Battle Report 71: ATC Round 1 - Wurmwood vs. Butcher 3


Team tournaments are very weird, but very cool. You bring lists that aren't necessarily Steamroller optimized, with the idea that you can get matchups you want and avoid those you don't (assuming your Captain isn't really dumb - which I can say because I was my team Captain).

ATC was a frustrating, exhilarating event, and I won't go into the non-game stuff in these battle reports very much. Suffice to say that models were forgotten, cold walks in the frigid Milwaukee nights were taken, and much fun was had.

Round 1, I was into Khador playing Vlad 1 and Butcher 3. I was 100% certain he was playing Butcher 3 here, and I went for Wurmwood because A) I've played this matchup a bunch and B) it was Outlast, which is a Wurmwood Scenario if there is one.

- Cassius
- Loki
- Pureblood
- Gorax
- Woldwyrd x3

Sentry Stone x2
Shifting Stone x2
Min Bonegrinders
Gatormen Bokur and Shamblers


Butcher 3
- War Argii
- War Dog
- Ruin
- Kodiak x2
- Juggernaut
- Marauder

Widowmaker Marksman
Harlan Versh

Kayazy Eliminators x2
Min Mechaniks

He won the roll off and decided to go first, and I chose the side with the most walls because Loki hates those on the opposite table edge.

He deployed pretty standard, and I put everything important back 1.1 inches so that the Widowmakers couldn't pop my AD line turn 1.

Khador turn 1:

My opponent moves the Widowmakers up cautiously. Kayazy run up the table.

Butcher casts Silence of Death on Ruin (and my ears perk up a bit) and his battlegroup moves up the table.

He's staying pretty far back, respecting Loki maybe a touch too much.

Circle turn 1:

Based off what my opponent has done here, I know I'm making a strong play for the left zone ASAP. There's only one heavy over there, and if he continues to commit only the Marauder, it's a simple matter to hook it and kill it with Loki, using the forest to keep the rest of his nonsense at bay.

The Bone Grinders murder eachother for souls and corpses, and my beasts all book it left to the trench, except Loki who stays central inside some Stones.

My right side Woldwyrd goes into the rubble with some Mannikins.

I cast Wild Growth on the left side of the table so I can move my Shamblers up, and put Curse of Shadows on the left hand Kodiak.

Khador turn 2:

He upkeeps Silence of Death, which isn't that big of a deal right now since Ruin is on the side of the table with only one Woldwyrd.

Widowmakers and Marksmen kill Mannikins galore. The Marauder toes the zone, and the Kayazy all stay out.

Ruin, in a surprise move, comes to the left side of the table, and there's a Kayazy in front of him to dissuade any drag attempts.

Both Kodiaks move up and Vent Steam, toeing the zone.

Circle turn 2:

I debate several plans here. I can easily hook and kill the Marauder, no problem there. Unfortunately, this requires either Curse of Shadows or Primal, and I don't want to do either of those things here.

Curse means activating Wurmwood first, and I need to feat and dominate the left zone this turn.

Primal means a frenzying beast, and I can't afford that yet.

I eventually decided that Loki is going to hook in the Cursed Kodiak, and then the Bokur is killing the Kodiak under feat.

I can  Hellmouth the Marauder out of the zone, blast Ruin halfway to death with Wyrds, and get two points, all while killing his Marksmen and a couple of Widowmakers.

First things first, both Woldwyrds blast Ruin, leaving him on five or six.

Loki moves up and hooks the Kodiak in, beating him a bit and then casting Evasive. 

The Bokur moves up and kills the Kodiak dead.

I miss Mannikin sprays on Versh (sad), but kill the Eliminator in front of Ruin with one.

Cassius moves up, and I port Wurmwood over.

Wurmwood Hellmouths the Marauder out of the zone, killing the Marksman, a Kayazy, and a Widowmaker, and then Feats.

I score two points.

Score 2-0
Advantage Circle

Khador turn 3:

My opponent drops Silence of Death like a hot potato. Unfortunately, I've pulled Ruin back into Mechanic range.

We measure out what he can and cannot see, and my opponent loads up the remaining Kodiak.

Butcher activates, casts Energizer, and gets in the zone.

