Battle Report 44: Wurmwood vs. Feora 2

Well friends, the errata came and shook up the world pretty darn good. Circle came through much more intact than I expected it to, and I was pretty excited about that.

Before I get to my report, I'd like to quickly highlight what exactly changed:


Wurmwood's feat went from RNG control to RNG command, decreasing in radius by 4" to a 10" measurement from his base. (slight nerf)

  • While this is annoying, and will definitely make playing him more challenging, it isn't going to end Wurmwood's reign as the king of anti-gunline tech. He still has Hellmouth, Stranglehold, and Wild Growth to give him massive control over the game. He can still get 10 Fury a turn pretty reliably, and he's still nigh-impossible to assassinate. This change will just make playing him correctly slightly more difficult and can be overcome with practice. 

Sentry Stones must now place their Mannikins in Maintenance Phase, so you can no longer place them perfectly late in the turn, and they cap at FURY 3. (slight nerf)

  • This change takes this unit from bananas insane to just extraordinarily good. I will seriously miss the extra potential boosted attack or damage rolls, and I feel that is the main nerf to these guys. Placing during Maintenance is just going to require more pre-planning and care and, like Wurmwood, can be practice until they are approximately as deadly as they were pre-errata. 

Lanyssa Ryssyl went up to 4 points. (will not see play in Circle outside of maybe Wurmwood and Baldur 1)

  • When she and the Blackclad compete for the same spot, I think the Blackclad is going to end up in lists more often than she is. A RNG 8 spray attack is generally better than her single target spell, and he also gets in-faction buffs. She will still see play with Wurmwood to deny pathfinder, and maybe with Baldur 1 to deny flight, but I suspect she won't be showing up much in Circle anymore.


Woldwyrds went from POW 10 to POW 12. (massive buff)

  • This is a ridiculously significant change. The Wyrd used to be...well kinda weird. He had a gun that didn't really hurt high ARM targets unless they had the fury to boost and their target had an upkeep on them, and he was very short on Fury. Now, however, these guys are amazing into things like Cavalry, Heavy Infantry, Jacks, Casters....basically anything. I'll break down the math for their kill potential later, but it's very high. 

Woldwardens went from PS 15 to PS 16. (slight buff)

  • Well he can do 5 more damage now if he gets to charge for free, and that might make him good enough to consider for some lists that are strapped for points and want the Megalith experience. I still don't love him, but he might see some play. 

The Ogrun Bokur became a Minion that works for Circle, giving us a five point Shield Guard. (MASSIVE buff)

  • Circle needed this so badly. I can't even begin to describe how much this is going to change the way I play the game (starting with him being in every list I build more or less). 

So we got two very slight in-faction nerfs, one nerf to a staple minion which will make her hardly ever see play now that she costs the same as the in-faction equivalent, and we got two really incredible buffs in the form of a really effective light gun beast and a shield guard.

Overall I'm surprised and happy to see how lightly we got hit.

Okay, onto the game! I forgot to take pictures after my opponents turns (sorry), but I decided to try out almost everything that got changed in the errata for us with this little number:


Ogrun Bokur (proxied by Totem Hunter)
Gallows Grove

Sentry Stones x2
Shifting Stones
Gatormen Bokur and Shamblers
Min Bone Grinders
Bellows Crew

The real question you should all be asking is....why does Jaden have three Woldwyrds already?

My opponent dropped:

Feora 2
- Heirophant
- Blood of Martyrs
- Hand of Judgment
- Reckoner x2

Min Choir

Punch Monk!

We played the pit, and my opponent won the roll off and went first.

And I deployed...actually pretty poorly here. I put both Cassius and the Gallows Grove on the same side, which was a massive oversight. I also forgot that when the Bokur's client is AD (I chose Cassius), he also gets AD.

I deployed him normally and way away from Cassius. Yeahhhh the rust is real with Wurmwood.

