Battle Report 48: Kromac 2 vs. Elara 2

Happy 2017 everyone! (Yes I realize it's January 4th or January 5th depending on where you are, bear with me.)

After reflecting on my Kromac 2 list from last time, I decided a couple of very important things. 

1) Ghetorix isn't really necessary in the list. 
2) The Mist Riders, while very cool, aren't as good as Sentry Stones because...
3) I should be playing two Ogrun Bokurs in 99% of my Circle lists AND
4) I need double Hunters Mark in the list - it's too important. 

With that in mind, I badgered Chandler until we came up with this:

Kromac 2
- Storm Raptor
- Stalker 
- Feral

Blackclad x2
Ogrun Bokur x2 (Cliented to the Stones)

Sentry Stone x2

And I then promptly left the bag with the Feral and one of the Blackclads at home! So this game I have a proxied Feral (the Pureblood) and I've got Lanyssa instead of Blackclad number 2. 

My opponent had a proxy or two of his own:

Elara 2
- Helios
- Imperatus
- Phoenix
- Moros
- Chimera

Mage Hunter Assassin x2
Arcanist x2

Min Rifle Corps and CA

We rolled up outlast and I ended up going first, fine with me!

Central deployment again. He has less in the way of damaging shooting than Malekus did, so my Raptor can play pretty central which is nice. 

Me: Look at the absurd angles I have to photograph from to fit you in bird!
Storm Raptor: Silence slave, look how freaking pretty I am!
My opponent skewed Helios off to my left and put his heavies on the right, an interesting play for sure. 

I think it would have been better most likely to put Helios centrally to influence more of the table, but I could be wrong there. 

Stormy: Look! I even made it into that picture too! Photo bomb!
Me: *sigh* what have I done....
Circle turn 1:

Sentry Stones activate and get fury and port up.

Awakened Spirit goes onto the Storm Raptor, and Vengeful goes on the Feral. Kromac charges up the table.

I premeasure a landing spot for the bird and make sure not to put anything there so he can run 14 inches. 

Everything else runs up, I put one Hunters Mark  solo on each side. 

I gave up on trying to fit everything into one picture, so most of my turns with the Storm Raptor involved will have two photos - just feeding the bloody things ego.

Left Side

Right Side

Ret turn 1:

Scything Touch on Imperatus and everything runs to stay outside of my threat ranges. 

I really don't like how Elara's entire list threats as far as my Stalker does with Hunters Mark. That's a really good Feat over there. 

Circle turn 2:

Well...I've got to bait him out and not lose too much on the backswing. 

That basically means the Stalker is Imperatus bait. 

The Storm Raptor still can't shoot at much without getting charged next turn, so it backs up. 

I create "Fort Feral" on the hill, and then move the Bokur, Lanyssa, and Stalker up to the wall so as to deny the Mage Hunter Assassin an easy landing spot when she charges the Stalker. 

The Blackclad hangs out behind the forest and farther than 11 inches from the left hand MHA. 


Stormy: You sacrificed the Stalker but saved me? You must love me the best!
Me: Whatever you want to think thunderbeak.

Ret turn 2:

The prospect of getting at least a partial alpha is too good to resist and Elara pops feat after fully loading Imperatus. 

The Rifle Corps CRA the Bokur and leave him on one box. 

The MHA charges to the Stalker's left and....misses her seven. 

Imperatus charges in and leaves the Stalker on about 10 boxes because DEF 16 effectively is pretty good. 

The Phoenix charges in and also fails to kill the wolf, leaving him on 3 boxes but on fire. 

On the left side of the table, Helios moves up threateningly, but can't quite get the angle he wants to pull my Feral out. 


Circle turn 3:

Fire doesn't go out, and with Scything Touch the Stalker is only ARM 15, so he dies. 

Kromac, angered beyond reason, pops Feat after dropping his upkeeps and charges Imperatus.

At this point, we realize that my opponent's warroom didn't actually add Imperatus to the list when he had tried to in list building, and as a result my opponent had an extra Imperatus on top of the 75 point list he had there. 

Since it was already pretty well into the game, I just decided to see how I could do even playing 22 points down. 

Turns out, Kromac can kill Ret heavies really well, and he camped a couple at the end. 

The Sentry Stone on the right killed some Rifle Dudes. 

The left side Sentry Unit got out of the Feral's way, and it went in and murdered the Aspis super dead before putting Primal on the Storm Raptor. 

The Blackclad moved into Helios' back arc and got Hunters' Mark on him.

The Storm Raptor, now a Mat 9, PS 22/21/21 monster charged Helios and put him down with Fury to spare. He bought an attack on Moros and missed. 



Ret turn 3:

Elara loads up the pair of lights and Apparitions up. 

She charges the Mannikin closest to her, kills it, casts Scything Touch for free, and Teleports back. 

Moros goes and Paralyzes the Storm Raptor. Between the two lights, they drop the Raptor to about 20 health. 

The Phoenix flails at Kromac but doesn't do anything, and the Rifle dudes shoot the Sentry Stone but don't kill it. 


Circle turn 4:

The Storm Raptor frenzies into the Chimera and does a few damage. 

The Feral murders the Chimera easily. 

Kromac murders the Phoenix easily. 

Sentry Stones flub their attack rolls on Riflemen and make a forest to block LOS from Moros to Kromac. 



Ret turn 4:

Moros gets loaded up again. An Arcanist moves up and gives him +2 damage, and the little jack takes down the bird. 

Rifle dudes shoot at Kromac, but don't do much. 

Me: See Stormy? Without you, I can take ONE picture and get all of it
Stormy: Yeah, but it's not as pretty without me in it!

Circle turn 5:

I screw up my premeasuring and fail a charge with Kromac. 

The Feral charges Moros and kills him easily. 

The left Sentry Stones fail to murder the Arcanist, and the right ones fail to kill Riflemen again. 
three points!

Score 3-0
Advantage Circle

Ret turn 5:

The writing is on the wall, and the Riflemen go in to contest, as does the Arcanist. 

Score 3-0
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 6:

Sentry Stones finally decide to hit things, and Kromac goes in to kill the last Rifleman, leaving Ret with literally Elara left. 

I score 3 more points. 

Score 6-0

Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

I don't think the Storm Raptor is a competitive model, but it can definitely kill some things. 

That being said, trading my 38 point gargantuan for a 34 point colossal isn't the greatest thing ever, especially when the math says that a Feral with Primal and Kromac Feat does 6 damage less (still about 15 more than needed to kill Helios by the way). 

It's still a gorgeous model though, and it was pretty neat to actually see it do stuff this game before dying horribly to....a PS 13 light *sigh*. 

Ah well, it's a lot of fun on the table and you'll be seeing more of Stormy in the next batrep. 

Thanks for reading!