The Kodiak charges a Shambler and Vents Steam before attacking, killing it. He boosts both initials and the throw into Loki, chucking him way away but not killing him.

His Marauder runs into the zone, and a Kayazy toes it in cover on the left.

His Juggernaut moves up behind the Kodiak to be a nice counterpunch, and Harlan moves up to shoot at the Sentry Stone, failing to kill it.

Score 2-0
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 3:

It's go time! Both the Gorax and Loki shake KD.

Versh has to die and the Argus needs to die. Once that happens, the right zone is mine.

In the left zone, Curse of Shadows plus Primal should equal a dead Marauder, and I can get an aiming Mannikin spray into the Kayazy.

Fingers crossed.

I can't kill Versh with any of my Sentry sprays on the right side.

The Woldwyrd moves up and blasts the Argus to death.

I run Cassius over, and run a Shambler to 3 inches from Versh.

Wurmwood activates and Hellmouth's the Shambler. Versh is dragged in, and a boosted damage roll kills him.

Curse of Shadows goes onto the Marauder.

The Gorax moves up and Primals the Pureblood, who warps Strength and kills the Marauder easily after the Wyrds soften it up a bit.

The Mannikin hits and kills the Kayazy, leaving both zones uncontested, so I score 3 more points.

Post-game Thoughts

Hurray for forests, that one was a big deal. Butcher also can't really brick up here, so Loki gets to prey on his army and get me free heavies, which is always good.

My team won the round 4-1, and we moved on.

Battle Report 53: Kromac 2 vs. The Butcher Unleashed

Oh man oh man oh man, this is one for the ages, The two most famous axes in all of the Iron Kingdoms (Lola and Rathrok) and the two most psychotic beat stick leaders from Warmachine and Hordes gathered to duke it out on a field of glory.

Three heavy jacks and a pair of massive, armored Dragoons supported by a small contingent of snipers stood in Kromacs he traveled across the blasted wasteland. The Butcher of Khardov hefted Lola, his massive mekanikal axe over his shoulder as he stared down his hulking foe.

Few stood taller than the Butcher, but the Tharn across from him dwarfed the huge man by several heads, a sinister axe glinting in one hand.

Still, the Butcher could only see a pair of the fearsome Warpwolves flanking the Chieftain, and for those, Lola held a special desire to slay.

Then, without warning, the sun went out and darkness spread over the Butcher. His warjack's engines flared red in the sudden black, and the lesser men fell to the ground as an ear-splitting shriek accompanied the ozone crack of lightning as a massive bird swooped low over the group before stopping to hover protectively over the great Tharn King. A tail feather, longer than the Butcher was tall, drifted to the ground beside the most fearless of men, but even he felt a thrill approaching terror as the great raptor turned it's steely gaze on him.

Kromac 2
- Stormy
- Stalker
- Feral

Blackclad x2
Ogrun Bokur x2, cliented to...

Sentry Stone x2


The Butcher Unleashed
- War Argii
- War Dog
- Ruin
- Kodiak x2

Man O' War Drakhun x2
Kovnik Josef Gregorovich
Eiryss 1
Alten Ashley
Widowmaker Marksman

Winter Guard Infantry and 3 Rocketeers

Same table, different opponent, different faction - finally! So much Menoth to chew through.

I was pretty apprehensive about this game, Butcher 3 is a scary dude, and Khador jacks are a lot harder to kill than Menoth jacks are.

I won the roll off and opted for first, and my opponent once more took the side without the clouds and with the hill.

I deployed nearly identically to last game, but I put my Warpwolves near the close clouds so that they could run into them turn one in order to charge stuff turn 2 if necessary.

My opponent put his infantry on my left, and the Butcher and his jacks off to the right a bit, with a flanking Drakhun on each side.

Eiryss and Alten went to my right and the Marksman stayed left.

I should note here that I love this list, or variations on it. I adore Butcher 3 and this battlegroup, I love Drakhuns, and I love sniper boats. My favorite list runs Kayazy Eliminators and Widowmakers over the WGI, but I definitely think they all have a place here.

Circle turn 1:

Well this is going to be interesting. I predict the game is going to go something like this:

I trade Stormy for 1.5 Jacks, and force the Butcher to come in to kill Stormy.