My game plan here is basically to kill off his infantry and then slowly kill his jacks with shooting. If he decided to put Escort up on Feora, I can potentially kill her pretty easily and if he doesn't, then I can use Hellmouth to extend Megalith or Brennos' threat ranges.

Also, never forget that a Gatorman Bokur can kill a heavy on his own.

Menoth turn 1:

He ran the troops! Daughters next to the building, Flamebringers by the edge of the forest on the left.

Jacks came up the middle after getting the Hymn of No Spells on them from the Choir.

Feora cast Fire Starter on Blood and Escort on herself.

(no picture, but I didn't get much done on my turn so it'll be roughly where stuff was).

Circle turn 1:

Sentry Stones each rolled max fury and...I missed a lot of boosted 10s to hit daughters, only killing one between the two units. I made a nice little forest wall next to the building though.

The Gallows Grove ported up, and Wurmwood arced a Hellmouth through it, catching three Flamebringers and killing two with boosted damage.

Bone Grinders murdered eachother for corpses and souls, and the Bellows Crew put a cloud over Wurmwood so that he couldn't be shot at (he was too far away from Hand).

My heavies wandered up behind the cloud wall.

The left side Wyrd killed the third Flamebringer that had been left by the Hellmouth and the other two ran into the trench.

See?? Too many Daughters left. Grr.....
Menoth turn 2:

My opponent upkeeps his spells and gets aggressive.

Hand moves up and sprays down a Mannikin, and gets two Wyrds and the Sentry Stone on fire and banged up.

Daughter cav run/charge, killing the tree and a Shambler or two.

Both Reckoners miss the frontmost Woldwyrd, and Feora moves up to hide behind jacks on the hill.

Circle turn 2:

Alright, this is either Feat and kill a couple heavies turn or possibly just kill Feora turn?

Math time for Woldwyrds.

Against an ARM 19 Menoth Heavy with an Upkeep on it, they are 3 dice to hit at RAT 6, so let's just say not missing, and they are Dice - 7 with 4 dice for two attacks, and 3 dice for one attack, for a total of 7/7/4 or 18 damage per Woldwyrd.

Two of the Wyrds one round a Heavy at ranged with Purgation.

Against Feora, I ran the math:

She's DEF 17/ARM 19, but I can get Curse of Shadows onto her and move the LOS blocking jacks out of the way with a Hellmouth.

So DEF 17/ARM 17 with three focus. I get one aiming Wyrd, so needing boosted 9s and doing dice -5 on two 4 dice hits and one 3 dice hit for 9/9/6 or 4/4/1 after focus reduction.

I get two more that need boosted 11s to hit, so I'm thinking one or two hits each at 9 damage per connecting shot.

I also have Megalith and Brennos who can potentially get some boosted spells into her if all else fails.

Seems pretty good.

Shamblers and Mannikins get placed. I take a second to spray down the Daughters cuz I hate them.

Shamblers kill the Daughter cav in the way of where I want the third Woldwyrd to go, and one goes to within 3 of the pair of heavies and punch monk.

Wurmwood gets ported up (should have just ran Cassius, big mistake here) and then activates. Hellmouth on the Shambler clears the heavies and kills the punch monk, but I make a mistake and boost the hit needing not double 1s. I boost a Curse of Shadows into Feora and then realize I'm on one fury and can't Dark Path out of danger. ALL IN!!!

The aiming Wyrd gets Feora down off all of her focus, connecting with all three shots. The second Wyrd misses two attacks, so I boost the hit and damage rolls of the last one, leaving her on three.

I realize that I need to kill a Shambler to get the Wyrd in range of Feora, so Cassius moves up an does that.

The last Wyrd moves up and finishes her off.

Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

So Wurmwood is still Wurmwood. Hellmouth and Curse of Shadows are very strong still, and better play would probably have let me Feat this turn and still get my Wyrd attacks in.

Mannikins feel very awkward right now, but they felt that way when I first started using them too so I'm sure it'll pass.

