Battle Report 90: Feora 3 vs. Mordikaar


Still one day to go until the battle engine CID comes out, and so once more I donned the robes of a grand inquisitor.

I decided to play the new hotness and see just how good Incite really is.

Feora 3
- Heirophant
- Eye of Truth
- Hand of Judgment
- Devout

Punch Monk x2
Vassal x2

Daughters of the Flame
Idrians and CA
Choir (min)


- Tiberion
- Despoiler
- Cannoneer
- Gladiator

Paingiver Master Tormenter x2
Void Spirit

Beast Handlers (min)

I have played against this list more than I think I have played against any other list in the entire game, but never with anything except Circle, so this was going to be interesting.

We were playing the Pit, and my other buddy had put a big old house in front of one of the flags, so the second I won the roll off I windmill slammed second, taking that (house) side.

My opponent has a lot more heavies than I do, and he can easily tie up my Idrians with Bloodrunners, so I have to force him to come to me by getting ahead on Scenario right off the bat.

With the house in the way, he would eventually have to commit heavies since I have so many sprays, and it would go from there. I felt fairly confident that Eye of Truth wasn't dying to anything but Tiberion in one go, and even then maybe not.

Prey goes on the Cannoneer.

Skorne turn 1:

Bloodrunners and Master Tormenters all Apparate up. Mordikaar goes first, casts Host of Shadows to give his battlegroup ghostly, advances and casts Hollow on the Bloodrunners.

The Bloodrunners all run up and hide behind the house, with a Master Tormenter on either flank.

His beasts run up fairly centrally, except the Gladiator who puts Rush on the Cannoneer. The Cannoneer advances, casts Far Strike on itself and deviates a shot perfectly into three Idrians, killing all three.

Menoth turn 1:

I make ALL KINDS of positioning errors this turn.

Daughters run up and flood the zone, one charging a Bloodrunner and killing it.

The right Punch Monk moves up and goes into Shifting Sands Stance, and the left goes base to base with the house, also in Stance.

Feora moves up to the flag after casting Redline on Hand and sprays the Bloodrunner, missing.

Hand moves up, sprays the OTHER Master Tormenter and I somehow blank and give it the cover bonus in my head, so I have no idea if it actually hit or not. I did fry two Daughters though. *Facepalm*

Idrians just sort of advance and try not to die.

I position Eye so that if he puts anything into the zone, I can probably kill it.

Skorne turn 2:

My opponent upkeeps Hollow. 

Things Apparate.

The right Tormenter charges and kills two Daughters.

Despoiler moves up and within five of the closest Daughter to me remaining.

The Void Spirit charges that Daughter, kills it, a new Void Spirit is formed, and then ports into the Punch Monk, killing it and then killing sprees into Feora and whacks her.

The other Void Spirit walks up to the right.

Mordikaar casts Host of Shadows again, moves up, Revives a Bloodrunner, casts Far Strike, and boosts into the Punch Monk with his last Fury, hitting and killing it. He pops his Feat.

His left Bloodrunner kills my Wrack and Sprints out.

Beasts run up and Screen Mordikaar, and the Cannoneer misses a shot and kills some dudes with blast damage.

Critically, my opponent has not contested my flag with anything, and Mordikaar was unable to make it onto his flag.

Menoth turn 2:

Time to kill as much as I can and score 1 I suppose.

I spend about ten minutes thinking about slamming Eye of Truth into his Despoiler, but I ultimately decide to play the long game.

Nicia walks up and kills the Void Spirit in front of Feora before Sprinting away.

Feora gets Harmonious, walks over, Feats, casts Fire Step to kill a couple of guys and moves back to spray some more. She then Repositions onto the flag.

I kill a few more Bloodrunners and the Void Spirit with Hand of Judgment, and then the Devout charges and kills the Tormenter on the hill.

The Idrians move up and put a 3 man CRA into the Cannoneer, doing 5.

I score 1 point.

Score 1-0
Advantage Menoth 

Skorne turn 3:

I've given my opponent a couple of interesting choices. Tiberion cannot reach Eye, and the Despoiler is too far away from the Beast Handlers to get a free charge. Furthermore, Eye will get the house bonus and be DEF 14 against melee attacks thanks to Ashen Veil.

