Battle Report 75: ATC Round 5 - Wurmwood vs. Kaya 2


Once again I ended up in the Circle mirror. It came down to ether giving me a 50% shot at winning against a Menoth pairing and my teammate a 5% chance against Circle, or giving us both 50% shots at winning our matchups ish.

Ah well. He had Kaya 2 and Wurmwood, and I knew he was dropping Kaya 2 and I didn't feel like playing Kaya 3 since he basically outthreats my list and can do it twice.

- Cassius
- Loki
- Pureblood
- Gorax
- Woldwyrd x3

Shifting Stone x2
Sentry Stone x2
Min Bonegrinders
Bokur and Shamblers


Kaya 2
- Wilder
- Laris
- Ghetorix
- Loki
- Pureblood
- Feral
- Argus

Shifting Stones
Sentry Stone x2

We were playing Take and Hold, and I lost the roll off (darn) going second (darn).

This was going to be another rough matchup - Shadowpack shuts down half my list.

Bad Circle turn 1:

Everything moves up pretty much to max distance. Shadowpack on Kaya and Forced Evolution on Loki.

Circle turn 1:

I can get two Sentry Sprays on the left side Sentry Stone, so I go for it.

They roll fairly well and leave it on 1. Cassius runs up, and I put a boosted damage Stranglehold into it, killing it. Wild Growth goes up, and

Bone Grinders murder eachother, and stuff moves up.

Bad Circle turn 2:

My opponent retaliates by having his Pureblood spray my Stone to death. Everything moves up very cagily with Shadowpack up.

Circle turn 2:

I see a way to get Loki this turn, and I am just greedy enough to go for it. What I SHOULD have done is simply Strangleheld Ghetorix and Loki and moved up a little more.

Instead, I go for broke.

Hellmouth pulls Loki forward and does massive damage to him.

I walk my Pureblood up, warp Spell Ward, Wraithbane my Wyrd and spray Loki and....miss.

The Wyrd moves up and shoots, connecting and doing damaging, missing, and then hitting and...leaving Loki on 1.

My Loki moves up, chucks his hook at the bad Loki and kills him before casting Evasive.

I flood the area around Loki with dudes in an effort to keep him safe, kill his other Sentry Stone unit with my Woldwyrd, and call it good.

Bad Circle turn 3:

Stones port Laris up, Kaya activates, Feats, and Dogpiles my Wyrd.

Laris activates, does nothing, and goes back.

Ghetorix charges in, kills the Wyrd, mostly kills my Pureblood, and gets ported back.

The Pureblood warps Strength and misses my Woldwyrd a bunch, leaving it on ten.

My opponent can just barely get his Argus into Doppler Bark range of Loki, but he has to roll a hard 8 to hit my Wyrd and then a 10 on his damage roll to kill the Wyrd to clear the Ferals way.

He hits both, Barks, and gets back.

The Feral doesn't roll any double 1s, and Loki dies.

Circle turn 3:

The game is effectively over now, but it's time to try stupid things.

I flood him with models, try to kill a Shifting Stone, and put Wurmwood on the Flag, scoring 1.

Score 1-0

Advantage Circle

Bad Circle turn 4:

I've been really stupid and not checked my landing spots. He can get Ghetorix onto my Pureblood with a Stone port. 

His Pureblood tramples up, clearing a path. 

Ghetorix goes up and murders my Pureblood and the Bokur. 

I score another point. 

Score 2-0
Advantage Circle
Circle turn 4:

I finish off Laris, Stranglehold the Pureblood and fail to damage Ghetorix with a Stranglehold there. 

I flood the landing spaces in the forest with Shifting Stones and score again. Unfortunately, I play too cautiously with Cassius here, and that will cost me the game. 

Score 3-0
Advantage Circle

Bad Circle turn 5:

The Pureblood frenzies into Ghetorix, doing 10 damage somehow. 

Ghetorix kills Shifting Stones and contests. 

His Shifting Stone contests. 