If I place things correctly, I should be able to kill enough WGI to make them a non issue, and then I'll have Kromac/Feral/Stalker behind Stormy to kill the Butcher if he goes in.

Seems like a plan.

Stormy gets Vengeful and the Stalker gets Awakened Spirit as usual.

Everything runs.

I make sure to toe the Feral into the far left cloud.



Khador turn 1:

Time to get shot at!

Widowmaker Marksman and Alten shoot at the Raptor, as does Eiryss. I shield guard the Alten shot onto a Bokur, and Stormy takes six auto damage. Oof.

The Winterguard run and get tough from Joe.

The Kodiaks both trample and put down Steam, and Ruin charges Stormy.

Butcher energizers, casts Silence of Death on himself, and then his unit gets a run charge order. The dogs run up and block Butcher from going too crazy as he charges at Stormy.

The Drakhuns come in and sit there menacingly.

Circle turn 2:

Well it's time to pull the trigger on the plan, but before I do, I want to kill as many Winter Guard as I can. If I don't kill a bunch of them, Butcher might just be able to cycle Silence of Death over to the unit and have them kill Stormy instead of forcing Butcher to commit.

I upkeep both spells and it's off to the races.

Sentry Stones put a good dent in the WGI population, and so I decide to go for it. It takes both Blackclads, but I get the Hunters Mark on the Kodiak.

Kromac moves up, casts Primal on Stormy, and pops feat.

Stormy charges the Kodiak with the claw first, and then beaks Ruin. Between all of his attacks and eLeaps, I knock both jacks down to 4-5 boxes and eLeap the Marksman to death and most of one of the Argus.

The Feral charges one of the last remaining WGI, and the Stalker moves behind Stormy and out of trample range of the unhurt Kodiak.



Khador turn 2:

Butcher allocates one to the Grey Kodiak and upkeeps Silence of Death.

Ruin and the busted Kodiak go into Stormy and actually ding him up a bit, even with totally crippled limbs.

Eiryss shoots the bird, and Alten shoots the bird but misses.

Butcher's unit charges, and the War Argus that was really hurt combo strikes first, killing himself. The second one combo strikes, and then Butcher starts hitting. It takes him all four attacks to kill the Storm Raptor and then he feats, casts Impending Doom, and pulls the Feral in. He buys two Flashing Blades, but whiffs one of the damage rolls, leaving the Feral at half health. He decides to camp two, and then the Drakhun goes in. At dice -6, the Drakhun doesn't quite finish the Feral off, leaving him on 6 boxes.

The Kodiak runs up to threaten Kromac, rather than going after the objective, and the other Drakhun charges the objective and then repositions around it.

Circle turn 3:

Well, I've successfully completed phase one of my plan, time for phase two.

I wasn't expecting a Feral to still be there, and that's a nice bonus, but it's really going to come down to the Stalker here.

First things first, Kromac drops everything and I spawn some Mannikins.

It's imperative I kill the War Dog, and both units go after it, but unfortunately bad dice means it's still alive.

I can't Hunters Mark Ruin, but I can try and spray Butcher with my crit KD sprays.

Neither even connects sadly.

Kromac activates and heals the Feral back to full before casting Primal on both him and the Stalker, and then casting Carnage.

The Feral activates and sacrifices movement - a very important step since the Drakhun had repositioned back so that it could counterchage - and boosts a headbutt into Butcher, knocking him over.

I buy two more attacks into him and do some damage through his camp.

The Stalker charges ruin with his claw, killing him, and then uses his second initial attack to put Butcher down.

Post-Game Thoughts:

The Storm Raptor requires a completely different play approach than most gargantuans do. Since it's so fast and it can hit incredibly hard with Kromac, it's very, very, very important not to bunch your heavies up. If it can get at two of them, the game is effectively over since it *will* get the alpha strike on you with a ridiculous 14 inch threat range.

It's also surprisingly tough on Kromac's feat turn, even with softening up a bit from other models, Butcher still had to put 5 attacks into it to kill it (which is a LOT of damage).

Overall I had a plan and was able to execute it - I'm going to start calling this play "The Stormy" from now on.