare shot on the left, so I put my Crabbit in the top left zone and run my Hollowmen. 

The King puts clouds in front of Kozlov so he cannot charge anything and in front of the Drakhun so that it cannot countercharge.

My Dread Rots flail at the Shocktroopers, failing to hit or damage with the exception of one attack which finishes off a half dead one. The Cage Rager takes that Corpse and then kills the Kodiak on the right with slightly high dice. 

I score two points to one. 

The Circular forest in the center is a Kodiak cloud for those interested. 


Score: 5 - 4
Advantage Grymkin

Khador turn 5:

All three Shocktroopers are within 3 inches of the Cage Rager, so when Kozlov Furies them, I Ruin it, and then when he does it again, I Arcane Vortex it. 

The PS 14s hurt, but they don't hurt that badly. 

The Drakhun walks in because my cloud is preventing his charge, deals good damage, and then Repositions out.

I score two to his one again. 


Score: 7 - 5
Advantage Grymkin

Grymkin turn 5:

It's a simple matter to kill his Shocktroopers with the Cage Rager (remember, a couple of them are dinged up) and then the Dread Rots charge and kill the Forge Seer. 

The Hollowmen run into the middle zone, and then the King casts Host of Shadows so that the Frightmare in the middle can run up to contest the flag. 

I score four to none and that's the game!


Score: 11 - 5
Victory for the Grymkin!

Post-Game Thoughts:

My opponent and I both agree that the Man O' War theme feels incomplete, as Will said it was in the Insider since the CID and new releases for it aren't out yet. That being said, I think he will try it with the spoiled Bombardiers and enjoy the list a lot more. 

As for my list, I felt much better with this than I have with my typical all melee beasts King of Nothing lists. Longfellow and Hollowmen are such great tools for him, and Frightmares combine well with those as well. 

Meanwhile, Neighslayers break things hard with a -4 ARM swing, and they're fast enough that most things don't outthreaten them if the cloud wall is utilized properly. 

Finally, I finally get why Lantern Men are great. I already knew they were good, but Shield WAll medium infantry will HATE these guys, and it makes me wish I could fit a Witchwood in here (I could swap out the Glimmer Imp, but I think he's too important). ADR is going to help this list immensely I feel, with the ability to swap in Rattlers and different solos being key. 

I'm incredibly excited to keep playing this version of the King, stay tuned for more battle reports!

I really enjoyed the list, and will probably take it for another spin tonight to see how it performs.