I absolutely LOVE the Woldwyrd. I think I'm gonna be playing 2-3 in a module in quite a few lists. It's unusual and amazing for Circle to actually have a boostable, accurate gun, and I think this is going to catch quite a few people off guard as they start to see what they can do.

Thanks for reading!

The Krueger Season, Flirting with the Blight: Batrep 38 - Fyanna 2 vs. Feora 2

There is little doubt that the Archangel is the most beautiful model in the Privateer Press line currently in production (the Storm Raptor and the Desert Hydra will certainly test this dominance though), and with the mark 3 update, it's actually a playable model (yay!)

I love my Lylyth 3 double Archangel list, and so I decided to see how Fyanna with 2 would play. With Fury, they hit at PS 22/20/20, and under her feat, they're DEF 14, which is a little absurd on a gargantuan. 

It's been a pet idea of mine since I saw Fyanna's rules, and I decided to give it a shot. 

-Naga Nightlurker

Blighted Sorceress and Hellion
Shepherd x3

Hellmouth x2

And my opponent had:

Feora 2
-Reckoner x2
-Hand of Judgment
-Blood of Martyrs

Daughters of the Flame
Min Choir

Punch Monk (proxied by a TFG)

Right away I looked at this matchup and had a big "uh oh" moment. I can't shoot anything important with the Archangels because everything is immune to fire. He's got Escort so his jacks are just as fast as my Archangels are, and thanks to Ashen Veil, I need sixes to hit his jacks. Yuck!!

I won the roll off and decided that I really needed to go first. We were playing Take and Hold with a really ugly central obstruction and a wall on one side that my opponent promptly (and wisely) took. 

Blighted Druids turn 1:

Full steam ahead! Archangels run/fly to the left side of the table where they can actually fight the things they want to fight. I'm hoping to be able to kill a jack and then use my feat to weather the retaliation before killing 2-3 more jacks and get up on attrition. 

Fury goes on the unpainted Archangel, and Admonition goes up onto Fyanna. The Naga goes into the trench. 

Menoth Turn 1:

He starts his turn off by running the Daughter Cav really wide. Daughters run and jam stuff, and then Feora goes and casts Escort and Fire Starter on Blood. 

Things start to go off the rails pretty hard when his pair of Reckoners move up and shoot 28 health off the left Archangel with 2 shots at dice --4. Uh oh. One of the Reckoners is behind the wall, the other by Feora. 

I start measuring out my turn prematurely, tipping off my opponent that I can get an Archangel onto Feora, so he goes ahead and puts Hand of Judgment in the exact place where I can't actually attack him with melee attacks thanks to the building and also blocking a landing spot for an Archangel. 

Blood comes over to play on the right, and the Punch Monk moves up and becomes DEF 18. 

Blighted Druids turn 2:

Well it's go time! I upkeep both spells, and then I run a druid up so that the Archangel can get forced when he charges the Reckoner behind the wall. 

I use back arc Hellmouth tentacles to clear Daughters, and the other Archangel also shoots some off the table.

The Grey Archangel goes in anddddd.....I miss 3 boosted 8s and leave the Reckoner on about half health with nothing crippled. 

Fyanna moves up, Feats, and puts Fury on the Hellmouth, which pounds on Blood a little bit. 

The Naga moves over and murders a Daughter Cav with a shot. 

I'm going to get counter punched so hard. 

Menoth turn 2:

Well...Things die. The Reckoner kills the Archangel. 

Daughter Cav come murder...well nothing actually. The one that can charge the Naga misses thanks to the Feat (yay!) They do engage the universe though. 

The Punch Monk moves up and goes invincible again. 

Blood murders three Hellmouth tentacles. 

My opponent puts some damage onto the Archangel (like 20 damage) between Feora and the other Reckoner, and then Feats to get another Focus onto Hand of Judgment, who charges in anddddd.....doesn't quite kill the Archangel. 

Blighted Druids turn 3:

Well...he moved Hand and he DIDN'T move Feora, so I have exactly one real shot at winning this game. 