Score 3-0 
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 5:

Here I discover my mistake. If Cassius had been 4 inches farther left, he would have been able to run base to base with the flag on the other side. This would have let me run my Shamblers away from his Argus, port a Shifting Stone 3 inches from the Argus, Dark Path Wurmwood to the enemy flag and Hellmouth his Argus out, getting my last two points. 

Sadly none of this happens and I prepare for death. I do send Cassius way the heck off to the side in case I live through this turn.

Bad Circle turn 6:

The Pureblood with Primal ends Wurmwood. 

Sadly, Defeat for the Druids

Post-Game Thoughts:

The dice gods giveth and taketh away. I won't belabor this point, but if my opponent had missed his Argus charge, I probably win. If my Woldwyrd had rolled a 9 on his last attack, I probably win again since Loki wouldn't be that close. 

Lots of missed opportunities here on my part, but a well played game by my opponent. 

Sadly, my team was relying on me to win, so we went 2-3 and lost this round. 

Overall ATC experience post and such coming in the next day or two. 

Thanks for reading!

Battle Report 49: Kaya 2 vs. Thagrosh 1

Oh hey guys, Stormy here. Jaden left his laptop alone without locking me up and I'm not terribly interested in "hacking" his Facebook page so I will be writing this battle report as it features ME.

Man, what kind of font is this anyway? It's so boring. Let's see....what kind of trouble can I get into....

How's this? Nah too old school. 

Hmmm....nope, not lightningy enough. 

What about..nah...

This one is called Georgia, and it's really boring. 

Wow, this blog has terrible options for font. Ah well, I will persevere, for I am Stormy, Great and Terrible is my name and before me all will become lightning barbecue for dinner. 

I mean...Let's get to the report shall we?

Boss man made me work for Kaya for this one, which is much better than the last couple times - Kromac is a mean, mean man...beast...thing. 

I also had a couple of other guys with me - not as cool as I am but I suppose they're alright. 

Oh what the heck, here's what I had to work with. Feel bad for me, it was pretty miserable. 

Kaya 2
- Laris
- Warpwolf Stalker
- Feral Warpwolf

Blackclad Wayfarer

Ogrun Bokur x2 (Cliented to Stones)

Sentry Stone x2

And we were staring down a bunch of blighted balogna led by a mean horned ogre dude. 

Thagrosh 1
- Typhon
- Scythean
- Carnivean
- Ravagore
- Angelius

Shepherd x2
Forsaken x1

Boss man tossed the square rock thing better than the other dude and decided that we got to do stuff first! Oh yeah, here comes the LIGHTNING!!

I mean...we got set up like this. Why are we fighting over two big trench things again?

Look, I'm so pretty!!

Slightly less pretty from this angle. Why does that dog thing look like a tiger?

Also..wait a minute, Jaden cheated. He had out that Kromac dude and apparently
you get an extra Blackclad Druid Dude with him, but not with Kaya. I hope he  
Fixes that later......

And the other dudes got set up too...I wish they looked tastier. Blight makes my tummy hurt. 

Look how tiny that things wings are! Mine are so much better!

Good Guys Turn 1 - Or how I totally looked boss and got stronger:

The little teleporty stones (Jaden's note - Sentry Stones) did their magic and made forests. The wolf bros (Jaden's note - Feral and Stalker) ran up and hid behind the forest. It's really neat how they do that; I try sometimes, but even making myself as small as possible, it doesn't seem to work. 

Kaya's little pooch also ran to keep up with me. (Jaden's note - Laris)

Kaya cast a spell on me which made me stronger and more nimble! (Jaden's note - this was Forced Evolution).  She did some cool thing (Spirit Shift; Sheesh, don't you pay attention to anyone but yourself Stormy?) and ended up right next to her doggy. I flew super fast opposite the little flying pipsqueak of a blighted thing - I'd show him who was boss!

I was wondering why we were basically ignoring the little trench thing right next to us, but decided it probably wasn't really that important.