My opponent runs the Feralgeist to base with Nicia, and then shoots it with the Cannoneer, missing and deviating.

The Despoiler runs to the spot where the Feralgeist was, and Mordikaar moves over, casting Revive a bunch of times.

Tiberion scoots into the zone.

I score another point and my opponent scores 1.

I apparently failed to take a picture of this turn. Don't worry, next turn not much happens placement wise.

Score 2-1
Advantage Menoth

Menoth turn 3:

I check, and Despoiler is outside of Mordikaar's control area. I toss a focus on the Devout for fun and upkeep Redline.

Harmonious goes up and Feora casts Incite

Nicia and the Devout charge in, and leave Despoiler on one box. Ouch!

My Idrians literally miss every attack they make on the Bloodrunners, which is even more embarrassing when Hand casually flames a couple of the blasted Paingivers off the table. 

Eye gets Enliven on him and baits for Tiberion. 

I score a third point, and my opponent a second. 

Score 3-2
Advantage Menoth

Skorne turn 4:

My opponent Enrages Tiberion. The Cannoneer gets Magical Weapons from the Soulward and shoots Eye for a few. 

Gladiator Rushes Tiberion, and the elephant goes in. Eye tanks the charge, Enlivens out, and uses Oracular to ignore the free strike. 

Mordikaar moves over and heals Despoiler for two. 

Despoiler rotates to see Nicia and the Devout hits him with a Defensive Strike, knocking out Spirit. Despoiler fails to hit Nicia, which means he cannot spawn a Void Spirit to contest. 

With me going to four and then instantly to five, my opponent concedes. 

Victory for Menoth!

Post-Game Thoughts:

I think I played the game about as well as I could have here - I force my opponent to commit to me where I would be able to kill him off without losing massive things in exchange. 

Even if Despoiler had created a Void Spirit and we had tied up at 3-3 in the final turn, I would have been able to upkeep Redline, have Eye go in at PS 22 and kill the Cannoneer, cast Incite and kill the contesting Void Spirit with Feora and Fire Step before flaming Tiberion and sending Hand in at PS 22 and a free charge, most likely killing him to clear the zone and go to five. 

The critical thing here was really forcing my opponent to come to me with the Scenario pressure, without that, I 100% think I lose this game as he has more heavies and higher damage output than I do. 

Battle Report 89: Kreoss 3 vs. Feora 3 (SR 2017 CID)


I've been a pretty outspoken critic of the new SR 2017 packet, specifically the pre-measuring changes. The experiences I have been reading about on the CID forums for battle reports have contributed to this negative outlook, as I repeatedly see reports where the Scenario literally did not matter more than forcing engagement to happen.

I figured I had better put my money where my mouth was and get some games in with the new rules, I will indicate CID feedback with different font.

Pre-Game Thoughts:

The terrain set up we used was the Cluster Method:

1. Place a line-of-sight blocking terrain piece touching the center point of the table. 

2. Place a terrain piece within 6˝ of the center of the table and of the first terrain piece placed. 

3. Place a terrain piece within 6˝ of both the first and second terrain pieces. 

4. Repeat step 3 until there are five terrain pieces on the table. 

5. Place all remaining terrain pieces within 6˝ of each other but not within 8˝ of any terrain piece placed in steps 1–4.

This resulted in a table pretty much exactly like the tables I have been setting up since the beginning of Mark III, and it was very nice to see that reflected in the SR packet - I believe this is a step in the right direction as far as terrain is concerned. 

Anyway, I just came off three weeks of playing the exact same Circle lists, and before the battle engine CID hits in two days, I thought I would dust off some Menoth for a change of pace. 

Kreoss 3
- Heirophant
- Reckoner
- Redeemer x2


Choir of Menoth (min)


Feora 3
- Heirophant
- Hand of Judgment
- Reckoner
- Vanquisher
- Crusader


Zealots and CA

We rolled the Scenario "Spread the Net" which has a central Circular Zone which can only be controlled by Warrior Models or Warcasters/Warlocks, two side Rectangle Zones which only Jacks, Beasts, and Warcaster/Locks can control, and two flags which are only for Warcasters/Locks.