Fyanna drops everything and charges Hand, boosting to hit anddddd CRIT SMITE. Yes! She then puts Fury on the Archangel and heals his two crippled aspects. 

The Painted Hellmouth spawns a tentacle, and between the Tentacle and the Maw, kill the Daughter Cav engaging my Archangel. 

The Nightlurker moves over and casts Wraithbane on the Archangel. 

The other Hellmouth drags the Reckoner away so that the Archangel doesn't take a Free Strike. 

The Archangel goes in and connects with 2 attacks, clawing the Menite to death. 

Victory for the Blighted Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

Okay, against Menoth at least, this list is not very good and I really, really missed my Angelii to Slipstream and cycle Fury around on. 

Also, had my opponent just left Hand of Judgment in front of Feora, I would have had to try and crit smite it 3 inches away with Fyanna, which just seems really, really unlikely to happen. 

To be fair, I really shouldn't have lost basically an entire Archangel worth of damage to 3 boosted Reckoner shots, but hey, it happens. 

Anyway, yeah double Dragon is great with Lylyth 3, but I'm not convinced with Fyanna yet. Maybe if there's not a massive huge central obstruction in the way this list gets better, but even then, I don't love it into speed 7 reach jacks. 

The Krueger Season, Flirting with the Blight: Batrep 37 - Fyanna 2 vs. Feora 2


When I got my Limited Edition Una 2, I also ordered a Fyanna 2 (and a Horgle 2 and a Zaadesh 2, but those are stories for another time) because 1) the sculpt is sweet and 2) the rules are sweet. 

What more can you ask for? Also the cards are foily, and I come from a Magic: the Gathering background, so foil cards are a weakness of mine. 

I had some serious list building challenges with this lady - I literally want like half the things in Legion in her list. Fury is SO good. Admonition is SO good. Iron Flesh is SO good. +3 DEF and Dodge is SO good. 

In the end, I decided to just play something that I thought really abused both her feat and Fury

Fyanna 2
- Angelius x2
- Seraph
- Zuriel

Shepherd x2

Max Swordsmen
Max Raptors

Bunches of Weaponmasters? Check. Armor Piercing silliness? Check. (Side bar, a charging Angelius with Fury does 17.5 damage to an ARM 20 Warjack/Warbeast on average dice. Isn't that absurd??)

Super fast dudes? Check. Yeah this is all stuff I can get behind. 

My local Menoth opponent dropped:

Feora 2
- Heirophant
- Hand of Judgement
- Reckoner x2
- Blood of Martyrs

Daughters of the Flame
Min Choir

Allegient of the Order of the Fist (proxied by TFG man)

We're playing outlast and this is shaping up to be an interesting game already. He's got Escort, and I'm naturally faster and have Slipstream to boot. He hits a lot harder generally, but I have Fury. I get a turn of relative safety due to my feat, but I'm not sure if that's enough against a bunch of fire. 

I win the roll off and go first (everything in my list is bonkers fast), and my opponent takes the side without the annoying forests for him to have to run around. I laugh as my blighted wings carry me ever the blight is strong, must resist.....

Hey look! I have like...actual Raptors now...though unassembled.

My opponent deploys opposite me, skewing hard for the left zone. 

Blighted Druids turn 1:

No finesse here, Fury goes on one Angelius, Admonition on Fyanna (holy crap I'm playing Tanith in Legion) and everything runs up the table full distance...except the Swordsmen because they still have nightmares about the Daughters over there (this is the first Legion game I'd played since the previous batrep on October 9). 

Menoth turn 1:

Menoth runs at me! Escort goes up, and jacks advance. One of the Reckoners takes a potshot a the Angelius behind cover and misses. 

Daughters get in my face, and Cinerators labor up the board...slowly. 

The Punch Monk gets his Shifting Sands Stance (say that three times fast) and advances. 

Blighted Druids turn 2:

Alright so...goal for this turn is to murder Daughters. Everywhere. We hates them. 