(J's note - hopefully the picture helps make Stormies babbling clearer)

Bad Guys turn 1:

The Bad Guys were scared of me! #StormyOP They didn't move up very far because I am a FAST bird, boo yah!

The slightly bigger dragon (Carnivean for those who are curious) thing got all spiny (Spiny Growthand so did the super bad guy (Thagrosh) after he made the slightly bigger dragon even bigger (Draconic Blessing) and made everything super fuzzy (Fog of War)

I don't like it when things are fuzzy, it's harder to barbecue them. 

Good Guys turn 2:

Kaya looked real hard at the battlefield, and even though I wanted to go in soooo bad, she wouldn't let me. Something about what I killed not dying for real? I don't get it, too high above my paygrade, I'm just here to look good. 

Anyway, she kept that super spell (Forced Evolution for those who forgot) on me and her puppy (Laris) ran through the forest. 

I flapped a little bit closer, and the fuzzy made it so that I missed my first lightning bolt. That made me pretty mad, so not only did I hit my second one but I gave it a LOT of juice and that scythe dragon (Scythean) looked reallll hurt. (It took 11 damage actually, hehe)

Kaya tried some bone headed thing (Casting Muzzle to be precise) through her doge (can you believe it lets her cast spells through it? I'd be annoyed as crap) but it looked like it didn't work. Maybe her eyes were all fuzzy too. The doge teleported back to her as well. (Spirit Shift again) 

The wolf bros (Feral and Stalker again) moved up as well, and the ogre dudes (Ogrun Bokur) chilled out by their special rocks. 

Speaking of rocks, their stick guys (Mannikins) didn't do a whole lot to that scythe dragon. Looks like I gotta carry the team, as per usual. 

The Scythean is the empty base

Extended Jaden note - I carefully premeasured so that nothing of mine was getting charged this turn except Mannikins by a Scythean or Mannikins by a Carnivean. 

Bad Guys turn 2:

We were all cleverly too far away from the icky dragons for them to do a whole lot, but the scorched scythe one (Scythean) came in and twirled a very nice pirouette (Threshered) and killed all the stick guys near him. 

The fire-ball dragon (Ravagore) shot a fire-ball at the ogre guy next to me, but didn't kill him or the Druid Dude. (At this point I realized that I'd put an extra Blackclad on the table. As the one on the hill had taken damage already, that's the one I kept in play and removed the other one from the table. Glad I caught that before I got multiple Hunters Marks off in one turn, I would have felt really bad) Fire don't scare me neither, I just floated above it. 

The multi-head dragon (Typhon) ran up to me and so did the little annoying flying thing (Angelius)

Everything was still fuzzy (Fog of War was upkept), and the big dragon (Carnivean) with the spell (Draconic Blessing got upkept as well) on it got spiny again, and so did the really bad dude (Spiny Growth on Thagrosh and Carnivean - can't the bird remember anything?)

The really big dragon sprayed fire all over one of the rocks and it melted. Poor rock. (Carnivean killed the Sentry Stone with a Spray)

Good Guys turn 3:

I really felt like I was going to get the go ahead here, and I was impatient to go. 

First, Kaya's little doggy ran into the forest again, and she did something to the fire-ball dragon (Dog Pile - what an awesome spell) and all of a sudden I could see it through the forest!

She also did her super magic spell (Feat) and cast ANOTHER spell on me, the kind that's probably like 'roids except better and it makes you super duper angry. (Primal)

And then the little Druid next to me threw a piece of Salmon on the weird rock thing and I couldn't help myself. I totally went for it. (The Blackclad cast Hunters Mark on the objective)

After I got it, I remembered what I was supposed to do and promptly tore the lotsa-heads dragon apart and ate the stupid flying thing. Mmm....barbecued flying dragon. The rock thing fell apart from all the lightning at some point. (Stormy killed Typhon and the Angelius, and his charge attack on the objective at dice +3 did 13 damage, so the several eLeaps into it eventually killed it)

The Wolf-Man with the Sword went after the fire-ball dragon, but he didn't kill it OR the seriously crispy scythe dragon and then teleported back to Kaya somehow. (Stalker couldn't stay outside of Thagrosh's aura of -2 Strength and, while he didn't kill either beast, really messed them both up. Less than half health on both)

Then the stripey cat-dog thing went after the really big dragon, staying outside the bubble of grossness coming from the really bad guy just like I had. 