I won the roll off and slammed going second since it seems like the only way to score points.

My opponent skewed heavily right, and I spread my models out like the Riders of Rohan about to charge into Minas Tirith, but with my Battlegroup opposite Feora since I was pretty sure this game would come down to assassination.

CID Note - only having six Scenarios to roll on was convenient, I did not have to go rooting around for my d8 or my Roll for Scenario app. 

Bad Menoth turn 1:

Everything ran up. Feora cast Banishing Ward on the Cavalry and the Zealots sang for no spells. 

Good Menoth turn 1:

I have literally no reason to go anywhere near him yet, so I load up my Redeemers. 

Left side Cav dance outside of Flamebringer threat ranges, but the Vengers are within charge range of a couple thanks to their extra half inch threat range. 

My Redeemers move up and scatter horribly, only killing one Zealot. The Reckoner cranks his hit roll on the Daughter, but fails to kill her. 

On the right, Kreoss and friends move up to threaten his flag and dissuade him from coming into my zone with...well anything. 

Man I need to paint this list up. It's so pretty on the table.
Bad Menoth turn 2:

He shoots down a single Venger on the right with the Vanquisher after his Reckoner misses his shot (Choir sang Battle). 

Zealots flood into the zone, and Daughter Cav stay where they are. 

Still no reason to commit to anything here for him since even if I score in two zones next turn (practically impossible) he is under no scenario pressure at all. 

Good Menoth turn 2:

Well he triggered Battle Driven and I can charge two Jacks this turn so....

Kreoss loads up the Redeemers with a focus each and the Choir sing Battle.

Reckoner plugs the Vanquisher for a few, and then the Redeemers make up for the previous turn by dropping the hapless Jack to 1 box.

Kreoss gets Harmonious from the Heirophant, pulls a Focus from the Wrack (which blows up) and puts Ignite on the Vengers before backing up.

The Vengers roll in and murder the Reckoner with three of them. Should have put the fourth into the Vanquisher, ah well.

I get two Venger charges on Daughter Cav on the left, connect with one, and Reposition around after the two in the zone kill five Zealots.

Daughter Cav run to gum up the works.

I score 1 whole point thanks to a Redeemer in my zone.

Score 2-0
Advantage Menoth

Bad Menoth turn 3:

He drops Redline from the Vanquisher, and Feora casts Fire Step to get into the forest before Feating and Assaulting a Venger. She kills two and Repositions back.

Hand kills the Venger in front of the Vanquisher, and the Vanquisher connects but does not kill the last Venger.

On the left, all but one Daughter Cav die to either Zealots or Daughter Cav, and the Crusader charges and kills two more Vengers.

I get another point.

Score 2-0
Advantage Menoth

Good Menoth turn 3:

Feora exposed herself, so time to go.

I run the last Venger over to get right behind Feora but not engage her.

Kreoss gets Harmonious, moves up, and Force Hammers her down. He Feats, putting Arcane Ward on himself, Assail on his Reckoner, and Silence of Death on Feora.

Reckoner and Redeemers blast the knocked down Warcaster to death, as they do.

Victory for the Good Menoth!

Post-Game Thoughts:

This list is goofy fun. It's fast, hits like a truck, and looks really cool. 

Onto my CID stuff. 

This Scenario is almost as dead as Linebreaker, but also forces you to come and brawl in the center of the table. You are almost never going to be able to win this on Scenario without first killing off literally 2/3 of your opponents army and/or without getting one or two points up and riding out until turn 7. 

Scenarios this dead are not interesting, engaging, or fun. I would be much, much more interested if it was first person to six wins, but as it was my opponent felt absolutely no pressure despite being down two nil after round two. 

The pre-measurement rules did not come into play simply because I abandoned any real pretense of going for interesting or tricky plays and played it like I would have in Mark 2 with added threat range assessment. Lists like the one I played in this battle report can handle that, lists that are more placement oriented will be in trouble and the rule still feels like it discourages interesting game play and good flow than it creates.