I also don't really have much else to shoot at since..well..Cinerators are immune to fire, all of his jacks are immune to fire since Blood of Martyrs got the fire upkeep spell on him....yeah. 

Seraph casts Slipstream and moves over to the Angelius and back, placing him out of melee with the Daughter. 

He gets a couple shots and boosts, killing two Daughters. Yessss. 

The Angelius, now free to do what he likes, charges into the right hand Reckoner, whiffing a couple hits and leaving it on one. 

Swordsmen charge in and kill another pair of Daughters. Sweet revenge. 

Fyanna moves up after casting Slipstream, and kills another Daughter after placing the Angelius next to her so that he can see Blood of Martyrs. 

She casts Fury on him and pops her feat. 

The Angelius goes in and...really whiffs, but knocks out Blood's cortex. 

Raptors shoot down two Cinerators and damage a third. Zuriel contests. 

Shepherds leach fury from the Seraph. 

Menoth turn 2:

Well he's in a bad spot here and he knows it. Vengeance triggers on the Cinerators, and they move over. The first one misses the Angelius, which dodges back. 

His two unhurt heavies go into the other Angelius, one missing, the other connecting for a bunch of damage and lighting him on fire. 

Feora aims and Sprays both of them, lighting up one and leaving the other on three boxes, on fire, right next to Hand of Judgment. He manages to hurt Blood enough to cripple his good arm between blowing up the Wrack and actually hitting him.

His remaining Daughter....murders two Swordsmen. CURSE THOSE THINGS!

His Punch Monk Advances and engages one Raptor with Shifting Sand Stance. 

The Cinerators run to the right zone. 

Blighted Druids turn 3:

Not only does my SUPER close to dead Angelius not die to fire damage, it doesn't even Frenzy! Woahhh. 

I upkeep my spells. 

Apparently, Zuriel is MAT 8, so he walks behind the Punch Monk and kills him dead. 

The Raptors finish off all but the far left Cinerator. 

The Angelius with Fury on it takes a free strike to fly over the completely crippled Reckoner, but it misses, and he puts some good damage on Hand of Judgment (missed his Armor Piercing attack, even with boosting to hit). 

The Seraph Slipstreams a Swordsmen so that I can get two charges onto Hand with them and then blows up the last Daughter. Hooray! I don't care if I win at this point!

The Swordsmen charge in and finish off Hand of Judgment. 

Fyanna activates, heals the Angelius for 2, and then moves over to kill the last Cinerator. She overtakes into the zone, and camps one. 

The nearly dead Angelius misses his Armor Pierce attack on the healthy Reckoner, and buys an attack into the Reckoner with one box, killing him too. 

I get 3 points. 

Score 3-0
Advantage Blighted Druids

Menoth turn 3:

He goes for the assassination run with Feora's sprays and spells, but his dice roll just average and Fyanna is alive, on fire, with three boxes and a transfer left. 

My hurt Angelius dies. 

I technically score 2 more points here, but we both forgot in the heat of the moment so the game went on!

Blighted Druids turn 4:

Fyanna drops everything, casts Fury on herself and charges Feora. She hits, getting the Crit Smite and knocking her back 2 inches. 

Raptors move up and shoot the wretched Flame Bringer to death. 

Victory for the Blighted Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

This feels like a really bad matchup for Feora. I get a time walk feat, I massively outthreat him with everything that matters. In addition, an Angelius with Fury on the charge does 17 damage, then another 5, 5, 5 for a total of 32 - really close to dead most of the time. 

Follow that up with masses of charging weaponmasters and, well, that's no fun for Menoth jacks either. 

Overall, she feels very strong, very interesting, and probably has a fairly high skill ceiling (which is something I always like in a caster). I also don't feel like I've even come close to the right list with her yet, so stay tuned for that. I'm probably going to pair her with Rhyas 1 or the Twins should I ever take Legion to events, so look forward to more batreps with those warlocks!