HE screwed up TOO! Don't ever hire a dog to do a Raptor's work friends, it doesn't end well. It looked like he messed him up pretty good though, and then he also got teleported back to Kaya. (Feral went in and nearly killed the Carnivean, leaving him on 3 boxes)

Ogre boys chilled out by us bigger boys and that was basically that. 

(Score 1-0, Advantage Circle)

Bad Guys turn 3:


Wait there's a little winged dude over there, what's he doing? OUUUUCCHHHHHHHH. THAT BLOODY HURT YOU STUPID THING! (Forsaken came over and blew up, doing 15 damage to the Storm Raptor)

After that, a whole bunch of healing happened from the big bad man and...wait the multi-head dragon CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD??? WHAT THE CRAP??? (Thagrosh moved up and Feated, and also sprayed Stormy who clearly isn't remembering that with the shock of Typhon coming back)

Then the scyth dragon came in and REALLY hurt me. 

Then the fire-ball dragon came in and...wait am I reading this right? I DIED THIS TIME??? NO NO NO, I AM OUT, JADEN CAN FINISH THIS STUPID REPORT ON HIS OWN. 


Wait I get my blog back? Is this for real?

Yes it is true, Stormy perished there, but in doing so nearly killed the Scythean with eLeaps.

The rest of the turn boiled down to the Shepherds healing a bit more and the Carnivean casting Spiny Growth again.

Thagrosh dominated his zone for a point.

Score 1-1

Circle turn 4:

I upkept Dog Pile and thought good and hard for a second. The Scythean was practically dead, and so was the Carnivean.

I was pretty sure the pair of Bokur's could finish both of them off barring awful dice, and then the Stalker could charge in.

I did some quick math, and even with Thagrosh's aura, I should be able to kill Typhon with the Stalker if he has Primal and Forced Evolution on him, and then I could charge the Feral through the forest thanks to Dog Pile and kill off that beast too.

Fortunately, the Feral didn't Frenzy with the pair of fury left on it.

Both Bokurs charged in and killed their targets.

Kaya cast Forced Evolution and Primal on the Stalker.

The Stalker charged the Ravagore with it's claw attack and did pretty good damage.

He then proceeded to kill Typhon super dead even through excessive healing (dice +2 is a thing apparently) and used his last attack to kill the Ravagore.

The Feral moved over to block LOS to Kaya as best as I could and I passed the turn controlling his zone for a second point.

Score 2-1
Advantage Circle

Legion turn 4:

Thagrosh went in and killed the Stalker, and the Shepherds killed the Mannekin they were engaging and also contested. 

Score 2-1
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 5:

The Bokurs charged in and killed both Shepherds, and I have a terrible fear of trying assassination runs so Kaya just ran to the other zone, bringing her beasts along with her.

I went to four points and my opponent conceded.

Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game thoughts:

Okay color me very intrigued. Kaya is certainly a powerhouse, and Dog Pile combined with Forced Evolution is an extremely potent package.

I was laughing to myself when I realized that with Dog Pile and Hunters Mark, the Storm Raptor can charge 14 inches with a 2 inch reach past that. That's a little silly.

Forced Evolution also turns the Raptor into a very difficult to remove piece if you don't have blessed, as DEF 14 on a colossal is nothing to sneeze at. If my opponent hadn't had the Forsaken there (and I should have spent the Mannikins activations' killing it instead of farting around charging the Scythean), then the Raptor 100% survives that turn which is pretty incredible when you think about it.

I have to go console Stormy, the regeneration process isn't very kind to him and he always takes news of his dying hard. Maybe if I finish painting his armor he'll get over himself.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it :)